The Gift of a Toothache or Two

I’ve been having “issues” with two teeth at the same time in the last few days. Same side of the mouth, top and bottom, which arose with a vengeance initially, to eventually taper off but continuing to make its presence known sporadically, alternating between the two.

In my life before being a seeker of spirituality and a serious explorer on the ascension path to a return to infinite consciousness, I went to the dentist regularly, and as a result have a mouth full of fillings (most of the mercury has been replaced by now), a few root canals and one or two crowns (I no longer remember the details).

Somewhere along the way, I learned that traditional dentistry causes more harm than good and discovered alternative ways of keeping my teeth and mouth healthy and my own unique way to heal myself when body issues arise – the latter having come with quite a learning curve but one that continues to grow exponentially.

Consciousness Can Be a Pain

If we are body, mind and spirit, we do need to take care of ourselves, but surely we can consider all three aspects when anything physical arises, along with the fact that if we create our reality (and we do), we create the whole shebang on both inner and outer levels, including physical, emotional, mental and spiritual or conscious experience.

Consciousness knows no pain or suffering but will lovingly allow us to create experiences we choose, whether we are aware that we are choosing them or not, to learn from and choose again and again along the way to the fully conscious expression of who we really are.

Most of us, including me, are still learning and there are tremendous gifts offered to us by our inner selves to help us. If we keep this in our awareness and remember that our connection to Source can only be one of well-being, all seemingly unwanted experience can be viewed without judgment. This can be consciously used to propel us another notch up the spiral ladder that will take us to realizing the breadth and depth of the amazing beings we are when we are aligned with consciousness in our current physically-focused expression (and even grander than that when we reach the level of mastery that does not limit us to one physically focused expression or even physical expressions for that matter).

The ‘trick’ then to dealing with any unwanted experience is to not identify with it, because identification can only be mental.

The mind, after all, is programmed to judge and make comparisons to what we think is the past, to who we think are other people, and to our own habitual personality-based ways of translating and perceiving reality and assigning labels of “good” and “bad”, for example, to what we think is real, and so on, ad infinitum.

Embodying the A-HA Moments

There is a learning curve in all of this and a myriad of tools to help us learn how not to identify with unwanted experiences, including letting go of the mental judgment that something is wanted or unwanted.

My purpose in writing this blog is not to share these tools, as most of us have learned to embrace our experiences as if we had chosen them on purpose (because we did, just not as consciously as we could have); to not push things away (a mental act if ever there was one that doesn’t work and will likely come back with a vengeance to try this mastery thing yet again); to reach for better feeling thoughts and getting into our hearts and out of our heads (ah, this does really help, thank god); to whatever it is that we can uniquely create as our own A-HA experiences also lovingly offered  by consciousness in the most elegant dot-connecting way (usually when we are not looking for them) to move us up another rung on the upward spiral ladder I mentioned earlier.

These kind of A-HAs are not the A-HA moments we have when we use tools and add a new thought or teaching to our tool box, although these do help us get there. These A-HAs are the life changing experiences we have when we are able to shift into a new level of masterful experience that after having had the experience, we just know we’ve embodied something, or at least are very close. New thoughts and tools we give ourselves to help us along the way are temporal and changeable (and therefore are ultimately illusionary), and as such, can never be the whole shebang.

Embodied A-HAs become part of us in an integrated and more complete way that in colloquial terminology just smack of consciousness (it’s feel-able and is a whole field thing, meaning it can be felt throughout the merkaba or energetic field within and outside of our bodies, or said another way, when our kakras – the head, the heart and the belly – are aligned and naturally spinning together the way they were designed to do). As such, these A-HAs are gifts that only we can give to ourselves in our own unique ways when we are ready to activate them.

The Whole Shebang

Consciousness is always there to assist us, an inseparable part of us that patiently waits, always offering love and guidance in the form of teachers, experiences, insights, and synchronicities to nudge us up each and every rung of the spiral ladder to a return to eternal beingness.

As we have more and more and more and more of these embodied A-HA experiences, applying the tools and teachings offered on the ascension path to help us when we need them, along with embodying trust that the truth of consciousness is always available each and every step of the way, this then becomes how we can eventually sprint up the ladder on the way to personal ascension and the experience of infinite consciousness.

This is the whole shebang, and to me, is worth every toothache (even two at once), every negative emotion, every unwanted thought, and every other thing else that isn’t real we create for ourselves along the way.

I wouldn’t have it any other way, until the “other way” (stripped of illusion and separation) becomes more real than anything I have ever thought I knew or created in my experience.

Back to my Toothache(s)

Everything physical is based on geometry. I have been taught that the way to deal with physical “issues” is to place the geometry of something happening inside your body to the outside of your body.

I have never been taught how to do that (yet).  I don’t visually see geometries as I know some people do, but I am beginning to feel them in my own way. I have a suspicion that I am in the beginning process of understanding this experientially.

I trust that I can heal myself and transform the nerves that are still sporadically feeling pain now that the initial infection has been cleared.

And, in fact, as I have been writing this blog, I have only felt a few twinges of pain.

My deepest wish is to share my path (and my heart) with as many people as I can, the best way that I know how, as I keep walking the ascension path, in the hope that I might offer something that helps all of us (you and me) create an individual and collective sprint up the spiral ladder to ascension more and more and more and more.

I hope this will happen sooner rather than later, and I invite you to join me and The Rising Way so we can learn and love and grow together, in ever increasing love, freedom and joy.

Namaste and I love you.

Amber Adams

6 thoughts on “The Gift of a Toothache or Two”

  1. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and your beautiful spiritual journey dear Amber <3 Namaste to your wise soul! _/_

    1. Thank you, dear Premlatha <3 It is a great honour and joy to share 'authoring' roles here with you on The Rising Way! Your wise and insightful words are touching hearts across the planet. Many blessings to you, with love. <3

  2. Seriousness with a double pinch of humour. Love your blog, Amber. It is really helpful if we can find a teaching in everything that comes onto our path. Ultimately, it is about understanding our reality and how we create it in the first place. A-Ha moments are very impactful. They truly prove that “change can only come from the heart space”. It is when the insights touch each and every cell in your body — this amazing feeling when you truly understand something.
    And you’re right: this path of learning to understand oneself and the whole of creation is worth every pain one might have to walk through in order to get to that understanding. — I opt for avoiding pain though if I can help it… 😉

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