The Synthesis of Creation

Have you ever had the experience of trying to explain something that you are in the process of learning to someone that is wanting to hear what you have to say?

They can feel that you have changed. They want to know more — you just may have a key or piece of the puzzle for them, too — and the best you can do is blurt out all of the things you have been trying to grasp, using the words you have been hearing or reading from teachers and others on your path, but you haven’t integrated or synthesized into a new or unified whole just yet.

It happens to all of us. Most times, it happens when we haven’t fully integrated teachings or we haven’t been able to form a new synthesis about what we are learning.

Happily, the ability and pace at which we can form new syntheses is rapidly increasing for everyone.

Synthesis and Integration

In spiritual arenas and on the ascension path, integrate is a commonly used word, meaning to bring together or incorporate parts into a whole, or to combine into one unified system.

Synthesis can be defined as the combination of components or elements to form a connected whole, or a complex whole formed by combining. The most familiar use of this word is photosynthesis: the process used by plants and other organisms to convert light energy, normally from the sun, into chemical energy that can later be released to fuel the organisms’ activities. The sun is life-giving and so is photosynthesis. As is creation and the source of creation, which includes you and me.

Integration takes effort as it implies that disintegration preceded it. This is why we might find ourselves at a loss for words explaining our journeys at times; we are straddling the fence between two worlds of disintegration and integration.

Of these two words, which have similar meaning, both useful words, I love the word synthesis the most. It has a lyrical or tonal quality to it when heard, and generates within, for me, a feeling of ease and comfort. It is a word that has natural resonance (most people know what it is even if they may not necessarily be able to define it), while integrate, in spiritual seeking, is a word I had to grok simply by hearing how it was commonly used on the spiritual path. If you are a spiritual seeker, you might know what I mean.

It’s Opening Night! (Almost…)

As a student on the practical ascension path and a team member of The Rising Way, I am currently engaged in two passionate endeavors, both expressions of my heart and soul and joyfully chosen service to others. They are part and parcel of my own synthesis to create a new unified whole for myself. It is as if I am tapping into a universal song of creation — always available — that not only sustains me, but consistently propels me to resolutely look forward with appreciation and eagerness to where I want to go, to what I want to create, to what I want my experience of life to be.

If we can find a way to resonate with this perspective, it might be easy to see that a new symphony of creation is being written, along with the ability to recognize ourselves as composer, conductor, orchestra and audience all at the same time in a way that gives the expression “We Are One” true resonance through experience, beyond platitude and Facebook meme.

This new synthesis is causing life to rise and it is happening to all of us and to life as we know it.

There is a rapidly growing harmonic buzzing of anticipation in the air that is accompanying the orchestra’s new symphony and the orchestra is preparing for opening night.

The Best of Both Worlds

For many of us, right now, however, there may be a temporary feeling of straddling of worlds, or the parts that are combining to form a new connected whole, on the inside and on the outside. This may be felt on an individual level as well as societal and global levels.

While taking out the trash the other day, I had a conversation with a neighbour, not outwardly a spiritual seeker — and likely never to have heard the word ascension or awakening as is commonly used in spiritual circles. Some of our conversation was about the world and times we live in, with institutions, systems, and societal norms rapidly changing or under pressure to change, and the massive transformation underway with incredibly beautiful potentials starting to manifest or waiting in the wings to be synthesized into a brand new whole.  Another level of conversation was unspoken but also grokked, and that was the simplicity contained in sharing heart to heart, which, when open, always has ears to hear.

Between a Rock and a Heart Place

If you are feeling like you are straddling two worlds, know that it is temporary as the synthesis of creation by its very nature is resolutely propelled to look forward to where it is going, not where it has been.

It is accelerating and it is unstoppable.

Find a way to get in your heart and stay there. And share all that you are learning, integrating and synthesizing.

If sharing comes from the heart space, it will be life-giving like the sun is to plants through photosynthesis, and it will be heard, exponentially adding to a brand new unified whole.

This synthesis is powered by love and expressed through each and every one of us. It is the song of creation and opening night is nigh.

Namaste and I love you.

Amber Adams

8 thoughts on “The Synthesis of Creation”

  1. Dear Sister Amber,
    You have hit the mark right on! Great piece, a simple and distilled message, yet a magnficent reminder that we are very much in the motion of flow between a time and space continuum that is spiraling us all into taking our permanent Divinity Seat within the fullness of our heart in an accelerated way within the vortex of Divine Oneness that magnetizes All there Is! This “synthesis and integration” is designed in multiple ways, inter inter-dimensionally to expand & download the envelop of the new tonal human template as well as the one pulsing through into the New Earth frequency exponentially …. for they too are feeling the flow, adjusting, calibrating, refining it’s tones in an harmonic angelic celestial symphony propelled on fast forward by an incredible pull from the Great Central Sun and the Great Mother’s womb to dance in Divine Perfection with the Sublime pure Essence of the New golden Universal Child. All that is Unknown and Yet to be Revealed is just waiting to be released from the infinite Source, once the sacred Union is finally sealed… In this space there is no longer any memory of past selves or any projection of future self’s … There is only the Core Center of All you Are, Undefined and Majestic! Beloved sister and team, will soon be Joining together in the front row seats to celebrate the Cosmic Show that will unravelled itself through Source! Exiting and much gratitude for the beautiful insight…
    Love You,

    1. Hi, dearest Yukia! <3 I am honoured beyond words by your beautiful comments, and thank you for adding your heartfelt and cosmic perspective to a universal message pulsing heartbeat by heartbeat throughout the greatest creation of all: Life! <3 See you in Row One, Seat One!

  2. Great blog Amber! So captures the feeling that many of us are having now— that we’re experiencing an “in-between space.” Can feel chaotic at times, but such a strong feeling that we are all birthing something that feels very real, something truly expansive, something precious. Thanks for the clear perspective! <3

  3. Superb writing and ‘spot on’ insights, dear Amber! It’s almost opening night indeed — it perfectly describes that feeling of nervousness and sometimes even anxiety that seems to be in the air everywhere, and allows us to translate it into ‘excitement’ and ‘buzz’ 🙂 Perfect!

    I absolutely love when you say “the synthesis of creation by its very nature is resolutely propelled to look forward to where it is going, not where it has been.” That’s absolutely the way I feel right now… Yes, find a way to get in and stay in the heart space. That’s where the life-giving synthesis is always ongoing, like a cosmic cocktail shaker 😀 What a wonderful time to be embodied on Earth! <3 Together, we will rock the planet with love <3 (Not sounding *too* excited, am I?) 😉

    1. Cosmic cocktail shakers and opening nights certainly are buzzy! 🙂 Our beautiful human race has worked long and hard to find its way and has front row seats to the show – a reason for excitement to be sure! I am honored to be here now and thank you for your lovely comments, dear Kwan Yin <3 To rocking the planet with love together! <3 <3 <3

  4. Wonderful blog, dear Amber. Straddling two words is something many are currently grappling with. It’s the navigating part that is tricky. Learning to synthesise and integrate all these “new” energies — while at the same time trying to ward off mental fields — is the step we are asked to take now on this evolutionary ladder of the human race. We are rediscovering what it feels like to be in the heart space.

    Your blog definitely hits that place <3 Thank you, sister.

    Much love,

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