3 Little Ways to Create Infinite Waves

Today is a good day to…

…find a moment of rest after the buzzy-ness that might have chased after you all day long, and when you feel all relaxed, allow your entire body to come to peace, bit by bit.

Start with your feet and let them ‘sink’ with every breath.

Work your way up to your head and make sure to give your neck and shoulder muscles some separate focus.

By the time your focus is on the top of your head, allow violet & gold to surround you.

Bring up your favourite geometries that will support your moment of being with yourself and let them replace the words and thoughts and lists and songs and programmes in your head, just for a while.

Totally at peace, connect to every cell and every atom in your body.

Your body is the universe.

See the many star systems that you are.

Allow each of your atoms to be as nourishing as the sun in our sky.

Line the movement of your stars and planets up with your breath.

E      X          P             A                N                     D   .      .          .



From your heart centre and your pineal centre and your belly centre, start sending out waves of exuberant, abundant love and well-being for your entire universal system.

When you feel ready, allow your inner universe to start matching your outer universe and reality.

Allow the waves to flow outward everywhere, to reach anyone and anything. Unify with the totality of creator / creation energy.

Pay respect to your total being and all that you are connected to.


Be Love. Be Gratitude.
Be Forgiveness. Be Humbleness.

Now, imagine you tomorrow… and dream big & wild.

Do this for 5 to 10 minutes every day, preferably twice if you can, upon waking and upon falling asleep are good times for most people.

In the morning, it can be followed up by a wonderful lukewarm ‘lemon & cayenne’ drink and perhaps some light yoga exercise, such as the 5 Tibetan Rites, to ground yourself again.

Today is a good day to watch your world come true.

Please share this with those in your life that may benefit, but make sure you apply it yourself first.

In Peace,

Kwan Yin

9 thoughts on “3 Little Ways to Create Infinite Waves”

  1. Grand ‘little’ things!
    I did this excercise of ‘three little things’ Kwan Yin, and will continue to do so. Shifting my focus once again into gratitude <3

  2. Many seekers of truth have undoubtedly experienced altered or expansive states of consciousness, whether it’s through deep meditation, ayahuasca, focused deep breathing through the heart space, out of body travel, and so on, This, however, is a simple exercise that can be easily applied to one’s daily experience, which if done regularly will become as natural as breathing, and therefore make a big difference in one’s waking state, leading to greater awareness and conscious reality creation. Thank you, Kwan Yin, for this simple reminder!
    Amber <3

  3. Thank you for your lovely comments, and please remember that when you come out of dreamtime in the morning when you wake up, it’s not because you have ‘slept’ that your essence has not just had quite some possibly intense experiences! Balancing yourself in the morning, upon waking, therefore, is vital to ensure the day’s creation to one’s conscious choice and desire.

    In essence, balancing oneself in the morning after waking brings about the same results to the soul as are created when balancing oneself prior to sleeping after a long day filled with experience. Consciousness never rests. It only moves from focus to focus, inwardly and outwardly. Namaste, KY

  4. A beautiful exercise to start the day in a very different energy. Thank you very much, Kwan Yin, for this lovely meditation. As always, it’s the “simple” things that can cause big changes within — a great reminder to self to apply this on a continuous basis <3

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