For the Sake of All Beings

As humanity, our collective consciousness is soaking in pain. We have so many things that we think is a bother in life, people are unpleasant, the government is rotten, the education system is no good, the weather is horrible.

Annoyed and offended with everything, it is either too hot, or too cold, too fat or too tall, or allergic to everything out there, or outraged by the actions done by someone, the pain we hold within is constantly trying to find our what is wrong with the world. And most of the time the mind comes up with the idea of getting rid of whatever is causing the unpleasantness, right from mosquitoes to the government.

Hall of Mirrors

The mind thinks that once it gets rid of all that it thinks as unpleasant, there will come a happy contented future. This is the logic of the mind but it does not make any sense because we are born into the planet and we cannot run away from it.

If we choose to work with our mind instead of struggling to change everything on the outside, we are sure to find happiness, peace, and contentment.

If the world seems to be an unpleasant place then we are 100% responsible for it, because this world around us is our hall of mirrors and the consciousness we choose to hold about people and things is what is reflected on the outside.

We are responsible for the energy we bring into the Planet through us. If we choose to feel frustrated, sad, or angry about the situations around us, we take part in aggravating the situation even more. If we choose to believe our mind stories then we continue to see ourselves and others as victims and try to heal the pain by interfering, pitying, and trying to “Save” the world, we continue to scare ourselves with greater mind stories of imperfection and we suffer by losing our joy, and creating that which we do not want again and again.

We forget the Creator’s eternal goodness, and see the Planet and everything in it as being broken, and take up on us the stress of healing a broken planet by getting into the business of our spouse, our children, our neighbors, strangers and the world at large.

Things in the world cannot frighten us, only we have the power to terrorize ourselves with our mind stories. We do not know the bigger picture, we can only see what is in front of us, we do not even know if being alive or being dead is good for us at this moment, we have an extremely limited perception.

If we choose to rise about our mind stories then it is very important to be in the Present Moment with full awareness.


The way to get out of our pain is to practice awareness and be in conscious connection with the Divine Presence within. This brings us to the place of non-judgment.

I am reminded of Ho’oponopono, the Shamanic practice of forgiveness, native to Hawaii. It explicitly encourages verbally forgiving ones own inner thoughts and mind stories.

This amazing technique is portrayed in Dr. Hew Len’s work. As a therapist he cured a complete ward of criminally insane patients without seeing any of them. He took each of the patient’s charts and looked within himself to see how he created that person’s illness.

As he continued to work on himself, his patients got healed. The work he did was to say these words again and again to his Higher Self/God within, “I am sorry” for harboring such kind of data in the mind stories, and “I love you” for forgiving and erasing these data from my mind.

Use Your Gift

Hence we are completely responsible for the energy we hold within, and bring into this Planet. We are 100% responsible for everything we see, hear, touch, just because it is in our life, everything on the outside is a projection from our inside world. If there is a problem on the outside it is imperative that we fix it by working on the concepts and beliefs we hold on the inside.

We each and everyone of us are a powerful gift to this Planet, we influence the situations in the world around us by what we choose to believe at any given moment. Choosing to be in the Present Moment in awareness is our grand gift for this Planet.

Responsibility is the ability to respond from the heart and not from the mind stories. The heart is where we connect with our Divine Presence within.

Let us choose our own enlightenment for the sake of all beings.

Premlatha Rajkumar

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