Carl Johan Calleman on the Mind & its Origins

Janelle interviews Carl Johan Calleman, a specialist in ‘Mayanism’ and the Mayan Calendar who, in 2014, has started an entirely new phase of his career studying the human mind and how it influences our species.

His background in the Mayan Calendar shows him that the mind cannot have its origins in the brain.

A fascinating, must-share interview.

This video was originally published on 26 July 2014
by Pathways2Empowerment

4 thoughts on “Carl Johan Calleman on the Mind & its Origins”

  1. Really enjoyed this interview. Seems that he feels as many of us do, that we’re in an entirely new phase of reality creation. The waiting is over. It’s here. Exciting to be a part of all of us doing something beautiful with it!

  2. This truly is a fascinating interview. I like what Calleman starts to talk about around 11 minutes in: the nine waves that have opened up the entire ‘channel’ or link to the divine mind, and what it could be like for those children that have been born since two to three years. I just feel it in my heart, and my entire being for that matter, that we have crossed into the magical reality that we have all co-created together. It’s just taking a little time for our overstuffed minds to catch up 🙂 I think I might study this new book series Calleman has begun! Namaste.

  3. “For the first time human history, these nine waves of Consciousness are now activated at the same time!”
    Fascinating talk from Dr Calleman.
    Thank you for sharing.

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