How ‘REAL’ Is Your Metaphysics? — PART 1

How do you experience the practical side of your spiritual nature? Do you feel that you apply your metaphysical principles to your life in a direct and empowering way? How far are you willing to go? And what could be holding you back still, if anything?

Let’s take a look at the following statement, for instance:

“Everything is already inside of You.
You are already inside of Everything.”

Many may be aware of this simple yet impactful bit of knowledge, as it is often used to explain away a lot of different notions of esoteric and cosmic studies. But most do not know what to do with it or have no idea how to apply it to their lives in a practical way and on a consistent basis.

To tell you the truth — and it might not make me very popular in your opinion — I personally do not feel that the larger community of esoteric seekers that is out there actually welcomes the practical application of metaphysics. At least, not all of it, and yet metaphysics is an all or nothing type of deal.

As those with some experience under their belt will know, it can be quite the trip to step away from theoretical words in a book and into the full-blown practice of the metaphysical adventure of personal ascension while remaining a neutral witness to your necessary choices impacting and forever changing your daily life.

I Can Change

Once on the practical path, change will become a key factor in your life, for a while at least, until you are finished re-arranging your entire way of being and your universe around you. This is exactly the type of change that most seekers, who tend to keep themselves entangled in the theory of it all, truly are wary of.

When change comes and you do not resist, when you embrace it and meet it halfway with the most positive attitude you can imagine, a momentum is generated quickly. This momentum will increase and ultimately overtake you like a rapid river leading to a massive waterfall of release and transformation.

This momentum of change can take you away from many circumstances, people, events, and situations in your life and propel you forward into the great unknown, if you let it.

Release from 3D bonds is what many crave, but at the same time, fear so vividly that they create the very situations that will hold them back by keeping them in the so-called safe zone.

Still, the knowledge contained in the two opening lines at the top of this article implies an enormous opportunity for creation through a change that might just be as easy as a simple change of perspective, not just for yourself, but for the entire world. Let’s explore.

Into the Heart of the Mind

Your mind, especially given the way it is currently programmed, does not like that which it does not know.

You can easily test this when you travel. It doesn’t have to be far. Just go to a city you have never been to and try to make your way to a destination of your choice.

Even with Google Maps and Smartphone in hand, you can — if you let yourself be sensitive and aware enough — feel how your mind is uncomfortable right up to the point that you actually arrive at your chosen destination. On the way, it will make your eyes move rapidly around the new landscape while the rest of your physical senses are working overtime to register and catalogue all that is going on around you. Of course, all this time, if you are not paying attention, which most people usually don’t, your mind is trying to make this happen without you actually noticing,

Then, as if by magic, on the walk or drive back, you can feel how much more comfortable your mind will be. It will even make it appear to you that the distance on the way back is shorter than the distance getting there, even if you take the exact same route back.

The next time you will take this route that has now been mapped, you might notice that your mind is now barely interested in what is going on around you, as it has now become part of its known universe.

Vibrational Mind Mapping

But it goes even further and this is where it gets metaphysically interesting. Once you have traveled the known path enough times, your mind will not even bother engaging your senses for the journey.

Instead, it will replace the vibrational landscape you are traveling through with a version that it previously recorded and translated into matter for you. This is the reason you often miss that new store or that road sign that has all of a sudden popped up. Your mind was not paying attention — it did not feel it needed to. Instead, it presented you with an earlier copy of the vibrational universe that it had previously stored as a successful and completed experience which it has deemed safe and therefore repeatable.

Your mind is now running the program of separation for you at full force as it disconnects the real vibrational experience of the now from the illusory mental attributes with which it recreates your environmental map, creating a past/present/future tension as it does. Thus it narrows and segments the parameters of your expression. It also does this for everyone else around you and, in this way, locks you into its matrix reality feed.

Individualised experience — let alone expression — is made almost impossible this way, as your mentally monitored version of reality can quickly adapt whenever you try to set yourself off on an original (and upward spiralling) trajectory. This can be done by injecting thoughts into you, or by triggering certain disempowering belief systems, or even by engaging others around you who are stuck in the same field and then using them to cause the necessary interference for you to fall back in line.

Unfortunately, this has nothing to do with energy preservation, efficiency, safety or survival instinct. Instead, it has everything to do with the narrowing of parameters and an entry vector into a repetitive reality. What your mind would call a repeatable and ‘safe’ experience is not necessarily what your consciousness would call a desirable one.

This is when your mind has you exactly where it wants you.
It is called Vibrational Mind Mapping.

Repeatable Realities

To your mind, it does not matter whether you log the experience as being positive or negative. What matters, ultimately, is that it is ‘successful’ in such a way that it allows your personality (not your consciousness) to believe in the reality that it translated from vibration into matter for you. That is its goal, for that is the factor that distinguishes it from a reality that is not repeatable.

This does not only happen during your waking times. Even in your dreams, the mind will still continue to pull up dreamscapes and experiences that it had you previously (temporarily) convinced were ‘real’ before. This is why you sometimes find yourself back in the same locations in your dreams on a regular basis. These are, and can be considered, in effect, alternative mental realities or universes.

Thirdly, in addition to the mind’s application of this mapping technique in physical and in dreamtime situations, this most certainly also happens within the inner waking realm of repetitive thoughts, belief systems, and other types of mental grooves.

From Thoughts to Conscious Resonance

Reading these words, you might think that your mind has you in quite a stronghold. But luckily, there is a way to change the trapped pattern in both the waking and the dream states. It does not have to continue to be this way, not if you don’t want it to.

Take some time to reflect on this information for a little while. Meditate on it, take a walk or talk about it with your friends. Feel free to share this article with them if you feel inclined to do so.

I have released a meditation called From Thoughts to Conscious Resonance, which I encourage you to consider should you feel any constrictive or debilitating thoughts come up as you contemplate the possibilities offered in this article.

It involves an exercise called Vibrational Resequencing, which could offer you a powerful first step in taking charge of your experiences, your expressions and your mental landscape.

Coming Up

In PART 2 we will explore why it is pointless to continue letting your mind run the show the way it does. We will discuss how it effectively keeps you away from practical metaphysics and how it blocks you from transferring what you know to be your truth into your direct life experience and therefore apply it to your personal ascension path with impactful, empowering, and transformative results.

Most importantly, we will examine how to make the change.

Kwan Yin


4 thoughts on “How ‘REAL’ Is Your Metaphysics? — PART 1”

  1. Yes, every situation in life (whether the mind judges it as good or bad) has been benevolently orchestrated for our highest good by the Divine. Choosing to be in the place of immense trust and patience helps make this Journey called “life” to be effortless. Thank you for sharing your love and your wisdom with us dear Kwan Yin, Namaste to your wise soul! _/_

    1. I could not have summarised it any better myself, dear Premlatha… Absolute truth. There is no good or bad, there is only love and benevolence. All we need — as your recent articles point out so beautifully — is the courage to open up to gratitude at all times, and watch the beauty of creation unfold. With Love. Namaste <3

  2. Choosing real change in one’s life can feel daunting. Paradoxically, the very thing that we know has the potential to move us forward is often the thing we fear the most. It can feel like a Catch-22. There is a reason for this and Kwan Yin and I will be speaking about this topic on a podcast coming soon.

    After the show, we’ll invite your questions or comments. We’d love to hear from you! These shows are for YOU. We’d like to help you create a graceful path as you continue to choose for expansion.
    Looking forward to connecting with you soon!

    1. Hi Orchid! 😉 Our minds are indeed wired in a funny way, aren’t they? So easy to spot sometimes and on other occasions it’s a total blind spot. Yes, our podcasts and other releases will go into how to work with all of this and how easy it actually can be to ‘let it go’ — it’s just a breath away! Looking forward to interacting with our listeners about these things and making it practical and real! May Peace, Love and Joy abound! <3

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