Leaving the Village

Humans have a fear of life.
Might sound strange. From my experience, however, it’s true.

Life meaning us actually stepping into something totally new, something that creates expansion for the evolving soul.

For the seekers among us — those who have this feeling that there has got to be more than this, all the while thinking that we are the weird ones because we can’t find our niche, so there must be something wrong with us — this presents a unique dilemma.

The eternal questions — you know the ones, Who am I? and Why am I here? the questions that won’t go away — are the questions that are unrelentingly, whether we like it or not, propelling us forward.

We’ve studied the theory, many of us for some time. Our connection with groups of spiritual seekers might be falling away. We’ve made these rounds for a while now and our lives really haven’t changed much.

Sometimes we might feel that we’re making changes. In retrospect we often see that we’ve taken a sideways step into a different version of the life we’ve been living and temporarily, we believe that this is making a change. But we ultimately seem to find ourselves in some sort of ‘loop’ and we wonder why things don’t change.

Things don’t change if we don’t change.

Paradoxically, we often have the most fear around the very things that could actually propel us forward. This forward movement is exactly what the soul is after.

There are no words for this really. It can only be felt in the heart. Our language does not support the breadth and depth of these feelings.

There might be a feeling that it’s time to leave the village a restless feeling that just does not go away, a feeling that it’s time to move on.

But where? And how?

It’s a feeling that we’ve been waiting for something and if we continue to stay in our lives as they are, well… actually it’s kind of a feeling that we can’t. It’s almost like we don’t see a future.

Often no one around us can relate.

It’s something within us that’s on a slow simmer.

Sometimes feels like a pressure cooker.

The simple truth is that when we find ourselves at this juncture, it is time for the next step in the evolution of the soul. Time to leave the village and move on.

Glad you’re reading this because that means you’ve found us.

Enjoy the articles on our site and if you so choose, take the time to contemplate them.

We address the feelings you’re having in our Ascension Hangouts on The AscendoSphere every week, and in our other releases.

You’re definitely not alone.

What you’re feeling is natural.

You’re actually right on track.

Meanwhile, enjoy our website. Share it with those who you feel might benefit, and don’t give up on what is growing in your heart.

It’s real.

Orchid Rising

7 thoughts on “Leaving the Village”

  1. What I love is that I read this after I made my decision to separate from Facebook and also to stop seeing my core group of friends. It was to “take some time” but now i feel things just won’t be the same.

    There comes a time when you stop trying to get everyone you know to move along with you and you set out to follow your own inner calling. And the first thing you notice when you’re walking the path alone is the freedom that comes from moving at your own pace.

    You can run and sing and dance and even sit at the side of the road to contemplate the beauty of the surroundings. And if you were with people who didn’t understand you, It’s great to be able to appreciate beauty and not have to explain it to others.

    1. Beautifully said Fernando. The work we are doing on self we are doing for all. Hats off to you for having the clarity to understand this and then to do it for real! It’s wonderful to have you here—we all have much more to share together! Love

  2. Leave the village and set yourself free!

    Being detached and letting go of everything is necessary to enjoy freedom. I am happy I got over selling my first hi-fi system and the vinyls I used to be so proud of in my twenties. How silly it feels now to have had resistance to the process of freedom.

    My new village is planet Earth.

  3. Shakespeare said it best: “To thine own self be true.” Thing is, comfort zones can be difficult to move out of for most, until they become so uncomfortable and the voice of the heart and soul speaks louder than the mind. You have clearly articulated this choice point, dear Orchid, which should be of great assistance to those who need to know they are not alone. Can’t wait for your podcasts coming soon where I know you will have a lot more to say! <3

    1. LOL Only something as linear and close-circuited as the human mind would “stay in comfort zones until they become uncomfortable” 😀 And even then, most do not move away from the discomfort… ever! It’s time for some ascension juice, I’d say, and to reactivate the wonderful ‘seeker’ and ‘explorer’ nature of our beautiful souls on this planet! <3

  4. When the soul chooses to move, the mind will try to block us with fear. The moment you finally hear the calling of your soul, your personality will do its utmost to come up with but’s and if’s and tell you why you couldn’t possibly make that change. Then there is the moment of choice: do I stay or do I go? We all find ourselves facing that choice at some point in our life.

    I’m certain that many people will recognize themselves in your words, dear Orchid, which might just be the nudge they needed to leave the village.

    Thank you for your beautiful blog <3

    Much love, Jasmine

    1. Leaving the metaphorical village is the best gift one can give to one’s soul. When the time comes, one must go with the times. In ancient cultures and societies, these “seekers” would be celebrated and honoured. It is time for that tradition to be reinstated in all current Earth cultures. Let’s make this planet magical again!

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