Life Is Benevolent

Why forgive? This is the powerful question of the mind. We live in the world but we, each and every one of us, create our own world inside our minds. The world outside is totally different from the world we create on the inside.

The world outside is perfect, and everyone is being who they are exactly as they are supposed to be; there are no mistakes here, and we are all okay.

But suffering comes when we choose to believe our judgments about the world outside and hold these as beliefs in our inner created world.

Our inner world is created by the mind that can only know a person or a situation through just the five physical senses. The data stored by the mind does not include the thoughts, emotions, or feelings of that person. So the data stored and believed by the mind is definitely insufficient.

Taking this insufficient data as the truth, we make ourselves suffer and in doing so, we think that the world is the cause of our suffering.

But the truth is, what we choose to believe about the world is the cause of our suffering – absolutely.

If we courageously and truthfully start inquiry into the belief data of our mind, we come to understand that not even one belief is completely true about ourselves or about anyone outside us.

When we understand this, the world then becomes a kinder place. We come to understand that we were at war with the ways of the world, and we believed that the world was a crazy place. Yet the truth becomes clear that the world was not crazy; we became crazy by holding on to our beliefs about the world.

When we are not at war with the world outside, our inner world is peaceful, and it projects a peaceful outer world.

When there is inner peace, we come into the freedom of living in Grace and Ease; for we understand that what we have right now is what we wanted.

Life is benevolent, and it always brings to us that which we need at the right time, nothing more, and nothing less.

So let us contemplate ~ are we willing to lose our mind-created world?

Premlatha Rajkumar

An Excerpt from the book: “Twelve Steps to Inner Peace”

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4 thoughts on “Life Is Benevolent”

  1. Hi Premlatha, these few paragraphs pretty much sum up the truth about reality. This is so true! it also puts the responsibility back where it belongs, in our own hands. Thank you! And thank you for reposting, Kwan Yin.

  2. What a beautiful perspective. The core of the issue for me is that this leaves us powerful beyond understanding. By knowing that we project the outer truth based on the inner truth, and by adhering to the Laws of being, all possibilities unfold.

  3. If it feels bad, it can’t be real. And it’s seldom what we have been thinking! The real ‘work’ is on the inside. Which places the responsibility squarely with us. Thank you for this beautiful sharing dearest Premlatha! Much love! <3

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