Closing the Door to Karma

Every one of us go through tough times and we wonder where did we go wrong, why has this tough moment appeared in our life at this time?

Tough times are pointers, if we take time to be patient and listen to the inner voice in silence we come to know that the so called “tough time” in our life points us towards the path we need to take.

The message that I receive from my soul is that the path is called “non-judgment, or closing the door to the game of duality/karma.”

The mind loves to categorize things/people/situations as good or bad, and by this classification weave enormous stories which brings discord into our lives. The discord is like a roadblock and it hinders our journey of moving ahead in life.

The discord appears as problems in health, finance, relationships, emotions, and so on. So if we are willing and courageous to move ahead in the path where life leads us without the roadblocks of discord the best way is to close the door to karma, to become non-judgmental.

I remember the words of the Tao:

“When people see some things as good, other things become bad.”

The game of duality continues because of judgments as good or bad. The message is, do not perceive something is good, because you will tie yourself to it, and do not perceive something as bad because you will again tie yourself with it, and the game of karma will go on, and you will forget to move ahead towards your destiny.

The best way to stop this game is to be in the place of non-judgment. Instead of being the player in the drama, become the audience, become the witness of things. Choose to bring the understanding that you are powerful than your mind and its stories, move beyond the mind stories, they are only stories. Things are the way they are, people are the way they choose to be, situations are situations, there is nothing good or bad, it is what it is.

Above all remember that every situation, every person, every place has been benevolently created and orchestrated by the Divine for our highest good. Only when we choose to be in the place of non-judgment we realise this and gather the wisdom we need and move ahead.

This is closing the door to Karma, and when we choose to close this door we get to witness the immense healing and peace that take place in all aspects of our life, whether it be health, finance, or relationships.

Being aware of oneself by taking conscious breath many times during the day, connecting with nature, watching children laugh and play, watching the sunset, taking quiet intervals to be in silence with oneself are all powerful tools that help us be the witness of our mind and our environment, and move away from judgment.

Sweet friends let us choose to close the door to karma and open the door towards non-judgment in order to bring well being into every part of our life.


Premlatha Rajkumar

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