A Warm Welcome

The warmest of greetings from myself and all of us at The Rising Way! Can’t tell you how excited Kwan Yin, the rest of the team and I are to keep expanding our work now that we have started! Butterflies….(well, me at least)….but good ones!

We have so much to share! Seems that each time we speak together we add more topics. Guess we better get started!

Our heart’s desire is to empower you, to help you and all of us remember what powerful creators we are.

Sometimes it feels that it can be such a fine line that we’re walking. One moment we’re clear as a bell. In the next moment, we might come face to face with all that’s swirling around us and ask, WTF?

We’ve found, again and again, that in the end, it comes down to simplicity. What we dream of, what we can imagine for ourselves, the love we carry in our hearts, this is what is real. This is where real life change is born.

Hang out with people who feel the same. Surround yourself with them because there’s no doing this alone.

Focus creates. We’ve found, with all the dips and valleys, if we keep it simple and we keep moving forward, holding our focus, being observers of all that might come in to pull us off track, if we just keep actioning what we want to create, we will manifest what we’re dreaming of. It can be no other way.

We’ve had some highs and lows as we’ve created The Rising Way. And the truth is that we feel closer and stronger than ever.

It’s simple. Never give up.

Our message is that ascension is real. We offer a program of the practical study of ascension on our main site, The AscendoSphere. And we offer it to all who feel the calling from deep inside to take the next step in the evolution of the soul.

You can sign up to The AscendoSphere as a Basic Subscriber, which means your membership will always be free and you’ll be able to access our latest ascension material, such as our Ascension Hangouts. Alternatively, you can get a Premium Plan or a Premium Plus Plan subscription, which will take you even further into ascension study on The AscendoSphere’s Premium Zone.

Ascension has happened before on this planet. And we will talk about this often.

The AscendoSphere is the space where we will share deeply about the ascension process together. It will be a safe space for you to go if you’d like to explore. It’s a secure website. Google doesn’t visit. A large portion of our work, both written and audio/video, will only be available there.

We’ll talk about reality creation. Something it seems that all of us are learning is that we, very literally, create our reality.

Feels like much of what we, as spiritual seekers, have been talking about for quite a number of years now has become undeniably practical. The days of reading blogs and then going back to our ‘everyday lives,’ the days of holding this information at arm’s length, are over.

Our reality is changing. We have chosen this for ourselves as part of our cosmic evolution. And it’s now time for us to walk our talk.

It’s feeling, more and more, that whether it’s difficult or not is up to us. Either we’re living in our hearts or we’re not.

All of us at The Rising Way are choosing to cultivate a “lightness of being.” It’s up to us: either we use the vast amount of energy available to us now, during these times of monumental change, to be a part of creating the world we’ve been dreaming of. Or not.

We’d like to walk with you on this journey and create magic together. And we would love your input!

Your journey matters.
Your perspective matters. YOU matter.

We love you and we’re so happy that you’re here!

Talk soon!

Orchid Rising

7 thoughts on “A Warm Welcome”

  1. Thank you for the warm and newsy editorial welcome Dear Orchid. Wishing you amplified success in All that that takes us to the Joyful Heart of Honomeia. Thank U also Beloved Kwan Yin for Yr Eternal Presence of Love.

  2. Thanks for the warm welcome to everyone, dear Orchid! I can’t wait to get going with our podcasts either! And yes… the news items, stories and knowledge points to discuss are growing every time we talk — or every time I go online for that matter 🙂 — so let’s get our first one recorded and ‘out there’ soon! I can feel our audience bubbling with excitement together with us to get this ascension journey moving into warp speed in a real and practical way! Looking forward to taking this from the written to the spoken word! Love!

  3. Dear Orchid,
    We are all so much looking forward to your podcasts and shows that you are going to do together with Kwan Yin! I know that there is a cornucopia filled with mind blowing and mind boggling topics just waiting to be shared with the world! Let’s rise together!

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