It’s All About Perception

There is no reality out there… It’s us. Reality is fluid. One of the gifts of the serious study of personal ascension is that one continually learns just how fluid reality creation is.

It is our mental programming that would have us believe that there is a reality out there. It’s quite something when we begin to understand in a practical way what this actually means.

It is we who are creating the reality around us—it’s very literally our own creation. We are creating it with our thoughts and our belief systems. We are creating it with our focus:

What are we choosing as our focus? How consistently are we holding our focus in terms of what we want to create?

More concepts that we’ve studied as theory for years but their practical application is quite a different matter. In the study of personal ascension, with guidance, we monitor our focus.

And it does require practice.

I think it’s fair to say that we, as students of the ascension process, have pretty much decided that reality is not at all what we were thinking.

What we’re learning as part of our ascension training is that…

Whatever we are feeling, whatever emotions we have, are generated from the Self

An idea worthy of contemplation…

…and that the pain that we all feel comes from the belief that divinity is not perfect.

Another idea worthy of contemplation.

So if we believe that divinity is not perfect, then we will see the others around us as not perfect.

As we will see ourselves as not perfect.

The truth is that divinity is perfection and can never be destroyed.

These ideas have been bandied about in the spiritual community for years and from this writer’s perspective, they can be misused.

One cannot address such a profound understanding without doing the sometimes tough inner work of looking at one’s own mental programming and one’s own belief systems which seek to keep us all locked in to a very, very small version of ourselves.

Going back to the perfection of divinity, we’re learning that each of us have filters in place, again, part of the program, and through these filters we see a warped version of reality, a distorted perspective of first of all self, and then so called others around us.

We project this distortion onto people and events around us.
This distortion is not real.

And it is coming from us.

To even begin to understand and apply this results in a massive shift in perception.

And it’s all about our perception.

Once one steps onto the path of personal ascension, one’s perception changes to such an extent that it’s impossible to go back to who we thought we were—we begin to see in a practical way that who we thought we were simply is not true.

The door only opens one way and there is nowhere to go but forward. Which is good.

To contemplate the perfection of divinity, to actually begin to practically understand that when we came to this planet, our perfection as infinite beings has been tampered with to such an extent and so consistently that we all believe that this little version of us is who we are, that this body is who we are, that the fear-based thoughts that run through our heads are ours—to at least begin to be able to view these things from the perspective of a neutral observer—one feels the promise of freedom that pretty much defies description.

It’s one of the many great gifts on the path of personal ascension. We write and talk about it a lot on The AscendoSphere, which I invite you to visit. It’s our main website and place of sharing ascension information. Check out some of our videos, I’m sure you will appreciate them. We go deep. We go personal.

The personal ascension process is… well… quite personal.

As we are assisted, we assist others… and so it goes.

For those of us who have created The Rising Way eMagazine, experiencing this with all of you is a dream we have held alive in our hearts for what feels to us, a long time.

Now we’re here.
And so are you.

Looking forward with great excitement to an expansive journey together! See you very soon!

Orchid Rising

3 thoughts on “It’s All About Perception”

  1. There is definitely much to contemplate in the what, why and how of existence! You’ve boiled the whole thing down to some really basic concepts that suggests it’s all much simpler than we think. Wonderful blog! Much Love, Amber <3

  2. This really is the “original sin”, if you will: thinking that we are cut off from our divinity. As you say, it takes a whole lot of practice and focus to unravel old and unreal belief systems and reprogram ourselves in a conscious way.

    I am greatly looking forward to your shows! There is so much to talk about…

    Wonderful article! Thank you.

    Much love,
    Jasmine <3

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