How to Handle Extreme Emotions?

Some dear friends asked me:

What possibilities do we have to easily, gracefully and quickly come out of extreme emotions, such as anger, irritation, embarrassment, or fear?


Encouraging continuous thoughts about the situation that created these emotions are the reason for making them bigger and bigger.

Know that you are not your thoughts, you have the choice to encourage these thoughts or just drop them.

These thoughts are not going to affect the situation or person who was the reason, these thoughts are going to affect you only by creating stress in your body, so they are not worth it.

Just drop these thoughts, you are the master of your life, you can choose and be more kinder to yourself, by dropping these thoughts and focusing on other things.

I can suggest some exercises for you to get rid of these stress thoughts, they may sound silly but they are very profound:

You can go listen to some music that you like…

Or just go out to the patio and blow bubbles…

If you have a fish tank, go sit near it and watch the fish move around…

If you have a garden or a park nearby go and sit under the trees and take time to carefully listen to the bird sounds and feel the wind in the trees…

If you live near a beach then go stand near the water and just feel the sand and the water on your feet.

Connect back with nature, in any way you can, as if your very life depends on it. Nature is one of the grandest healers.

lotus yoga sunrise

Just try any of these things for the sake of kindness to yourself, and see how fast you drop the stressful thoughts and bring yourself to balance.

The moment we come to balance we are able to see clearly and create grand solutions for our problems.

Premlatha Rajkumar

6 thoughts on “How to Handle Extreme Emotions?”

  1. Dear Permlatha
    Thank you for you comments on extreme Emotions. One way that I use in my work is to have the person magnify the Emotions as much as possible, the Emotions will then dissipate. This is short term for most. It is most important to find the cause which crops up before the age of nine, and bring it up to date. BE WELL

  2. Thank you for this very beautiful and powerful answer.
    Yes, nature is one of the grandest healers for the most annoying thoughts.

    Much love to you and to your beloved ones beautiful Premlatha.


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