Resolving Discord and Creating Grandness

Do you notice repeated occurrences in life, the very situation we try to avoid comes back and visits us again and again? Even if we try to change our place, our jobs, our relationships, even if we try to hide, the same situation comes back to visit us in another person, or in another form.

Sometimes we try to help someone resolve a bad situation, and suddenly we find ourselves in the same situation.

The World Is Our Mirror

If we contemplate on this deeply, it is clearly revealed that that which we continue to judge and condemn becomes our shadow and stays with us, till we choose to accept the responsibility for creating it and resolve it with forgiveness and understanding.

The world is our mirror, there is no other here, for there is only one of us. The mirror smiles if we smile and it scowls if we scowl at it.
Every situation or person we perceive on the outside is an expression of the consciousness we hold on the inside.

So at this moment if you have someone in front of you who is radiating love and peace, then it is the consciousness that you hold inside which is responsible for it.

In the same way if you are experiencing irritation and discord at what is happening in front of you then it is again because of the consciousness that you are holding on the inside. No person, no situation has the power to make us sad, angry, irritated or peaceful. We are the authors and executors of these things absolutely.

Until we resolve the discordant situation with forgiveness, understanding, and non-judgment, it will continue to appear in one form or other in our life.

Don’t Change the Reflection, Change the Source

We have fallen into a deep sleep of unconsciousness and continue to play the blame games of believing that everything on the outside is the reason for all bad situations in life. Waking up to the truth that we are 100% responsible for everything that is happening around us is the most powerful key.

To begin to see the reflection of the physical reality we want, the first step is to see everything on the outside as a reflection in a mirror. When you look at your reflection in the mirror, you know that you are not really inside the mirror.

So if you need to change the reflection in the mirror, you do not go to the mirror to change the reflection. You change yourself in order to see a change in the mirror’s reflection.

Any change in the outer reality must begin from the inner reality, within your consciousness, which is your state of being.

Let’s Take Responsibility

True meditation is taking time to sit with yourself and notice the thoughts that do not support you, question them, see them from the place of understanding and let them go. We are the masters of our life, the captains of our ship, and we absolutely have the choice to create our world the way we want it to be.

Let us choose to take responsibility for our creations. We are the bringers of wisdom, radiance, and peace for this planet.

Let us choose to play this game of “life” wisely.


Premlatha Rajkumar

2 thoughts on “Resolving Discord and Creating Grandness”

  1. Thank you for sharing your wisdom Sweet Jasmine. Yes, it is a powerful teaching moment to come to the knowing that “the other” is truly reflecting your “Dark” and your “Light”, it is a grand gift if one has realized this. But the journey to this understanding is very tough from the human view point because we try to only notice our light side and ignore/deny our dark side. Namaste to your wise soul dear soul sister! _/_

  2. Great wisdom, Premlatha. Seeing yourself in the other and the other in you is one of the basic teachings on any path to enlightenment. When you can be honest enough with yourself and truly acknowledge that “the other” is reflecting your “dark” and your “light” aspects in a very clear way, you can turn this into a great teaching moment for yourself. The “other” shows you where you are basically. Your reflection shows you what you emit.
    Thank you for your wonderful blog, dear sister. <3

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