Being Fully Present

Many of us worry about the future a lot. Worrying about the future, keeps you in mind-controlled planning of the future, and the future never comes.

Even that which is your future, can only become this now moment.

If you are lost in the mind story of a future, you have missed YOU in this moment. For you live in this world of the NOW, not a past or a future world.

Do not forfeit the gifts of the present moment for some unknown future that never comes.

Surrender involves bringing Presence into every aspect of life. Surrender is the acceptance of your total Self – body, mind, spirit, and soul.

It is vital to acknowledge and collect the missing pieces of “you” in this NOW moment:

You are giving the gift of your total Presence to you in this now moment as you are born with amazing gifts and capabilities.

You can realize this only when you are fully present here with what is here. Being fully present, you feel the presence of everything around you. You can feel this universe teaming with life and bringing in powerful messages for you.

When you are fully present, you can feel the Divine Presence filling the space between all things. So when you are in Presence, you are powerful, and you are in Oneness.

The Present moment reveals the eternal, the Oneness as the world of thoughts, concepts, the past, religions, traditions, and opinions absolutely dissolve in the Presence of this Oneness.

In the words of Osho:


Intelligence is not about planning a future, or problem solving, or aiming for a goal. Intelligence is the capacity to understand that there is no past as it is only a memory, and there is no future for it is only an imagination.

Intelligence is to be awake, alert, and fully present in this moment.

Each moment of life brings in a new gift, and unless you are aware and alert, you will miss it and not be able to enjoy it.

Premlatha Rajkumar

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4 thoughts on “Being Fully Present”

  1. Thank you for your words of wisdom, dear Premlatha. Indeed, we humans are more focused on doing rather than being, so being fully present in the now takes a lot of practice and gentle reminders to self while we learn to go out of our head and into our heart <3

  2. Thank you immensely for your kindness my sweet friends, Amber Adams and the entire team of “The Rising Way” <3

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