Living “Out of Time”

“Or say that the end precedes the beginning,
And the end and the beginning were always there
Before the beginning and after the end.
And all is always now.”
— T.S. Eliot,
Burnt Norton

Repetition is the Death of Creation

We, the team of The Rising Way, are a small group of people who have all heeded their soul’s calling for change. Together, we are on our journey of ascension of self — a journey of breaking through belief systems and illusions. Along the way we shed layers and layers of the non self, making space for our higher aspects to emerge.

One of the illusions to break through is time, a mental construct that has almost the whole of humanity firmly in its grip. We willingly give our power away to a figment of our imagination and allow it to squeeze our lives into parameters that define their chronological sequence of events — past, present, and future.

What we call the past is but a collection of memories, recallable only in the present. The future is a construct made up of experiences and expectations, projected from the present. Neither past nor future can be experienced. This leaves us with the eternal now moment.

As such, we are always here now. Seems simple.

Yet, even though this is our natural state of being, our reality is not designed to be experienced in simplicity. Rather, it is crafted to keep us running around on the hamster wheel of repetitive cycles and daily rituals. We are so identified with time — and have been over many, many lifetimes — that we perceive it to be speeding up the older we get.

We have become the hands of the clock.

Obviously, this way of existence is a very limited and limiting one. There is little to no space that allows the real you, the one that is not run by mind, to create your reality.

It is our soul’s choice then to break through these limitation.
It is why we are on our ascension path.

In order to change, we need to change our perceptions and become the witness, the observer of of our life rather than the experiencer. When we change our perception of time, we can use it as a sense to translate reality for us, rather than being stuck in the linear concept of it.

“The sense of time has nothing to do with clock time.

It is the perception of time that indicates to you whether you need to expand or contract.

Whereas in the outer, physical realm, time is connected to the level of vibrational translation, on the inner realm, even though the translation is the same, time is not connected to objects or situations but to the perception of reality around you.

As long as you are identified with clock time and let it run your life, it will keep you locked down.

Stress, therefore, is a clear indication that you are out of the flow of time. You have instead identified with it.”

— from my upcoming book, “Practical Ascension”

The perception of time has everything to do with the energetic space we are in at any given moment. When we are waiting for something, the hands of the clock seem to creep over its face at the speed of a snail in slow motion, but when we’re enjoying ourselves, hours can fly by completely unnoticed.

You can only witness time in the now, and you can only be in the now when you’re in your heart space. As soon as you allow your mind to become a distraction, you’re identified with time once more.

How perfectly this reality has been designed to keep us locked down, in fear mode and out of love! Most people’s lives are so firmly tied into a daily schedule — because of the need to earn money to simply being able to survive — that it seems almost impossible to free themselves out of that gridlock. And that is the whole purpose of the concept of time.

A young child has no perception of time. It can so easily create its own reality and fully flow with the now moment.

Child’s play. What a lesson…

Flowing With the River of Time

What if you allowed that concept of time to be just that — a concept? Mind might tell you that it’s difficult for you to step out of time for whatever reason, but if you choose to observe time rather than being attached to it, you open yourself up to a much more expansive version of yourself.

This then is part of our training, if you will. Flowing with time. Allowing our day to unfold naturally. This doesn’t mean that we can’t work efficiently and productively. On the contrary.

When you flow with the river of time instead of running alongside trying to keep up with it, you eliminate the stress factor. You are here now, focused on what you are busy with in this very moment. With that you expand time rather than that you shrink it. You’ll find that there is much more time to accomplish whatever it is you need to get done.

Obviously, as long as we sit in these physical bodies, we still need to take care of them. This sort of repetitive action won’t go away any time soon, but we can change the way we go about those daily rituals. We can consciously choose to do things differently.

With living out of time, your body will find its own rhythm for all its needs.

At the moment, we are night owls. Awake mostly during the night and resting a few hours in the morning. The night cycle is the time when magic happens — at least that is my experience. It’s in those hours that we sit together with our teacher(s) and have wonderfully expansive conversations about everything ascension. It’s in those hours that new ideas get born.

When you’re asleep around predawn, you miss out on your most creative time of the day. Daytime is good for actions that need the involvement of the left hemisphere of your brain, but you’re at your most creative when your right one kicks into gear — and that is during the night cycle. Mind is asleep. This is the time to write, paint, compose your next song or whatever tickles your fancy.  Just fly on the wings of your imagination! You might surprise yourself by discovering a side of you, you never knew was hiding within!

Being out of time. Becoming timeless. Losing track of hours and calendar dates. The cycles of light and dark kind of revolve around you, but you just observe this phenomenon. As your perception changes, so do your habits.

When you’re passionately busy with what you’re doing — such as ascension and creating this portal of The Rising Way with everything it entails — you’re in the flow. You’re focused on your creation. All your kakras are aligned.

Reaching Honomeia, Kwan Yin called it in the article, On Creating Tonal Resonance. It is a magical space to be. Abundance is pouring out of you. Those moments feel extremely powerful.

I have found for myself that the inspiration for a new blog, article, or poem mostly comes to me in those peaceful moments at night when all the files with have to’s and to do’s have been put back on the shelf. Sometimes I can operate from the right side of my brain for days on end, and sometimes I allow mind to take me out of the flow very quickly. I’m still learning…

Flowing with time means starting to let go of its illusory construct. It takes time to break down old neural pathways and build new ones because we are wired to process things for the very purpose of locking us into linearity.

We create our reality, however. It is up to us to change our perspective. As long as we only talk about making a change in the way we perceive reality around us — including time — we will most certainly stay locked in.

“Only through time, time is conquered”
— T.S. Eliot, Burnt Norton

We are here to find our way out of the prison of mind.
This time, we have to walk our talk.

I love you. Namaste.

Jasmine Martin

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  1. Great topic Jasmine! And the creativity we’re all experiencing feels like a good indicator that we’re on the right track…..Gotta love it! Glad to be sharing this creative space with you! Much love! <3

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