Find Yourself In Stillness

If we want to accelerate our soul’s evolution—there are times when the best thing for us to do is to slow down.

Might sound counterintuitive but it’s true.

We think life is about movement but actually life is stillness.

In this stillness, we encounter our sovereignty.

It feels more important now than ever to take the time to heal ourselves from the deluge of programming we have been fed for a lifetime—fed to us by media which we no longer trust, fed to us by virtually every institution on the planet.

We’re supposed to be growing, improving ourselves, accomplishing something. And for a long time, we bought it.

But the truth is that by slowing down, by taking the time for self—we will ultimately come to the conclusion that we ARE it.

And this is what the system works very hard to have us forget.

We have been programmed to give our power away—to institutions, to experts, to those who ‘teach’ us how to be happy, how to be healthy, how to become enlightened, and so it goes…

We have forgotten our own inner wisdom. We have continued to adapt to the system. The restraints have been introduced gradually, (i.e. more difficult to detect) over time, over decades. It’s just that now the moves are becoming much more obvious.

More and more of our freedom is being taken from us—on all levels. The system cultivates fear and helplessness. These emotions are reinforced everyday, virtually everywhere we look.

And yet—

Sometimes we meet someone

And look into their eyes

And we see a kindred spirit

Someone who, like us, is waking up.

We are not alone. There are others who know—what we are living can’t possibly be real.

For those of us who are ‘coming online’—who see that the system around us is imploding, who see that it cannot possibly sustain itself—we know in the deepest part of our hearts a simple undeniable  truth… The answers have to be within us.

So if we seek to create real and lasting change in our lives—if we seek to transform all that we know does not serve us—what this requires is that we now put the time in to heal ourselves from lifetimes of mental programming.

It’s time to nurture and love ourselves.
And above all, it’s  time to be truthful with ourselves.

This is not being selfish.

On the contrary, we are needed now more than ever—the REAL us—empowered, loving, active beings.

And we will find the real us, we will remember the real us—from a place of stillness.

The greatest gift we can give ourselves and the planet is to take this much needed time for self and do the inner work necessary to untangle ourselves from our programming. How quickly we move forward is up to each of us.

The Rising Way is here to offer a graceful and efficient path to self-empowerment for all who resonate with this message.

There are articles and exercises on our site, which address these topics from many different vantage points.

And there is something about doing it together in a safe space. Communicating with each other, sharing our experiences—all of this makes it way more fun!

We create this ‘safe space’ in the form of The AscendoSpherean open source metaphysical university for the new aquarian paradigm where you can study esoterics topics, such as personal ascension, and more.

We offer videos, articles, forums, and above all, we offer live and private interaction regarding metaphysical topics, in depth, on The AscendoSphere.

Come and visit us there by creating a free profile, or check out our premium subscription plans, so we can start our conversation together in earnest—and in love.

Glad you’re here reading this article.

It’s cool to have friends along the way…
to help us remember who we are.

Orchid Rising

9 thoughts on “Find Yourself In Stillness”

  1. Stillness in the passion is what we all are experiencing here! It is such a treat for self to interact with these blogs.

    How lovely to share with the REAL us!

    Thank you Orchid,

  2. Beautifully said, dear Orchid. “We need to heal ourselves from lifetimes of mental programming.” With all that mental noise going on around us, it is vital to find that place of stillness within, the place of the I AM, the only place where the wounds and scars of many an incarnation can be healed.
    Thank you for sharing your heart.
    Much love, Jasmine

  3. Thank you beloved Orchid, for this beautiful, awakening post. Yes, let us remember our way back home holding each others hands. It is time to go home to our heart, we agreed to play this game of forgetting home, forgetting the truth of who we are, forgetting the Creator and All that IS. This game of forgetting the Self and the Creator has truly created a grand platform from which we can bounce and propel ourselves towards awakening into our grander selves. Agreeing to play this game, we are creating so much of greater visions and grander solutions for awakening into our magnificent Selves. May humanity awaken into its grander self! May this Planet be blessed!!!

    1. Oh dearest Premlatha, how I love your beautiful and heart-centred outlook on life. Your mirror is so radiant that it empowers anyone who observes it. <3

      And thank you for sharing this truth, abundantly blossoming Orchid… It is time for the REAL us. It is time to make the call of our brothers and sisters in love & joy, those that seek to advance their soul, be heard.

      Let's have Love, Empowerment and Ascension go mainstream! 😀

      1. Much gratitude for your sacred Presence in my life, <3 <3 <3 beloved Orchid and beloved Kwan Yin <3 <3 <3 _/_

  4. Our potential to rise individually and as a human race is incredible but it is undeniable that to rise beyond the limitations and programming imposed on us from the outside (coming “at us” in all directions these days), it is imperative that we find the truth inside.

    As more and more of us do this, the house of cards will finally fall. Kudos, dear Orchid, for sharing your wisdom and heart. Ultimately, it is the heart that connects us and the heart that gives rise to consciousness through stillness that leads to conscious expression and action.


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