Spiritual Mind: A Reality Check

The single most important action for awakening humans is shifting from the head to the heart space. On the path of exploring consciousness, we have come to understand the illusory construct of this reality and we know that the only thing real is love.

We all want nothing more than to be in this beautiful and creative space all the time. It is, in essence, what we are.

However, there is this program called personality.
And it has a handler, the ego.

It’s a very cleverly designed construct, governed by archetypes, to keep us locked into our minds. It knows, however, that it is finite and that is has no place in consciousness.

This construct has many layers, and the program is very adaptable. The more we figure it out, the more it will disguise itself. It will fight tooth and nail for its survival and pull in any unresolved issue to take us off our chosen course.

It will often make us think that we are conscious and in the heart space, when in truth, we’re not.

The problem lies in the thinking bit.

Thinking that we’re in a good space is a pretty clear indicator that we’re probably in the head, in a space we call Spiritual Mind.

Spiritual mind is a dimension on its own, a space where mind has copied consciousness. It’s the realm of love and light and manna falling from the sky.

That’s not where we want to be. Yet it is exactly the dimension entrapping many — sometimes for years on end — making us firmly believe that we are expanding and on our way to enlightenment. And even once we have learned to distinguish between the two states, it can still lure us in with a Siren song.

The thing is, when we’re “in it” we can be quite blind and deaf. Our mind will feed us lies. You’re on the right track. See how focused you are on your task. Really, you’re in a good space. You’re doing just fine…

We firmly believe this to be true.

Say you have a nasty archetype feeding you thoughts of inferiority. Since this is a pattern of yours, your mind has learned to adapt and camouflage this archetype. It will react with telling you the opposite, to the extent that you feel very confident and in a good space.

Deep down, it’s a different story.

As I said, this is when we’re blind and deaf to what is really going on. We can’t hear our inner voice anymore and we can’t see the reflection in the outer reality. We only hear what we want to hear and see what we want to see.

This is when we need a reality check.

If we can’t hear or see, our unawareness will make us trip and fall eventually. Sometimes quite literally.

It happened to me the other day. I smashed my little toe into the leg of a chair. Not once, but twice within 10 minutes. Same place, toe and chair. Identified with mental fields, I was completely unaware of my surroundings. Bumping into things is usually a clear indicator for myself where I am at.

Since I wouldn’t listen the first time, it had to “happen” again.

Living in an ascension house we know that we have to apply what we have learned in a very practical way. And most preferably on a continuous basis.

Ascension is a hands-on job. It is making it our priority to be in the heart space — focused on our goal and aware of what reality is telling us in every moment.

It takes practice. Tons of practice.
It is a path of falling and getting up time and again.
It is worth it. The reward is infinity.

I have a little rainbow toe to remind me of that.

Jasmine Martin

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8 thoughts on “Spiritual Mind: A Reality Check”

    1. You are very welcome, dear Ariana. Thank you very much for sharing our articles on your timeline and helping to spread “the word”. <3

  1. Wonderful! Powerful practical reminders! Thank you dear Jasmine! Yes, awakening is hard work, many think that they are spiritual if they read a lot of articles and books and belong to spiritual groups, this is just entertainment. Putting the knowledge into practice …..practice, practice, practice…. every moment, alert, awake, choosing every moment to be in the place of courage, compassion and understanding for oneself and for all is the real work. Many like to be entertained by spirituality, only a few are courageous enough to work at it.

  2. Egads, Spiritual Mind is such an insidious trap, books could be written about it. You’ve captured its essence artfully as well as the antidote in this short blog, dear Jasmine, <3 We all get trapped in it from time to time, but for many, the trap of Spiritual Mind has become a way of life, one that will ultimately end in physical death and reincarnation, without even knowing it was a trap all along. It is so insidious that it has convinced many spiritual seekers and many on the path of enlightenment that they are already ascending. Ascension, as you said, is a continuous hands-on job fully focused on the goal and the priority to be in the heart space and to be aware of what reality is telling us in every moment. It is not as difficult as we think and is achievable, but can't be done by going to church every Sunday, metaphorically speaking. Thank you for this insightful look into how easy it is for the mind to fool us and keep us trapped in a very big and very sad lie. <3

  3. ‘Spiritual mind is a dimension on its own, a space where mind has copied consciousness.’
    Great one Jasmine—feels like another podcast topic simmering on the back burner!
    We’ve all had AHA moments….

    I can remember many, many times prior to beginning the path of personal ascension. I have to chuckle now when I think about this….I’d be speaking with a friend on the phone and we used to say to each other—‘Wow—now THIS is big!’ lol…

    Oftentimes it feels that we might ‘get it’ in our heads, but the real question is, ‘Does it create lasting change in our lives?’ Can we hold on to our newfound truth and practically apply it consistently?’

    If we cannot or do not, then we could ask ourselves the question, ‘Is this true expansion, is the soul evolving for real, or has the mind simply copied consciousness and is then convincing us that we’re expanding?’

    Can be tricky….we’ll definitely be speaking about this topic!
    Thank you Jasmine. Love

  4. Being at a stand still in my own subjective experience has been criticized, but who the hell are they to judge my “delusion”? Those who criticize those for sitting with themselves and not doing anything need to experience their essence for themselves.

    Never mind feeling good all the time. Deal with your dragons. Fight fire with fire and let that raw emotion fight itself.

    Problems in life that are internal which seem to not go away? How do you approach these archetypes that take different shapes or forms when we think they are gone?

    1. Hi Harold—Great to have you here—thank you for your sharing and your questions. They feel to me right on the mark and we’ll address them on our podcasts.

      Regarding your questions, it might sounds strange, but from my perspective, when I experience what you describe, I interpret it as a good sign—it means I’m ‘onto something.’

      One thing I try to keep in my awareness is neutrality—as much as I’m able, I focus on being the ‘neutral witness.’ Observing IT helps me eventually see that I am not IT. As I continue to do this, over time—and sometimes it does honestly seem to take some time, at least for some of the patterns—they don’t ‘stick’ as easily.

      I’ve found for myself that as I’ve come to understand the power of neutral observation, I can never ‘unknow’ this. I now have a tool that works. Even if I get lost in a pattern again, (which I do) at some point, I have the ability to pull myself out of it.

      Thanks again for the questions. Our podcasts are beginning soon and I look forward to our show on this topic—hope you check it out!

      Warm regards,

    2. Dear Harold, thank you for your interesting question. I’m happy to share my own insights with you.
      As Orchid said, one needs to become the neutral observer of one’s thoughts and actions — first and foremost. The more you observe, the more you understand how you’re “wired”.
      And yes, these archetypes are master shape shifters. Once they are seen, they might don a different outfit to lure you in a next time. It takes our undivided attention to stay centered and to make sure that we don’t allow identification with archetypes and mental fields.
      As I said in my blog, the really tricky bits are our blind spots. Those basically are the pillars that hold up our personality construct. It is vital for the program to keep those in place, and with them your personality construct. After all, you are programmed to stay within the limitations of the mind, and consciousness poses a big threat to this finite program! This then is the reason why these archetypes will show up time and again until you recognize them no matter their outfits — basically when you have gotten to the root of the matter.
      It takes effort, and it helps tremendously if we have others around us — who are also on their path of exploration of self — to point them out.
      This portal is the space where we assist each other while learning to understand our individual personality constructs so that eventually, we’re able to liberate ourselves from the prison of the mind.
      Feel free to ask all your burning questions here! Orchid has already mentioned the podcasts where you can get an answer to your questions; apart from that we are here to assist as much as we possibly can.
      Love, Jasmine

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