A New Beginning for Spiritual Seekers

Looking outward, there is much chaos in the world.  How we see this, of course, is always a matter of perspective, but we are all affected by the continued drama of war, aggression, violence, political fighting and angling for power and seemingly limited resources on the world stage and smaller stages of life, even though there has been a great awakening worldwide in which more and more people have refused to accept the status quo.

Some are fighting back. Some are standing up and shouting the biggest ‘No’ they have ever shouted. Some are becoming depressed and anxious. Some are waiting for mother ships of benevolent extra-terrestrial beings to land and save us.

Others are finding ways to empower themselves and others. Some are connecting the dots and finding creative solutions to what used to be seen as insolvable problems. Others, still, are seeking solutions while asking what’s next and what can we do to change the existing paradigm that keeps us from the golden age that spiritual teachers and the Mayan calendar told us should be here by now.

Was It Supposed To Be This Way?

On a global level, we can choose to look at all of this as a massive fall into unfettered chaos that will ultimately bring destruction or the need to evolve into a trans-humanist man/machine robotic world as the only way forward (and some people do), or if not destruction, then a need to wait for decades until we are able to move forward in a more enlightened and graceful way as a global community.

We might feel somewhat duped or disillusioned.  We might also feel hopeful and joyful due  to our resilient and unshakeable intent to keep marching forward in our steadfast belief that change is on the way, that to experience change, we must be the change, and ultimately, that we will find a way to return to the truth of who and what we are.

For spiritual seekers, it wasn’t supposed to be this way.  This blog is written for anyone who finds resonance with these words, and especially for spiritual seekers, who have been at the forefront of change as they increasingly realized in the past few decades that change needs to start within and that the heart, which has always had the capacity to express love, joy, freedom and truth, has a very big role in extending that change outward.

We Are Doing It Anyway

Having grasped this, seekers have been learning how to tame their egos, live in the now, think with their hearts and consciously create their own reality, while informing themselves and others about the truth of government and corporate manipulation and control systems.

They have been organizing themselves in physical and online communities in rapidly growing numbers, attending seminars, reading spiritual books and have continued to work on themselves and grow, while assisting others in their circles of influence and support.

They have taken center stage as teachers and way-showers to share their journeys and what they have learned in the hope that others may similarly be empowered to move through this transformational process that is underway and get to the other side, which requires waking up as a prerequisite to greener pastures – knowing deep within that there is a better way, that the truth of life and who they are is not what they were led to believe.

Most spiritual seekers understand that we are god also, or that god is within and that we are always connected to source energy. We are embodying or remembering our divinity in record numbers. We know instinctively and through our exploration and application of the knowledge we have gained that we are eternal beings spawned by consciousness to explore the mystery of creation and life and to evolve — and that we are here with great purpose.

Embracing the Possibility of Ascension

We are beginning to understand the universe, the holographic nature of reality and the limitations of time and space, as scientific and metaphysical knowledge and information is rapidly evolving and becoming more readily available.

We have come to embrace the concept of planetary ascension associated with the end of the Mayan calendar now. With this understanding we have a real inkling  that as the earth continues to move out of its old physical and dimensional limitations, this also opens up the belief and the fulfilment of a promise in a way that was not possible before: that we too can remove ourselves from the repetitive cycle of reincarnation and ascend beyond our personal and mental limitations to return to our original state as infinite consciousness.

For readers who are not familiar with the concept of ascension, it is my honor to share the following definitions I came across years ago at the start of my own ascension path from the Crimson Circle website:

Ascension – The state of being wholly and completely in acceptance and love for yourself without reservation, having let go of all limitations of the human existence and being fully integrated with every part of Self.

Third Circle – The energy or essence of the totally sovereign self, complete unto itself with need of nothing from the outside. Your own Third Circle is your state of ascension, your full and complete sovereignty.

Planetary and Personal Ascension

Personal ascension has always been the promise of the ages taught in mystery schools and carried forward throughout history through ancient mythology, indigenous teachings and religious texts and teachings.

It attracted new voices, audiences and believers accompanied with the Mayan calendar’s end in December 2012, which, in actuality, ushered in a cyclical and cosmic event that re-set the constructs and set-up, if you will, in a breath-giving expansion and evolution of creation itself.

This event and ongoing process has therefore created the potential for personal ascension throughout the omniverse. However, simply put, planetary ascension and personal ascension are not the same.

As a member of The Rising Way team — a website and community dedicated to exploring and sharing the journey of personal ascension to fulfil this promise as our joyful service to others and to you, dear reader — I know in my heart of hearts that this promise has always been destined to be fulfilled and that in its fulfilment the experience of life on every level will be forever changed.

For all seekers, spiritual and otherwise, who after all are a part of this time of great transformational shift, in an expansion of creation itself, no matter the choices made going forward, an exploration and embrace of what it means and what it takes to personally ascend may just be the next step you have been looking for.

The Space Where Everything Is Created

In closing, I invite you to consider the ascension path in the words of Jasmine Martin, a member of The Rising Way team and hope that it inspires you as much as it does this author:

“This is my understanding at this point of my process: ascension is going back to our original state of being which is infinite consciousness.

Ascension means having transcended any physical and mental limitations by understanding the illusory nature of this reality, having gone beyond vibrations and frequency into tonal space.

It is experiencing that we are one with All That Is, that we are All That Is and that there is no separation. Therefore, you can be All Things at will. Your state of awareness is such that you have the ability to be aware of a myriad of things at any given moment. You are the master of your mental mind.

By now you are able to open portals into other realities without getting lost or mixing up the coordinates in the process. You know how to work with magnetics, geometry, and gravity. You are a creator and an alchemist.

You can change reality because you understand its holographic nature. Therefore, you can influence the outcome of events and basically change history as we know it. You have the memory of the now because you can tap into the universal mind.

Above all, being ascended means living in the one true space, the Akene or akeneic space, the space where everything is created.”

From: Practical AscensionA Guide by Jasmine Martin

As it is asked, it is given. Know that you are loved beyond measure and that we are all one heart, always.

Namaste to one and all.

Amber Adams

17 thoughts on “A New Beginning for Spiritual Seekers”

  1. Thank you Amber for sharing this info! I love when I ask the Universe a question & the answer appears right in front of me where it can’t be missed. This is how I found you! My question was to find how far in the ascension process I have come. I’ve had new spiritual experiences that felt mind blowing, but knew I was where I was suppose to be. But lack the understanding & knowledge of some of them. Well, I’m not surprised to find I’ve only just begun and consider myself a newbie. I am so excited to see what’s a head for me. Thank you for shining a little light on my path and I look forward to reading many more posts.
    Sending love from my heart to all ~ Namaste

    1. Wow, PegasusAnn, that is very inspiring, and thank you for sharing your journey with me! <3 Ask and it is given, always, but we also need to be open to how we manifest the answer and then take action to move forward as well. I know for myself, after much seeking, there was a point where I desired more substantive truth than what I had been able to find before this strong desire welled up within me, and I connected years ago to what is now The Rising Way. I felt I had finally found what I was looking for, and haven't looked back since. You are in good hands here and you are very welcome! I can speak for the whole team to say that we are happy you are here and we look forward to growing together! You will find invaluable tools and information in the Subscriber section about to be opened to assist you as well. Sending gobs of love to you, dear One. <3

  2. I find myself seeking new voices of late, yours is the first one to completely resonate. Thank you for your willingness to be heard. I look forward to taking my journey from one of listening and learning, to one of doing and BEing. Namaste!

    1. Thank you for your kind comments and a warm welcome to you, dear Phoenix13lives! There will be some listening and learning, but this is the place to do and be…we need to add some real ‘oomph’ to the latter on the ascension path, that’s for sure! Enjoy your journey here and much love!

    1. Welcome to The Rising Way, Jullum! Hope we will meet you more often here. Yes, I too love the article and its clarity. Please spread far & wide if you like it! Namaste.

    2. Thank you as well, dear Jullum! It is a pleasure to meet you and I hope we will share many experiences and adventures at The Rising Way together. Knowing ascension is real, my heart jumps for joy to share as much as I can. That’s why we’re here. I hope lots of people read it, too!

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