Gratitude Is the Way

When we are in the place of Gratitude, our body, mind and soul go through a tremendous healing. We become empowered by Gratitude. Consciously holding the attitude of Gratitude is the grandest prayer. It magnifies good feelings and brings joyous things to us in lightning speed.

Three years ago we moved to the South of Texas. The land had been experiencing a bitter drought and it was a record break of more than a 100 degree temperatures for more than 70 days. We had moved from North Carolina with its green trees everywhere, and Texas was a tumble-weeded contrast.

There was nothing green in Texas, and even the grass was brown due to drought. There were no flowers or butterflies either. I decided to rejoice and give thanks. It is very important to give thanks when you meet challenges, for these are contrasts shown by life to trigger your desire of creating beauty, joy, harmony, abundance and peace.

Every time I saw the dry grass and trees, I visualized lush green meadows and green leaved trees with beautiful flowers and butterflies. I was in the place of magic in my mind’s eye, and I was feeling happy.

I continued to practice this feeling every day, and the feeling was so powerful that I even clapped my hands in glee sometimes as my feeling and visualizations were so real for me. We came to drought ridden Texas in July of 2009, and the rains began in August. It also rained a lot that winter, and as the land became green, I continued giving thanks and rejoicing.

In March of 2010, there came colorful wild flowers of every kind along the wayside, in the grasslands, and in the fields. My heart was filled with laughter every time I went out for a drive. My neighbors told me that they had not seen so many wild flowers such as this for more than 3 years because of the drought. The land bloomed, the rivers filled, and the birds sang songs of happiness and abundance.

Practicing the attitude of Gratitude from deep contemplation and realization from within, allows us look at life with a better vision. Miraculously, things do get better. Gratitude and appreciation toward oneself, creates strong self-respect, high self-esteem, good health, and balanced emotions.

Gratitude toward a parent, spouse, or child creates a grand loving relationship. Gratitude toward a friend, creates a beautiful friendship.

Gratitude in the work place, creates peace, harmony, and friendly relationships among co-workers.

Gratitude toward the land, creates abundance for life. Gratitude toward the environment, reduces the extremes of temperatures and natural calamities.

Gratitude for the past experiences, stops dramas in one’s life and creates an atmosphere of completion and peace.

With Gratitude toward the Creator, we open our wellspring of love and joy from within. We become unstoppable, energizing batteries of love, joy, and peace in our life and for the Planet.

All things created, seen or unseen, gravitate toward the Attitude of Gratitude; it is a Universal Law!

Acknowledging this Law we become the Grand Creators of our reality. When we choose to see every life experience (good or bad) from the place of Gratitude, our heart opens and our life becomes a prayer – a gratitude prayer that is held in awe by the body temple.

The very moment Gratitude enters, every aspect of life – physical, emotional, and mental – every aspect of living is completely HEALED!


Premlatha Rajkumar

An Excerpt from the book: “Twelve Steps to Inner Peace”

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4 thoughts on “Gratitude Is the Way”

  1. “Let us be grateful to people who make us happy;
    they are the charming gardeners who
    make our souls blossom.”
    ~Marcel Proust~

    Much love and much gratitude to you Premlatha.

  2. Receiving your love and kindness in my heart dear Kwan Yin <3 Sending love and peace from my heart to you <3 Thank you 🙂

  3. I just love this article, dear Premlatha… it goes right to the core of the truth of our existence and how life and creation actually works.

    Can it be that simple? Yes, simply because it is 🙂 Lots of hugs and love coming your way, and much gratitude! <3

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