In the words of David Icke: We are Infinite Consciousness, Infinite Awareness having an experience. We identify ‘self’ with our body and our name, with what he calls the ‘little me’ while in his words, We are all that is, all that has ever been and all that can ever be.

The human mind operates within a set of very narrow parameters. There is a program in place that determines who we believe we are. We identify with this program and call it self. This mechanism locks in our perception of reality.

Waking Up from the Standard Settings

The program creates a system of standard settings for each of us. The mind is designed to be comfortable with these settings.

Specific neural pathways that determine how we view ourselves and what we call the world around us have been in place for virtually our entire lives. In fact these settings become more narrow as the body ages.

The specific settings vary for each of us—the content differs but the construct, the mechanism that determines how the programming functions, is universal.

The program promotes fear, separation, and limitation.

This is the human condition.

Many of us are now waking up from this dream.

There are those of us, no matter where we each find ourselves on our personal path of ascension, who are dedicated to creating a different reality for ourselves, one in which we acknowledge the power of love.

We are taking an honest look at the belief systems which no longer serve us. We want to make a difference in the world and are taking action to make it happen.

We’re dedicated to leaving our old patterns behind, our old definitions of self.

And yet….

There are times when the old self creeps in, the destructive patterns, our old reality, the one we so want to leave behind, the one that feels like a prison. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like something creeping in— it feels like a tidal wave.

It can feel downright painful.

The program is designed to keep us small. The fear and chaos in the world around us is being orchestrated to keep us operating within the old settings.

Systems around us—the legal system, the police, government, the banking system, the educational system, the medical system, religion—are all designed to limit us, sending us a very clear message that we are to place our trust in these institutions rather than trusting ourselves. They are designed to promote a reality based upon fear.

The chaos in the world that swirls around us, as well as the chaos swirling around inside our heads seeks to keep us locked into the old program. In addition, we can find our old patterns triggered by those around us who are functioning within their own mental patterning.

Remember, mind is designed to operate within the standard settings. And the program is versatile. When we start to catch on to what’s happening with our mental patterns, the program simply changes course and we are affected via a different set of pathways. And over time, we can even find that the programming is running on more and more subtle levels, seemingly more difficult to detect.

Although we have dedicated ourselves to moving beyond these old patterns, at times we can feel like David facing Goliath.

How do we pull ourselves out of this?

How do we create lasting change?

We Create Change from the Inside Out

Understanding that the mind is programmed to feel comfortable within the old settings, we can at least begin to view what we are experiencing from a different perspective.

It’s about perception. Consciousness has the ability to remain the neutral witness.

We can view what is happening from the perspective of an observer. We can lift ourselves out of the drama and, with new eyes, begin to observe self from the perspective of the witness, simply being aware of the old patterns as they play out.

A good rule of thumb—If it makes you feel bad, it’s not real.

Over time, we will more and more become aware of the dynamics underlying the mental patterns. We then have the option of making another choice. With this new choice as our focus, we can then take action from a more expansive perspective.

We can stop judging ourselves, as we know that this makes an already painful situation feel even worse. In these moments, we just choose again. No self recrimination—just in this now moment, make another choice and again, take physical action in the chosen direction.

In order for this to actually have an effect, dedication is required. Don’t want to sound like a school teacher but it’s true. If we do commit to be the observer and to lift ourselves above our old mental patterns, we can only have a lasting impact if we apply this practice consistently.

We focus on what we want to create and then take action to move in that direction. We consistently remain vigilant in our observation of old patterns displaying themselves. This requires effort especially in the beginning.

Practice Kindness and Gentleness

The good news is that when we actually apply this practice consistently, over time we’ll begin to see lasting results.

If we imagine a huge ship in the ocean, if we want to change its direction 180 degrees, in the beginning, quite some energy is required. As the ship begins to turn, momentum is created and much less energy is necessary. So it is with our practice.

We can choose to study the programming—neutrally. When thoughts that are not so nice enter our reality, we can simply choose beautiful thoughts instead.

What is presented here is a simple practice and truthfully, it will not always be easy. However, over centuries of ascension training, this practice has proven to be extremely effective.

Battling our old patterns is not helpful. It’s not about fighting them or trying to push them away. (How well has this worked for us? LOL) What we resist, persists. What we attempt to push away from us inevitably comes back stronger then ever.

The truth is that if we remain vigilant, over time, these negative thoughts will not have anything to stick to.

Applying this practice with kindness and gentleness toward self will create lasting results. When we observe ourselves slipping into our old patterns, we can pat ourselves on the back for having seen what is playing out. We’re on the right track.

Observe It, Turn It Around & Transform It

There is an almost predictable pattern that we might observe. When we have a breakthrough, when we move into a more loving and expansive space, we might see the pattern soon re-emerge, sometimes very strongly. We simply observe it and transform it again. We’re making progress. And it will get easier.

It can be very helpful to express something that is the direct opposite of the negative thoughts running through our heads. Do something kind, uplift someone, demonstrate compassion. If you are involved in a project that is making the world a better place, take action and move it forward.

Judging self because we’ve fallen into our old way of being doesn’t seem to work so well… it adds another layer of mental programming to an already mental situation. If we want to create a kind and gentle world, it starts with self. Patience is required…

The new reality we’re creating together is a love-based reality.

We’re learning to live in the heart space. This is not an airy fairy concept and it’s not the love and light brigade. This heart space is born as we release the mental patterns and belief systems which have held us back. When a group of us does this together from a place of authentic love and mutual respect, a new shared reality is born.

None of our negative thoughts are real. They are not generated by us. As we were stuck in the old mind program, we have identified with these negative thoughts and believed that this is who we are. Since we acknowledge that we are infinite beings having an experience here, we can see that the limiting reality we have been believing in is actually not real.

We will experience authentic and lasting change when we move from the theory to the practice. This is practical ascension.

Our reality will become softer, gentler. Relief can come in waves and there is a feeling of coming home… to self, finally feeling peace. And we will emanate this peace to others. We will emanate love, kindness, gentleness, and ultimately, compassion.

We call this trust before truth.

And this is how we will create a different world.

We’ve seen over and over again, and actually can now joke about it, that this new reality is surely not what we were thinking! There’s a feeling of, “Oh yeah, I forgot for a minute, the way that I was feeling, that’s not me!”

We are infinite beings and love is all that is real.
Everything else is an illusion.

If all of this were easy, everyone would be doing it.
It takes courage and tenacity.

So, Be the witness.
Don’t try to fight the pattern.
Just observe it.
and Choose love.

This is the simplicity of it.

We just keep walking.
And we never give up.

Orchid Rising

2 thoughts on “Freedom”

  1. I couldn’t agree more, dear Orchid. Once we become aware of the extent of our personality program, the breakdown of these limiting patterns can start. As you said, especially in the beginning this can be an ongoing and sometimes painful “battle” between mind and consciousness, between illusion and reality. It can take some time to understand the construct of a certain program, but when you do, it will lose its power.
    The ascension path is one of falling and getting up again — tripping over one’s programs time and again. But we learn. And the more we learn, the easier it becomes to stay in the heart space and to create what we want to see manifest in our life.
    Great article! <3

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