Expansion For Real

Expansion is full of surprises.

We ‘expect the unexpected.’
And we do accept that ‘change is all there is.’

We embark on the ascension path responding to a calling from the heart. Really, there’s no other way to describe it.

And those of us in direct training have been fortunate enough to be in a shared space together, receiving timeless teachings on our path of personal ascension.

“When the student is ready,
the teacher appears.”

We took the plunge, made the cut,
and here we are—serious students.

We use the word expansion to describe the process of inviting real and lasting change into one’s life.

In order for this to happen, the personality is systematically dismantled. The personality of course being who we thought we were.

‘Who we thought we were’ is a personality driven by ego.

Many have spoken and written about this over time—one of the most notable modern day teachers being Eckhart Tolle.

We speak in terms of who we thought we were as we’re coming to understand more and more the depth of the work required when one makes a commitment to dismantle the old self while in the process of creating ourselves anew.

This is the ‘personal’ part of personal ascension.

We’ve been writing lately about our mental programming, the fact that we have all fully identified with programming which has been fed to us across lifetimes.

We will speak at length and in detail when we begin our podcasts on our Subscriber Area about exactly how this has been accomplished.

Back to the topic of expansion.
Let’s just say the personality does not like it.

For some of us, it has been impossible to say no to the ascension path—we are like moths to a flame, the heart’s calling is so strong.

But our minds, honestly, don’t like the idea when we’re faced with real expansion. The kind that changes us forever. The kind that unlocks the doors to our souls’ evolution as infinite beings who are living on this planet, pretending to be human, deeply and intricately programmed, in the year 2014.

“The mind offers tremendous resistance to the things that have the most potential to move us forward on the journey of the soul.”

That’s a fact.

And if we want to ascend, honestly, we just deal with it.

Fascinating—the serious study of the mind—especially when we’re able to study it with some semblance of neutrality, which requires practice.

It’s very interesting to observe that there are times that our teachers invite us to expand and the mind actually sees this as just the opposite—the mind sees it as narrowing. It sees it as restrictive. This is because the last thing the mind wants is for the patterning to be fully seen and for us to then step right through it and become a higher version of ourselves.

“We are infinite multidimensional beings experiencing ourselves in these bodies. The programming is finite.”

When our divine selves begin to emerge and look upon the programming, it is the beginning of the end for the illusory reality in which we’ve been living. Choosing to do this on an ongoing basis is a commitment to true expansion.

Within the now moment, which is all there is, there are no limits to what we can create.

As we invite higher versions of ourselves in, our multidimensional pieces, we begin to see the powerful creators we all are.

All our old definitions of self are false. None of the limitations we have imposed upon ourselves are real. They only exist in our heads.

In any given moment, we can transform our experience.

With a choice.

It does not have to be something we ‘work on’—a process.
It literally is a breath away.

And then our reality changes.

This is not airy fairy talk. It is very real and if we ponder it, the implications for the journey of the soul are immense.

We can turn an unpleasant situation around in a moment. We can simply make another choice about ourselves and those around us. It’s magical really—we have experienced over and over again that a ‘not cool’ situation can be transformed in a heartbeat.

It’s a powerful experience.

We’ll get it eventually. I mean, get that it is actually very real. The next step is of course to learn to not create ‘uncool’ situations in the first place.

Love and patience—they are required on the path. Our teachers offer these to us. We would do well to offer ourselves and one another the same.

We can choose to see things from a higher perspective.

Ascended life invites us into this space everyday.
In every moment.

Ascended life holds out for us the highest version of ourselves and invites us to step into it. And they teach us by example how to do this with each other.

Filled with gratitude in this moment.

Orchid Rising

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10 thoughts on “Expansion For Real”

  1. Luv the article above!
    re: As we invite higher versions of ourselves in, our multidimensional pieces, we begin to see the powerful creators we all are.

    Now I have a crazy question…can one ask the higher self to take full dominion, full occupancy of oneself all the time always, not just during meditation but all times in one’s life? Complete surrender of entity on our own free will…can this be asked or be granted??

    1. Hi Jade,
      Thank you—so happy you enjoyed the article! Re. your question, it’s not crazy, it’s actually a good one! We’ll answer it in detail on an upcoming podcast for there’s a lot to say about this topic. I look forward to this show! Wishing you many expansive moments and much love from all of us at The Rising Way, Orchid

    2. Hi Jade,
      We’ll be communicating via The Rising Way Newsletter in the near future and will let you know what’s on our agenda. Your question is on our list! If you like, you could also consider our Subscriber section where these and many more topics will be discussed in greater depth for those who choose a serious study of personal ascension. Thanks again for a great question!

  2. Dear Orchid, thank you for this brilliant article.
    Indeed, our greatest challenges offer the biggest potential for growth. Our gifts lie in overcoming our biggest fears. Once we understand that, we can make a conscious choice to override the resistance that will inevitably try to hold us back.
    We often “think” we understand, but until we truly experience a change on a heart level, we don’t really “get it”. Once you do “get it” though, there is a desire to change that permeates your every thought and move, a burning need almost to break free of what you thought you were to allow your divine self to take its place. As you said, Orchid, it takes patience and love… lots.
    We’ll “get there”. Step by step, shedding layer after layer…
    It’s an absolutely fascinating study of one’s own mind programming.
    Much love, Jasmine <3

  3. I welcome the opportunity to share thoughts and experiences with like minded individuals such as the ones on this forum. I am used to the term ‘awakening’ instead of ‘ascension’.

    An awakening to our true selves. I agree that the ego resists this change. Eckhart Tolle’s suggestion to observe the ego in order to shrink it works for me. I have come a long way from the black-and-white world I used to occupy. The grey world is much larger. It allows for diversity and inclusiveness.

    Simply put, the empirical world of scientists grows with tools that allow perception of the physical world; examples would be microscopes and telescopes. Infrared colour exists but we cannot ‘see’ it with our eyes.

    The spiritual world is infinite. There is no time, nor space. We create our own reality one “now” at a time.

    I believe in a collective consciousness. We are one. Literally. God lives in us as us. God is not separate from creation. God is creation and the impetus for it. Our free will determines what is.

    Namaste to all.

    1. Hello Paul—Sharing with each other is just what this forum is all about so thank you for being here!
      Have to say, I’m all for shrinking the ego! And continuing the practice of being the neutral witness is what works. Patience and dedication…..
      We’re learning what powerful creators we all are when we’re in the space of the heart and when we stay in the now. These are seemingly simple things that serve us well over an over again. Simple but not always easy…. It’s cool for all of us to be able to talk to each other about these topics.

      It’s great to be connected! There’s LOTS more for all of us to talk about—we’re just getting started!
      Love from the Rising Way team!

  4. Thanks Orchid, awesome article. I have been intending to comment on many articles here but without success, ha. So kind of to comment on all of the articles and all your writing at once, I honor and love what you are doing with and through The Rising Way. Many times I have been thinking all of this with a smile on my face for what you are doing here and just to know that something like this exists, is just somehow like big relief for me and warms my heart, maybe because it makes also my life more acceptable and real. So thank you all for that, this is coolness!

    Lately I have been wondering about these “not cool” situations and why they have manifested in my life. I have learned to look at all the mental, emotional stuff in a very neutral way, to see it for what it really is. I question, play and dance with it to transcend it and let it be purified, neutralized etc.. So even when there was intensified guilt or stress or something like that, I take it like, “ok, now there is more clarity about this” and “ok this is what we are playing with now”. So there has not been that much “un cool” in my life, because if I play it right, guilt can be cool, even fear or conflict states can be cool, because it is about ascension and ascension is cool. Of course sometimes I get overwhelmed, confused and it feels like all the ruIes got changed, but I have learned that to be part of the game and to be place of “not knowing” is where the clarity starts arising again.

    But why I started writing this was about one “not cool” situation that happened me. I got quite sick a few days ago and ended up in a place, six o’clock in a morning, where I had no choice but to walk six kilometres to my home, in rain. My head aching hard and spinning, I was tired and in fever. Mostly I was tired of things not working (perceivably). It was an overwhelming day, because of so much physical pain, such a tiredness, such a lack of hope and conflict with this all. But the next day I got up, still sick, in pain and very tired, I said something like “I am done with this, let’s recover”. After that I just walked out of my appartment and bought a coffee latte. It was one of the best coffee lattes that I have ever drunk, so good that I smiled and my whole body lit up, after that I don’t remember my head aching at all, I was no longer tired nor hopeless. I had made a choice, made a move and it all changed, just like that! So that is cool, maybe “not cool” is dissappearing.

    1. Hi Samuel—Smiles all around here reading your message—thanks for such an honest, insightful sharing. It’s thrilling for us to hear your appreciation for what we’re doing. What we’re creating now is a dream we have kept alive in our hearts for a few years—I guess we just weren’t ready until now.

      The story you shared is exactly what I was writing about. That’s just how it works. You don’t ‘get it’ till you actually experience it. Stunning implications as we continue on our ascension path…

      This is one of the many topics Kwan Yin and I will be speaking about in depth on our podcasts. Can’t wait!

      Glad you’re here and thanks again.

      Love from the whole team to you!

  5. The moment I encountered ascended life for ‘real’, I knew I had truly, finally begun the ‘real’ journey home to Self. It took me a little while to tie up loose ends in my personality life to fully focus on my personal ascension path, but my path of ‘seeking’ was left in the dustbin for all eternity. I literally moved from one reality, one dimension, to another, one that felt not only more expansive than I had ever encountered in all of my seeking, but so absolutely real, the invitation, which I felt from the inside out, simply could not be denied. When we are able to hear and feel when the soul chooses to move and we move with it, the forward momentum and ‘real’ ascended guidance will support the rest of our unaligned parts in making this choice, overall and moment to moment.Thank you, Orchid, for putting this feeling into words. May your words continue to touch hearts and souls everywhere.
    Amber <3

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