On Creating Tonal Resonance

Your vibration precedes your thoughts, which are part of — and partially the result of — your vibration.

Vibration does not reside in the animal mind but in the higher, divine mind of the heart: this is where your feelings emanate from and intersect with your personal reality.

The animal mind — and this is no surprise — only has the capacity to translate vibration into emotion and, in turn, emotion into matter.

Everything you experience in the material realm only exists because you are separated from it, and, as such, you have an emotional connection to it, be it positive or negative. A being that does not process emotion (but resonates with its feeling realm instead) is not connected to the karmic timeline and therefore would not experience the universe of matter at all.

Separation (karma) causes emotion, while unity (resonance) creates the feeling realm. In other words, emotions work themselves from the outside in, while feelings are generated within and have no need for external attributes in order to maintain themselves.

Negative emotion is never created within and projected to the outside realm, as it is impossible for the heart space to do so. Similarly, the heart space cannot receive negativity and thus it can receive no emotion, only generate feeling.

Emotion is received by the mind only, but can be processed by the belly as well, although the belly does its best work when it translates into reality feeling states of the heart, not emotional states of the mind.

Channel well-being and abundance into your vibration via the heart portal (akene*) and your thoughts (akonai*), your actions (adonai*), and your reality landscape (honomeia*) will follow the vector you will have instructed your Mer-Ka-Ba to translate and manifest.

Diagram of personal Mer-Ka-Ba space & its Kakra portals
Diagram of personal Mer-Ka-Ba space & its Kakra portals

Once the akeneakonaiadonai, and the honomeia vectors are aligned, you will have created resonance in your tonal field, which in turn precedes your vibration.

Continued tonal resonance will ultimately lead to the melting away of illusory walls of separation that keeps your inter dimensional nature at bay.

Kwan Yin

* Original Lemurian language indicating the heart (akene), the head (akonai), the belly (adonai) and the reality that is created (honomeia) based on the resonance of the Mer-Ka-Ba field and its interconnected, co-creative action with other such fields as one whole called a Mer-Ka-Va. Working with these fields is part of the active and practical metaphysical studies offered on The AscendoSphere.

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  1. Fantastic to read this again. Thank you for reposting. Perfect timing. Yes, the eMagazine as well as the AscendoSpere, are packed with gems of truth already! Thank you so very much!

  2. In my 3d reality, I’ve thus far not not been kinda ‘visual’, the beautiful diagrams have helped tremendously <3 KY <3 Thank You.
    I've been pouring over this teaching, and the Heart's been doing its own thing… revelling in the sweet resonance and tonality of Honomeia.
    Dearest KY, Thank You so much <3 <3 <3

  3. Thank you, Kwan Yin, for this clear guidance that with further study and practical application creates the necessary vector to put an end to the illusion of separation once and for all. Continuous application is key.. This is an important foundational article with much to explore further in the Subscriber section. I can’t wait! Much Love! <3

  4. A wonderful exercise to create your reality in a very different, heart-based way, moving away from vibration and frequency into tonal space.

    Thank you, Kwan Yin, for this great tool <3

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