Trust Before Truth

the_endless_knot_by_thek91-d2z78uj copy“The moment you decide to rise up to higher versions and vibrations of yourself, your akeneic essence no longer resides on the level of existence from which you made that decision, yet your senses might still be telling you that this initial level is where you remain.

Do not believe the evidence.

Instead, work with the Lemurian concept known as Trust Before Truth, i.e. create around you the synchronicity that will prove you otherwise by using your creative (ascended) senses instead of your passive (physical) ones.

The universe, the very core of its consciousness that it shares with you, exists to serve those who decide that they want to rise higher.

Energy tends to raise itself naturally, from the vibrational right into the tonal and beyond, if you get out of its way, or out of your own way, for that matter.”

Kwan Yin

2 thoughts on “Trust Before Truth”

  1. When we do create in this way, it can feel quite magical. There is a grace, a sense of ease, a sense of peace that’s palpable. The result is a lightness of being that we exude and that can be felt by all those we meet. It’s creating the new earth from the inside out. The more we practice this, even if there are “bumps” along the way, the more we’ll see our reality become the one we have always carried in our hearts!

    1. Yes, definitely! The beauty about this way of creation is that you activate the vibration that you set out to create *the very moment* you decide it so. This means that, instantaneously, the newborn or newly chosen reality exists right at your very core.

      The final step, then, is to merge what remains of the previous or old vibrational reality (still stuck in the repetitive, mental manifestation of your physical body and its projected, surrounding reality) with this ‘akeneically’ generated core tone, so that your body and surrounding reality can literally catch up with your new creation. This will allow your mind to be ‘convinced’ of the newly established reality and to discard the previous, undesirable one.

      (I write ‘akeneically’ earlier because this new base or core tone is created directly in the ‘akene’ or centred heart space / solar plexus area — your chest — that’s where the magic is!).

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