Cultivating Compassion: A Gentle Way

The mind so wants to judge Self and others. The mind cannot conceive of a reality based upon qualities such as love, joy, freedom, and truth—the natural qualities part and parcel of an expansive way of being.

As has been spoken of in a previous article, due to the programming of the mind, we have filters in place. These filters create a warped perspective—of Self and of others.

The basic tenet of this painful belief system is that divinity is not perfect.

So we will see ourselves and others as less than perfect.

And then the mind judges.

If we have a filter in place that causes us to see people around us as less than perfect, if we judge them in any way, if we have emotions related to their behaviour, which we are judging, we are seeing all of this from a warped perspective.

This programming seeks to invert what is actually the truth. We are infinite, multidimensional beings, whose life force has literally been hijacked. The truth is that we are all one and that only love is real.

Mental programming cannot create. As mind has been manipulated, it is programmed to make alterations in what has already been created. It cannot initiate creation on its own. The programming seeks to derail our natural drive for expansion.

With these filters in place, the mind will automatically seek to have us perceive the ‘lowest’ version of ourselves. And others.

And then we judge—Self and others, resulting in conflict.

So we see qualities in others that we don’t like, we place these qualities onto others, but really, the problem is not coming from the others, it is coming from self. The problem is coming from the filters placed within the mind.

The same is true for how one see the Self. The Self-judgement, the negative Self-talk—all of this originates from this same perspective.

As we’re able to become the neutral observer, which one practices on the path of personal ascension, we see that we have been identifying with this programming and have called it self. And we have been projecting these qualities onto others and have been believing that this is who they are.

If we continue to observe this negative programming as a neutral observer we can more and more dis-identify with it.

We can choose to hold the highest version of others in our awareness and interact with them from that space. We can choose to see the best in those around us rather than the worst.

We can observe the mind’s pattern of creating a problem-based reality rather than a love-based reality.

And we can do this in a gentle way.

There is tremendous power in gentleness, in kindness, in the way of the divine feminine.

The way of compassion—for Self and others—is our ticket out of a life of falsehoods that we have been believing is real.

It feels that one learns compassion after one has had enough of living without it.

None of the negative belief systems about Self are real.

None of our negative perceptions of others around us are real.

Cultivating this compassion is part of the process of personal ascension. And we cannot come to this understanding in a practical way until we have actually dedicated ourselves to understanding the intricacies of our own programming.

As has been said before, we create lasting change for ourselves by taking this theoretical information and applying it in a practical way and this requires a serious commitment to do one’s own inner work.

The divine feminine in all of us is re-emerging — from within a male energy driven paradigm of service to Self — power driven, seeking to dominate, control, and ultimately destroy.

If we do the same, if we battle ourselves, each other, and what no longer serves us, we become that which we are battling.

Kindness and compassion are born of understanding. 

We’re still here. We know there is another way. We have kept this knowledge alive in our hearts for a very long time.

The Rising Way and its dedicated Subscriber Area is a meeting place for all of us dedicated to the evolution of the soul.

We’re learning how to do this together.
And we’re going to have a lot of fun along the way!

Orchid Rising

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5 thoughts on “Cultivating Compassion: A Gentle Way”

  1. Beautiful awakening article! Powerful reminders! Thank you for sharing your wisdom beloved Orchid! Namaste to your wise soul! _/_

  2. The simplicity of your expression speaks volumes, Orchid. If one seriously reads both the lines and between the lines in your article, it is easy to see many layers of the basic set up of the egoic mind along with the wisdom you have artfully articulated. We like to think we are loving and compassionate with self and others, all of the time case closed, but then there’s that little thing over there and this bigger thing over here that comes into our reality that evokes a reaction that reminds us that oops, we’ve let our neutral observer guard down again and got caught in the trap!. As Jasmine said, the mind is quite sneaky. You offer a perfect way out! ..
    Love, Amber <3

  3. This is such a great reminder dear Orchid ❤️ Thank you for putting it into words like you did. It is very clear. Perceiving anything from the mind and programming is simply meant to go haywire.

    And we always have a choice!

  4. Thank you for this brilliant article, dear Orchid. Judgment keeps us locked into the illusion of separation. Our programs are often such that we do not even realize we’re judging others and self. We’re completely in default mode. We can only see what we’re actually doing when we click into observer mode again.
    This then is where compassion comes in, for the “other” and for self. Gentle compassion washes away any guilt we might have because of having allowed old patterns to cast us into a negative spiral.
    As you said, “cultivating compassion is part of the process of personal ascension”. It is quite a shock for most people when they start to understand the extent of the mind programming. It’s nasty. In the end, that’s all it is, a program. It is not who or what we are. And with this understanding, we can forgive ourselves and allow compassion to flood our beingness again.
    Much love, sister <3

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