It’s All Inside of You

Created by Merya Blossom
Created by Merya Blossom
Everything in existence is designed by layers upon layers of geometries. Geometry is the basic building blocks of creation.

You can focus on anything — such as the flower in this example — and, while breathing in a relaxed fashion and applying a few extra techniques, allow your pineal gland (third eye) to open up and show you the geometry of the object, person or situation you are observing.

For those with proper training it is possible to effect change in the geometry that unfolds and to therefore also bring a transformation to the object, person or situation that is being borne witness to.

Kwan Yin

2 thoughts on “It’s All Inside of You”

  1. Fascinating that geometry as THE basic building block is finally getting the focus it deserves in science theses days on the way to unified field theories or the theory of everything (e.g. in the work of Nassim Haramein), and interesting that it has always been on the edge of exploration. As humanity rises, so will our understanding of this fundamental truth of the universe and beyond.. Magic awaits! <3

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