How ‘REAL’ Is Your Metaphysics? — PART 2


As we begin the second leg of this journey into making our metaphysics REAL, let us review the entire reason you are even reading this series: a profound attraction and unexplainable connection to metaphysics. Possibly, even, an undeniable wish for personal ascension.

If you actually made it to this second part, then, deep down, you know there is a different way than the mind’s perception of reality and its perspective on what life is meant to be.

If we could collect all these divergent and improved ways of life as strings on your metaphysical violin, then the questions we are truly asking here are as follows:

Do you have what it takes to get over your stage fear and let your song be heard? Are you ready to make it real? And, if you are, how do you reach — and maintain — the highest note?

Into the Heart of the Matter

You know you are a creator of reality. You know of and believe in your power — even if you experience metaphysics mostly on a theoretical level — and you have spent years already working on improving yourself in all matters of the head and the heart.

Also, you are aware of the vastness and boundless intelligence and consciousness that is the thriving core of this solar system we inhabit, as it is infinitely connected to even vaster conscious reality generators that are known to us as our galaxy, our cosmos, our universe and the holographic multiverse itself. Together with all those who are awake to this fact, you are in awe and feel endlessly inspired by the beauty and grace that we are all One with.

Many of us ‘out there’ even believe (based on heart core evidence) that we can remember having studied the truth and meaning of life over and over again, deepening our knowledge and experience with every incarnation. We know, deep down, that we have done this before and that when we did, it was real, it was all-encompassing and it nearly — if not completely — consumed our minds and lives.

In other words, if you are one of those… then it figures that you have been preparing for quite some time and now you most likely feel the urge to take the next steps.

You Are Right on Schedule

If that is the case, I want to make sure that you know that you are not out of place, you are not the odd one out. In fact, you are right on schedule and you just happen to be fully aligned with the cosmic clock.

You may even want to consider that this is the one and only reason that you ever decided to incarnate, yet again: to be here at this crazy and exponentially expansive time, this moment in creation that is the culmination of everything that you, as a soul, have been working on realising since the crack of the dawn of what we consider time.

This article series about making your metaphysics ‘real’ is not meant to be a confidence booster — although it is always good to look at these things from a place of empowerment — but just so you know:

You are on that sweet spot of leading edge consciousness evolution work and for this you have my everlasting respect, as well as the admiration of countless other beings that are observing and interweaving their efforts with all that is happening here, from a myriad of dimensional planes where those that base their existence on consciousness ascension are already legion.

You are not alone in this, nor will you ever be.
Just so you know.

 Vibrational Mind Mapping — Deconstructed

During our last excursion, we made a quick slingshot around the mind and offered you an observation of it that you might not necessarily have considered before.

We explored the strong possibility that the human mind matrix links every person on the planet together in a linear and finite expression of possibilities, based on the creation of repetitive realities that are the result of vibrational feedback loops and rehashed neural-sensory networks of experience.

This suggests that we exist in a type of reality loop, but only insofar as we allow our reality to be translated this way.

Yes, the ‘mind trap’ that we have been studying has at least one weak spot that we know of so far: it stands or falls based on you believing the reality that you are made — or programmed — to believe. In fact, the program will go out of its way to convince you of its factuality, which in effect is a dead giveaway for its illusory nature. Only stage magicians need ‘creepy men behind curtains’ to pull the right levers at the correct time in order to make ‘the stunt’ or the illusion workable and believable.

We also know that this repetitive program runs on vibration and frequency, we know that it needs a strong landscape of duality in order to be effective, and above all we know that it cannot escape these self-imposed limitations.

But you, we, and all of us… can.

While the second part of this article series was in the process of being written, I already released a set of exercises or meditations on The Rising Way eMagazine to help you achieve ‘tonal resonance’ with the heart-based realm of consciousness rather than the endless fields of thought strings that the mind offers us on most occasions.

If you haven’t done so already, I invite you to take a look at them and give them a try — and even if you have, please know that their success rate is to be found in their continuous application:

Both of these come with illustrations that will help you to better understand the metaphysical principles that we are discussing in this current article series.

A Change of Perspective

If the mind matrix map can be deconstructed, then the required ‘change of perspective’ that we introduced at the start of the first article in this series might be realisable in a simple yet very effective and impactful way.

In short: could it be so easy as to just discard and override the old mental mind drive and instead activate the master mind drive that you have been building in the background all along, as you were taking in bucket loads of information and ****-loads of esoteric experience and growth over the years? Most of which, let’s face it, might have gone in quite unnoticed, but, as you know, experiences that have been had and information that has been stored, never disappear out of the soul entirely. There’s no erase button.

Could the infinite part of yourself — your soul — have been building this database, this roadmap or blueprint of ascension in the back of your mind, over and over again with each unique lifetime you threw yourself into, all the while patiently waiting until you found yourself to be evolved and awake enough to realise it was there?

And, if so, can it be used? Is it just sitting there waiting to be accessed and implemented? Could it be that easy?

Yes, it can be. The basic vector of the change of perspective required is within you, lingering until it is discovered, indeed. But it does come with a warning label: understand that once you make that choice and flip that switch, there is no way back. It is the point of no return right there and then.

There exists a deep and innate knowing within you about all of this. It is so foundational, so essential to your very being, that your mind/ego/personality complex could not bury it completely — it could only be bypassed and ignored for so long… and its time has come.

No matter how much you might try, once activated fully, you cannot undo a change of perspective of this magnitude.

It is for this very reason that so many are afraid to truly ‘go there’ knowing that there is no way back. As such, they have pushed it out of their minds while realising it had to be revisited sooner or later, as nothing known can ever be erased and unknown, not fully.

This status quo cannot be maintained forever.
Making your metaphysics REAL — at least initially — revolves around untying this knot of self-induced cognitive dissonance.

You might be one of these people. And, if you are, then it is my hope that this article series will help place you firmly on your way to achieving all of these things and more.

Let’s Get Metaphysical

So, given that we are ready to explore beyond this point of no return, how can we get out of the way of this relentless mind stream and enter the ocean of consciousness instead?

How do we actually make the change?

Simple: we tweak the rules.
Better yet: we evolve.

Now that we understand that the mental mind matrix has had quite an impact on our reality perspective, as well as on our experience and our quality of life, and now that we have fully decided to close our minds to the lie and open them to the truth, we have started a chain of events that will only make sense if we commit to basing reality — and our entire existence for that matter — on a different set of ground rules than the ones we worked with before.

These changes of perspective are multifold, as you will know from your data collection efforts of the past, and they are impactful, mainly because they are not as set in stone as you might have been used to until now. On the contrary, they are very fluid and flexible. Where we are going, there are no boundaries, no limited or predetermined notions of reality.

Does this excite you? I know it does me!

Coming Up

We are on the verge of traveling deep into the unknown… or, not the unknown exactly but rather that which we have been hiding for ourselves in plain sight until we were ready to drop our blind spot and come face to face with our own, undeniable evolution.

In the next instalment of this article series, we will demystify our so-called metaphysical roadmap for ascension, as designed over the many lifetimes by our very own soul. We will uncloak as much as we can by going to the heart of our master mind matrix itself.

In the meantime, I invite you to take enough time to come home to yourself often. Re-read this article series, engage in the exercises that are provided if that resonates with you, and try entering the previously unexplored realms of yourself, for yourself: the space in between everything that you think you are — thoughts, atoms, the universe itself.

This is where you will catch your first glimpses of the destiny that your soul has so lovingly and carefully crafted for you.

I also invite you to check things out in greater depth by creating a Basic (free) or Premium (paid) subscription on The AscendoSphere, where we go to infinite heights in making metaphysics — and ascension — real.

Have fun exploring, and see you next time.

Kwan Yin

PART 3 will be released in the future (or, possibly, in the past) 😉

5 thoughts on “How ‘REAL’ Is Your Metaphysics? — PART 2”

  1. I just re-read my previous comment from a year ago and could have started this one the same ?.

    All of this is incredibly helpful right now. It’s all about our perspective of what is real and what is not, we’re learning to navigate reality from a different space. It is incomparable to anything we have known before. Thank you very much!

    Love, Amy

  2. Wow, thank you for this clear-cut information and for connecting the dots. It has made it so graspable, undeniable and feasible. My heart has been fluttery since the moment I started reading it for the first time. I am so excited about where we are and where we are going.

    I am also happy that all of this information is shared for everyone to read! Great to get real about the reality of ascension. <3

  3. I am reminded of a dream I had (feels like a lifetime ago now) where I was trapped in a vast underground complex with rooms and rooms of people enduring miserable experiences they just could not escape. Although I was an observer in this dream, we were all imprisoned by the walls of the buildings in the complex, endlessly going from room to room and settling to join in miserable activities out of boredom. Somehow I managed to find an unlocked door that led to a dark path leading outside and upward to the surface. People followed me frantically, thrilled to be free only to find an iron gate that blocked our way on the path to the surface. We started pushing the gate and digging under it to get past it to no avail. I decided to stop focusing on the gate and looked around me. As I did this, I realized that the path and gate were surrounded by a vast open landscape on all sides and that I could just step sideways to enter. I did so and was free! I shouted at everyone still thinking they were trapped inviting them to follow me. They looked at me, saw that I was free, looked at the landscape surrounding them, and went back to their digging and banging on the gate. I woke up then, knowing this dream was both a metaphor of the mind’s imprisonment and of the soul’s unalterable trajectory to transcendence and freedom, as well as a reflection of my own internal choice point and readiness to let go of my fear and free myself from my self-imposed belief in limitation. I wanted more than anything to assist all of the people in my dream to follow me to freedom but also realized that ultimately we all have to make this choice for ourselves when we are ready. This was before I even knew it was possible to personally ascend.

    It’s not as difficult as we “think” it is. A flip of the switch, a sideways step, and the decision to finally step out of limitation, guided by the soul’s unalterable and ever present desire to freely romp through new territory in which it creates landscape and experience, canvas and painting, and more (!) is the first step, the never looking back one. We are all “destined” to make this choice. The question is: will it be now or lifetimes down the road? The answer is: the decision can be made anytime we choose to make it so. Once made, what we need will be available to keep going, guided by the heart, step by step, ever expanding and the most exquisite journey a soul can embark upon.

    Thank you, Kwan Yin, for this amazing article series and for the continued guidance and support to keep going. I, for One, and for all reflections of me “out there”, every single one of them without exception, look forward to the journey ahead. If we are all One and this is what we are here for, what the One Soul and every single part and parcel of it desires more than anything, it will certainly be a fascinating journey home together. The iron gate is just an illusion, always has been and always will be! <3 <3 <3

  4. Brilliant article, Kwan Yin! This is what I call “clear speak”. No nonsense language. It’s time for all of us to face reality.
    You speak about the fact that we have been building a blue print of ascension with all the knowledge gathered in the course of many, many lifetimes and that it’s all here, ready for us to tap into.
    I’m pretty sure that the readers of this article have come to see the truth of your words. And many might see themselves faced with a choice: do I dare to leave the known behind and start my adventure into the unknown?
    I — for one — am very excited to shed my layers of forgetfulness on our adventurous journey of remembrance. I have experienced the results of “flipping the switch” for myself. Parts of myself that have been in hiding for eons are starting to reveal themselves to me. It’s quite a magical process!
    Thank you, Kwan Yin, for this very enlightening piece of wisdom.
    Much love,
    Jasmine <3

  5. After all the twists and turns, all the detours, all the self-doubt, all the highs and lows that got us here, for me at least, there is absolutely nothing left to do but to follow the heart. Namaste

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