Understanding the Moment

In order to have a desired experience in any moment, one must fully understand that any moment one can possibly experience is not just a random happenstance; it is entirely the choice and creation of those experiencing it.

In wishing to have or recapture a certain experience, many people fall into the trap of believing that the moment happens to them, that it has arisen purely by accident, this is simply not the way it works. One is in complete and total control of the type of experience one wishes to have in every moment.

Waiting for the right moment to arise is a common mistake but this is not conscious reality creation, merely a belief in the illusion of time. How often is it said that the time isn’t right or the space doesn’t feel good? If one waits for the right time in order to find the right space to action an experience, one will of course miss the potential of that moment.

You see, there is only ONE moment happening ever. A past moment does not actually exist anywhere in reality; the only place the past moment can possibly exist is in the memory. Likewise, it is impossible for a future moment to exist anywhere other than the brain that ponders it. Therefore the now moment is the only moment that actually exists, all else is illusiory.

Understanding this nullifies the belief that time and space also exist anywhere other than the present moment. Therefore, trying to go back to a past moment to rekindle an experience, or looking forward to another one, creates a false methodology in the mind of the one creating it.

The idea that time is needed to be found in order to create the space for action (TIME-SPACE-ACTION) is total illusion and complete unconscious dismissal of the now moment, the only moment there is. One must understand that from this now moment, everything is truly consciously created in quite the opposite way.

If one takes action first, a space for that action is already in existence and this of course will create the time for the space to exist in. So, understand the vital nature of taking action in the moment, this will indeed open up the space and create the time for the experience to be had.

The true way of dealing with this situation is to action this principle, ACTION-SPACE-TIME (action creates the space, space creates the time) in the moment. If the situation presented is not desired and taking action does not feel right at this point, it could well indicate that the wrong course of action is about to be undertaken.

It may be that in this instance that one is reacting instead of taking action consciously; the nature of reaction is very different from taking action. The way of reaction will still be linked to energy of the negative moment, therefore prolonging it. It is a construct of the mind giving the illusion of change but if one feels into this and doesn’t think about it, the correct course of action will be taken.

The change and understanding of the correct course of action can only be taken from the heart space, felt from there and there only. Any kind of analysis at this point is of course mental, this will only send you deeper into the sub frequential experience (the downward spiral) as “analysis”, comes from the mind and not the heart space.

It is much better therefore, to bypass the analytical process entirely and immidiately step into the action of the heart space. This will create the desired experience in any one moment.


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