You Are Wonderful

Breathing Life into Expression

The body being is the temple where God/Goddess lives. Connecting with the God/Goddess within releases us from all kinds of fear and stress and empowers us to live as the LOVE that we are.

Loving one self and trusting ones wisdom is one of the ways of connecting back with the Divinity within.

Since the mind likes training and habits, it is good to practice mantras. I have found that the best mantra to connect with the God/Goddess within is to say many times during the day:

“I love myself,
I am wonderful.”

Also, look at ourselves in the mirror, and look into the eyes of our mirror image and say:

“I love you,
you are wonderful.”

Do this remembering that you are the temple where the Divine resides.

The more we focus on this, it will become an invitation for the Divine to emerge and shine through us, through our lives and touch this Planet with unconditional love and create Heaven on Earth every moment.

The more we visualize our beautiful being within, we will breathe it into expression.

Happy Creating my sweet friends!

Premlatha Rajkumar

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