Geometry in Words

I love words. There is a beautiful tapestry that unfolds when you find words to describe a feeling in such a way that the reader can see and feel your inner landscape. A creator is an artist, whatever tool she uses to express herself with.

I write. Poetry and other stuff. I love words that speak to the imagination. Gossamer. Ephemeral. I can get lost in those words. Worlds open up… but maybe that’s just me.

It all started during a lecture. Way before I stepped onto the ascension path I asked my “teacher to be” a question that is still burning in the hearts of millions. Why am I here?

His answer was kind of cryptic.

You’re a writer. Put geometry back into the words.

Come again?

I don’t remember what he said after that.
It was about those two sentences.

I tried to figure it out. For years. Not so much the writer part but the geometry in the words thing. I was seriously clueless.

Eventually I was fed up with trying to “get it”.
It wasn’t “figureoutable.”

The words of my teacher, however, had found resonance with an aspect of me. It had been in hiding for a long time. My whole life actually. I’m a writer.

Live with it. Live it. Use me! That’s what I’m here for.

I started to write. Cherished moments when words would flow effortlessly onto my notepad or my computer screen. Fleeting moments, too. Few and far between. Suddenly this wave of inspiration would roll over me… and be gone just as quickly as it had come, evaporated into billions of elusive particles again.

Quite frustrating sometimes. I just didn’t seem to be able to maintain the flow. — Ah, the tricks of mind to keep you small! — But I trusted.

I knew with absolute certainty that I would write — a lot.

It didn’t matter when. I have all the time in the world.

So I got the writer part but I was still contemplating the geometry thing, pondering that which could not be figured out… And then it finally dawned on me.

C’est le ton qui fait la musique. 

“It’s the tone that makes the music.” Go into your heart space, very freely translated. When the head, the heart, and the belly are aligned, perfect geometry is created. Whatever flows out of you in that moment is perfection.

With that realization the portals opened. I asked for those aspects of me that were/are/will be expressing themselves through the written word to lock on. All of you, please. Now.

I should have known. I create my reality but I wasn’t quite prepared for what was coming next.

Our ascended teachers have a beautiful way of providing us with exactly the right tools in the right moment to propel us forward.

It “happened” to me. You can read what that was in the book that is the result of the gift my teacher had given me: Practical Ascension. The first five linear years of my ascension path in the form of a book. It is still in the final editing stage, but it will be released on The Rising Store one day soon.

It still feels quite surreal. I actually wrote a book. Suddenly it is not something I am going to do in the “future,” it is here now.

And something else is happening, too. Those aspects I had begged to lock on are “hanging around.” Some of them at least. They all feel different and they each weave words in their own way. Usually they blend. Not so today. Or yesterday for that matter. Never have I rewritten a blog this many times. Every time a few paragraphs had manifested, another aspect would take one look and delete the whole shebang. You’re not serious, are you? Trust me, you can’t put it like that. Far too long! The words that felt perfect in one moment, had fallen out of grace in the next.

I feel quite schizophrenic.

I create my reality. Years ago, my teacher told me something I was not ready to understand. But I trusted that the day of understanding would come. I also knew that this didn’t mean that I could just sit back and do nothing. You can dream of being a writer but until you actually put your thoughts on paper, you’re just a figment of your own imagination.

So now I am here to fulfil the mission my teacher gave me all these years ago: to share my knowledge, my experiences and my truth in stories that find their way to the heart of the reader.

and while I ponder
what to write
my hands are weaving
patterns in the air

particles plucked out of the
chaotic spectacular
— an ocean of potentials
and structure
the unstructured
spinning invisible threads
between the undefined and
the defined

and thus the word is born

This is what happens when you are in the heart space. The building blocks of life pour out of you. And this is putting the geometry back into the words.

I love you. Namaste.


9 thoughts on “Geometry in Words”

  1. Beautiful and very pleasantly inspirational, Jasmine. I am curious about your book. I started writing one myself realizing that in all the Blogs and Posts over the years I probably already did…

    This resonated with me and I feel like sharing it with you: “Multidimensional consciousness stays in direct Connection with the Book of Knowledge of the White Brotherhood,” and then what touches me the most: “The book itself has consciousness.”

    Our books live, Jasmine! <3 May the words always find you and may you bring them into flourishing like the Flower of Life you are <3

    1. Hi dear Kim, I am happy the article resonated with you. Thank you very much for your lovely comment. The way you express yourself really touched me.
      The book I refer to in the article will undergo some expansion before it will be published. I’ve touched upon many concepts and teachings I would like to go deeper into still.
      Much love to you, Jasmine <3

  2. A very inspirational read! “It’s the tone that makes the music.” Go into your heart space, very freely translated. When the head, the heart, and the belly are aligned, perfect geometry is created. Whatever flows out of you in that moment is perfection.”

    thanks Jasmine! Much love 🙂 <3

  3. When we weave our worlds by weaving geometries from the heart, universes are born! Weaving words to express this, as you have done, is music to the soul! Great blog, dear Jasmine! <3

  4. Expressing the geometry from the heart space is a fine art. Words become translators of love. The WAY you express yourSELF is what makes the difference.

    “C’est le ton qui fait la musique”…

    Thank you Jasmine. You are an artist.


  5. Congratulations on your first blog on TRW, dear Jasmine! I believe that many will feel very grateful in the near future because you found your geometry in your words <3 Namaste, and much Love.

    1. Thank you, dear Kwan Yin. Having found my geometry in my words fills me with deep joy. Looking back on how many hours I spent pondering my teacher’s “cryptic” statement makes me chuckle now… The answer — as always — is so very simple. Much love <3

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