How To Know Feeling from Emotion?

Some dear friends asked me…

How do I differentiate between  feelings and emotions, especially the emotions of anger, sadness, anxiety, and frustration?

How can I learn to trust my own feelings?


Feelings and emotions are two different things.

Emotions are reactionary. They are born out of the mind story of judgments.

Feelings are never reactionary and they are born in response to the situation around us, they are the gentle nudges that we often ignore.

We are so habituated and attached to social consciousness and mind stories that we have never learned to trust in ourselves. When we start to love ourselves completely we would be kind to ourselves, we would stop terrorizing ourselves by reacting to every story thought of the mind, we become the patient observers of life and then we would be more aware of the feelings that arise from within.

Feelings are always from the heart, feelings are your truth. When you are married to your truth, when you do exactly what your heart tells you, then your relationship with yourself is so great that everything around you falls into place automatically, you need not do anything about it. But since humanity has habituated itself to unconsciously react to judgmental thoughts of the mind, we lost our integrity to be true to ourselves.

Our feelings would say one thing but because of social consciousness or the mind story we choose to do the opposite, and this breaks our relationship with ourselves. We become miserable on the inside and we project it on to every relationship on the outside.

Anger, sadness, anxiety, and frustration are emotions and they are outcomes of this sadness on the inside, the sadness of not listening to the gentle voice inside and treating oneself unkindly by attaching to social consciousness and judgments.

Being consciously awake is a journey and when one is angry or frustrated at anytime, one needs to stop, get to a place where one is alone, start noticing the breath and start noticing the angry thoughts that pass through the mind and continue to be the witness of the breath. Just be in that space of noticing, and there will be a transformation, a gathering of wisdom, an ability to respond peacefully to the situation.

Choose to become still, notice how we enter into the heart space where feelings are.

They are the truth in any given situation.

Premlatha Rajkumar




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7 thoughts on “How To Know Feeling from Emotion?”

  1. Thanks for this very nice and clear differentiation between feeling and emotion, many do mix them up, while they are in fact very different and to my opinion, this difference is very important!!

  2. This is a really wonderful article, dear Premlatha! You’ve hit the nail on the head enough times through the wisdom of your words to have built a house! Thank you! <3

    1. Thank you for your kindness my sweet soul sister Amber, truly we are building the New Home (Earth) from this place of Oneness. <3 Loving heart hugs to you <3

  3. Thank you sweet Premlatha for sharing this message. When self love is present, when we are in the heartspace, we see this reflected ‘on the outside.’ And then…we see the beauty of simplicity. It’s not as difficult as we think it is. Lots of love to you!

    1. Thank you for sharing your wisdom beloved Orchid. Very true when self love is present, living from the heart space becomes effortless. Namaste to your wise soul! _/_

  4. Dear Premlatha, thank you for answering a question that is burning in many a heart in such an eloquent way. It is tricky for everyone to learn how to navigate this ever changing world, and understanding the difference between feelings and emotions assists us greatly with knowing what is real and what is not.
    Much love <3 Jasmine

    1. Thank you for your kind comments Sweet Jasmine, yes, this was a deep contemplation for me till I let go fear and chose to live from my heart space. Namaste to your gentle soul! _/_

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