Free As Creation Itself


Ascending to higher levels of Consciousness and Communicating with Spirit or Divine Source does NOT mean we need to be humorless, boring, or uptight.

Many of us who are Devoted to Love, Peace, and Enlightenment are also Funny, Silly, and often Outrageous.

Yes, especially me. I am Deeply Connected to Divine Source. I am here to be part of a Grand Awakening. I am here to be a *Reminder* of Infinite Love, Peace, and Divine Energy.

But, I am NOT here to live in anyone’s box or to be molded into anyone’s limited ideas or definitions of ‘Spirituality’.

I am as FREE as Creation itself.
And as Creation… I was Born to be Wild.

∞ Love, Laughter, and Enlightenment to All ∞

© Eric Allen

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3 thoughts on “Free As Creation Itself”

  1. Dear Eric, you are so very right. Spiritual mind keeps coming up from every angle with false belief systems and a new set of dogmas as to how to behave “appropriately” and all that crap. People don’t seem to realize that as long as they restrict themselves in any way, they cannot possibly be in the heart space. This must mean they’re still in mind and looping, while being convinced that they are conscious and expanding. The only thing expanding is their mind. It’s quite sad really…
    So by all means, let’s be ourselves in all our glorious expressions. Isn’t this what LIFE is all about?
    Much love, Jasmine <3

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