What Is Loving the Self?

Some friends asked me:

What is “loving the Self”?
What is the Self that we need to love?


The Self is the ALL. The body, mind, soul, spirit… everything.

There is no separation, only, the mind likes to separate and put things in a box and label them because that is how the mind works, which makes it a good tool for problem solving in the physical.

The Self is the All, but the mind can only connect with the body and not beyond it. The mind was created to protect and preserve the body, and because of this important work the ego was created.

In order to preserve and survive, the mind tries to make us fit in with everything that it finds to be beneficial.

If we get mesmerized by the mind we forget who we really are and we go by the dictates of the mind which is constantly attentive to “what is wrong, what is wrong?”. The mind’s stories are all about fear, because it has no connection with anything other than itself, to be on the safer side it weaves huge stories of fear about everything so that it can do a good job of keeping the body preserved from harm of any kind.

This reminds me of the way people tell fear stories (which are not true) to their little children so that they will not venture into the unknown and get hurt. Hence, the mind is neither good nor bad, it is just what it is.

The watcher/the Self is who you are.

This body is like a vehicle and you use this vehicle to communicate in this beautiful physical dimension.

You know you are thinking because you can watch the thoughts your mind brings about, and so you are not the mind but the watcher of the mind, you can see/feel your body, the body changes every moment, so you are also not your body, you are the watcher of the body.

The watcher is consciousness, there is no woman/man inside a body, there is only consciousness, and consciousness is eternal, it was present before creation, it was there before knowledge and it is the ALL THAT IS.

The moment we connect with consciousness the ego/mind disappears. Consciousness has no separation, it is the permanent nature of who you are.

Finding the Self and remaining in It is living by planting yourself firmly in your heart space, which is the place where the humanness merges with the Divine. It is the place of freedom, fearlessness, wisdom, unconditional love, peace, joy, and enlightenment.

So make small conscious moments in your day to day life in which you become the watcher of your mind, understand that you are the infinite sky where the thought clouds move, they always move away, they do not stay.

Learn to identify with the permanent nature of who you are and remain there as many times as you can.

For, know that that which you are seeking is also seeking you. You are the one you are waiting for.

Premlatha Rajkumar

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