How Do I Get to My Place of Power?

Some dear friends asked me…

I am not able to practice affirmations, or any other meditation techniques, with full concentration.

Do you have any suggestions on how to improve on this? How can I create permanent, positive change in these fields of practice?

How do I get to my place of power?


Before practicing any spiritual technique, we need to take back our power and live from the place of our wisdom.

The place of our power is the centre of the head. Moving into the centre of the head, is actually an INITIATION.

From childhood we have given away our power to family, friends, teachers, bosses etc. in order to get their approval, appreciation, and love.

We danced to their tunes, even though we did not like it.

We allowed them to sit in the centre of our head and dictate our life according to their rules. Out of the need for love, approval and appreciation we stopped listening to our wisdom within and we have not been true to ourselves.

Turning our backs on our Being has created so much of hurt within us, which made us lose our joy.

We start searching for joy on the outside and give away more of our power to the wrong people and get addicted to things in order to get back the joy we lost.

So, the moment we gave away our power for love, approval or appreciation, all the people in our life (fathers, mothers, teachers, friends, co-workers etc. ) came and sat in the place of our power: the centre of the head.

It is funny to notice that we do certain things and create certain likes and dislikes in our life which resemble those of our parents, our friends, etc. These likes and dislikes are not by our trying out certain things, we just accepted the beliefs of those around us.

So all these years we are running our life by their rules, we are not truthful towards ourselves on the inside… and hence it hurts so much. Since we are doing all that they want us to do, we lost touch with the wisdom and talents that we are born with.

We find that life is tough, boring, or that it is a rat race—this is because we are not doing what we were meant to do, but instead we are doing the things that other people decided would be good for us.

When you consciously do the exercise of being in the centre of your head, all the other people who have been sitting in the centre of your head and dictating your life will have to go away.

Before practicing any other spiritual technique or meditation, it is very important to take back our power by focusing ourselves in the center of our head many times during the day.

Go through everyday activity by being in the centre of the head.

Just take time to try it everyday and it will become very easy to live from this space.

This practice will enable us to run our lives from our wisdom, gifted to us by the Creator. This simple conscious focus will help us live our lives effortlessly:


Sit in a straight back chair, place your feet flat on the floor, and close your eyes.

Notice your breathing.

Breathe from your belly.

Notice your belly expand with every in-breath, and contract with every out-breath.

Continue to breath in this manner.

In your mind’s eye, imagine a cord of light from the base of your spine extending down to the heart of the Earth and grounding you firmly.

The centre of the head is a place approximately an inch behind the point where your eyebrows meet.

Place your awareness in this place.

You will definitely feel something here, a tingling sensation, a warmth or a heaviness. This is because you have reached the place of your power.

Practice being in the centre of your head everyday as many times as you can, also practice moving around and doing your day to day chores by seating yourself in the centre of your head and looking at the world through the eyes as windows.

The more we are able to practice this, the more easy it becomes. Then, all other spiritual work—such as reciting mantras, or affirmations, or meditations—becomes much easier to practice, because we are doing this from our wisdom and power and not from someone else’s beliefs.

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  1. Thank you for this simple, practical exercise dearest Premlatha—often for many of us the simplest focused practices can be the most effective. Thank you for your loving heart. Big hug and our warm wishes for you and yours today and everyday! <3

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