Cutting the Vibrational Strings

In the original, channeled version of The Cosmic Manifest in 2007 and before —as well as through various other channels— we were told that the rise of consciousness and the changes that would occur in reality would create tremendous chaos at first.

Many people would lose it, so to speak, and madness would take centre stage. Well, I don’t know about you, but from my perspective, this prophecy is undeniably coming to pass.

Just take a look at the news. Madness in politics and the financial system; madness in people’s personal expressions, in their lives, and madness almost everywhere.

The Cosmic Manifest’s authors also spoke of a splitting up of reality, making it so that dimensions would exist next to each other with hardly any interaction between them, the differences in vibration being too vast to even be recognised from one dimension to the next. Although it was challenging to imagine what this would look like at that time, this too has surely started, if you ask me.

By means of my direct, personal experiences that come from having lived in an ascension house for many years now, which from time to time involved year-long tours around the world for events and energetic planetary work, I have traveled into many different places each with their many divergent vibrations.

Add to that the recent walkabout I blogged about, as well as the near-daily ‘work shifts’ in the various care institutions that I am currently engaged in as my way of being in service to others, and you will see how I am currently in regular contact with many completely unique realities, all mixed up, where ego and personality often take centre stage—with all the consequences thereof.

The easiest way to describe the difference between these spaces and my personal ascension reality is that, being out there, it can sometimes feel dense, constricted, narrow. Many people still love drama, and of course they have to share that drama with others.

Raging emotions easily attract other pain bodies. Little gestures of love and respect that I have come to love so much are hard to find; it even seems difficult to express myself that way.

Not much is fully heart based or expressed as pure joy. Rules, laws and responsibilities often prevent us from thinking out of the box or going the extra mile.

The list could go on; I am sure you have your own additions.

Sometimes I feel like I am watching an old movie. Some props or scenes seem to come from so far away that I had forgotten they ever used to exist in my world!

I know that I create my reality. What is around me is built of the same particles that I am built of… It is all me.

So the important question is: What do I do with this? How can I best add beauty and awareness to these realities?

I am exploring my own answer to these questions. I am practicing the art of standing in my own Mer-Ka-Ba, whilst holding my own vibration, and how to continuously act from this place.

Sometimes, little miracles happen and I have the loveliest of moments with people in my care or with my colleagues. We truly connect, and love and joy reign. Often these are people I meet for the first time. We simply meet in the right space. Sometimes it does not work like that and I bump into resistance and closed-off minds.

I imagine that many of you are finding yourselves in similar situations. We’re all learning to live from the heart space, and sometimes 3D situations don’t seem to support this. I hope that by sharing my experiences I can inspire and assist you. If you have other ideas of how to go about it, I would love to receive your feedback!

In An exercise In Unconditional Love shared by Kwan Yin on this public area of The Rising Way, the advice is given to, without words, express  to anyone you meet:

“You are my Brother;
You are my Sister.”

Although the ascension work and the metaphysical material, both in theory and practice, go much deeper in Kwan Yin’s Cosmic ∞ Studies, of which the Imzaia Material is a major part, presented in the Subscriber Area of The Rising Way, this simple “unconditional love” exercise works very well as a first introduction to the power that is always available within us all.

Whenever I practice this, I immediately feel myself come to centre in the heart space. This is where the magic happens. I know that any change on the outside requires a change from within. The more I am able to stay fully centred and in the heart space, the more this will be reflected around me.

It is so simple. It truly is about being in a good space. Only from this space are we able to transform reality around us.

Other tools that work for me, are:

  • Being aware of the magic that happens within the continuous connection between individual people’s Mer-Ka-Ba, called in geometric terms a  Mer-Ka-Va;
  • Consciously connecting to others on an akeneic (heart) level during my work shifts instead of just mind-to-mind;
  • Singing and expressing Joy in general.

I hope they may for you as well.

Going back to the ascension house that I live in with others of my soul family, after every work shift, also is a tremendous help when it comes to staying balanced without losing my understanding of the magic that is reality when we let it be so.

Flowing with the timelessness of the ascension house and dipping back into linearity when being ‘out and about’ adds magic to it all, which assists me in staying in the heart space.

All of these things, and more, help me to go into the many different dimensions I plunge into on a daily basis, all with their different vibrations, without actually identifying with them.

Of course this is not new to me and it probably won’t be to you either. The difference is, however, that now I am gaining a deeper understanding of how powerful we really are.

I hope that you are having as much fun as I am, learning to work with and interpret this ‘new reality’ that is all around us, and I look forward to hearing from you!

Amy Makai

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7 thoughts on “Cutting the Vibrational Strings”

  1. Thank you Amy Makai, this is one powerful article, a most powerful experience for every one of us on this path of ascension into our God-Selves. I resonate with your beautiful expressive writing here because these were also my thoughts for a very long time. There are some observations I would like to share here.
    I have come to notice that our main job on this Planet is our assignment to the Divine which is bringing in our light of love, kindness, and understanding to process our fears. We are always in the right place, at the right time, meeting the right people. Every situation whether we judge it as good or bad from our mind, is helping us to grow more stronger, more courageous, open our hearts, bring compassion, forgiveness, kindness, to be and do what we came here to do.
    From my life experiences, I have learnt that we came to this Planet to create Heaven, but by attaching to our mind’s stories about the people, things and situations that are happening around us, we forget the very purpose for which we came to this Planet.
    I believe that it is important to go beyond the mind stories of good and bad and focus on our mission of creating well being and joy for ourselves and this Planet.
    I have noticed that being in the Present moment and understanding that we are not the mind and its stories but the watchers of our mind, brings the experience of being the witness of life, being in oneness with life, being in the place of immense trust in existence that the need to possess, please, or judge does not arise.

    1. Thank you dear Premlatha, I always love how you put ascension into practice and how you are able to present this in words for everyone to understand. Ascension is a beautiful journey and realising that the power really lies within us makes it so exciting!

      Love you!

  2. As long as we start with our close circle in our lives we stand a chance. To keep telling the stories that vilify and stress our individual pain…will not change the world. It is when we accept each other and all the gifts each of us have, through the individual journeys of our lives, only then will we enter into a new way of being, and able to re-build a better existence for each of us.
    Keeping it close to our hearts we can feel that there is little difference in how we respond to the paradigm of love and forgiveness and acknowledgement.
    From this place you count and I count and we now stand together, you become my support and I yours. This is how the change for the better comes. It will be better than each of us previously could have imagined or planned.

    1. Hi Frank,

      Great summary of how it works. Yes, that is how we do it! And now we stand together so we count for more than 2. And of course there are many more doing exactly the same. Thank you for your input, it is very much appreciated.

      Love, Amy

  3. Great blog dear Amy!!! We all could use some help at times learning to navigate as we step from one reality to another. Your message is chock-full of practical tools that work—all we have to do is apply them! You’ve definitely connected some dots—thank you! Lots of love, Orchid <3

  4. The universe rewards humility and courage. When we see that challenge before us, face it joyfully and humbly and see what happens instead of trying to avoid a nasty situation.

    David Wilcock ( is a good resource for the broader picture.

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