A Heap of Pictures

I don’t know about you, but these days, reality out there appears more and more surreal to me.

Sometimes, when the curtains are drawn and candles are casting a warm glow over our huge gathering table, reality shifts.

From memory I know what’s out there, behind those curtains. But I also have a knowing that there is a different reality. An extremely vivid but fleeting picture that seems to be superimposed over the memorised one.

Other times, memories are presented to me in still frames — a heap of pictures.

Chronological and linear timelines are breaking up.

Where a memory used to be presented to me in a very lifelike way, these days it’s more like a movie with 5 frames per second. Badly edited on top of that.

Or I’d get the feeling of sitting in a bubble — the bubble being our ascension space — and everything I see out the window is a movie set — a stage for my entertainment. Out there does not feel real. In here does. This feeling is growing by the day.

When I look through these eyes of mine, I still see what I expect to see — or rather, what my mind expects to see. The fun part really is that this old belief system is starting to show cracks. Out of the blue. 

The reason why I think this is fun is because I’ve been telling myself for over half a decade now that reality is an illusion. Over and over and over again. And it’s starting to work! Fancy that…

But really, it’s quite rude of my mind to make me expect that things would be the same when I open my eyes again or when I’m walking through a door or even when I see someone.

I mean, really! The cheek! I want to be the one who decides whether I want to find the same reality when I wake up in the morning or not!

Anyway, these things I contemplate.

I have a strong drive for freedom. This is what ultimately pushed me out of the comfort zone of family life and into ascension initiation.

F r e e d o m… No more limitations…

Isn’t that what we all want, deep down? And isn’t that exactly why we are all here now? During the great change?

There are millions of souls waiting in line to incarnate on earth, but we are the ones who are here. We made it. And this comes with responsibilities.

What we are asked now is to step up to the plate. Walk our talk. We have not incarnated to sit under a tree in yoga position, chanting manna, manna, manna! 

We are here to change the world.

It starts with me. If I don’t change, the world won’t either.

Knowing all of this, there is only one choice I could make — ascension of self. I am here to honor my soul’s agreement. Putting theory into practice. No matter how long it takes.

Since we humans learn by repetition, just one tiny aspect of our ascension spectrum — breaking through the illusions of time and space in this case — requires endless repetition of telling yourself what’s real and what’s not.

You won’t believe a word of any of what you’re telling yourself. Not at first anyway. Oh yes, your mind might tell you that you do, but really, you don’t. I know. I’ve been there.

We all know, however, that when something is said often enough, whether it is true or not, ultimately, it will become a reality, a new belief system.

We’re simply conquering the mind with its own weapons.

So, after only half a decade of constantly repeating to myself that reality is an illusion, there finally is a new belief system emerging. I’m starting to disbelieve the one that has been programmed into my DNA. Hallelujah!

I tell you, this is a grand journey! Even though experiencing reality more like a dream might seem like a small victory, to me it signifies that I am heading in the right direction.

And so, sometimes when the curtains are drawn and candles are casting a warm glow over our gathering table, reality shifts.

I love you. Namaste.

Jasmine Martin

Image Credit: Nadine May

4 thoughts on “A Heap of Pictures”

  1. Expressing that which so many in this wonderful time are experiencing in such beautiful words makes me feel even closer to all in this Imzaia Merkava , a heart to heart infinite and eternal

    love connection. Thank you Jasmine, beautiful. Xxx❤️

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment, dear Coca! And yes, the connection we all have with each other is precious beyond words — it’s an eternal one. Much love to you <3

  2. All emotion comes from one’s perception of freedom – the lack of it which is experienced as negativity, victimhood and suffering, or the experience of it when the spirit joyfully soars, for example, in appreciation of a spectacularly vivid sunset. When the perception of reality becomes fluid and begins merging inward and outward expression together, that’s when the real fun begins on the ascension path! I loved this blog, Jasmine! Thank you. <3

  3. Beautifully said Jasmine—and you found words to describe the ‘indescribable’ —reality is feeling more fluid by the day. As you say, it’s about the present moment and its in the present, not the ‘past’ or ‘future’ when magic happens! Thanks for this topic! <3

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