How Do I Transform Darkness?


A dear friend asked me…

How would you transform darkness when you don’t even know that you are in the dark?


The meaning for everything in your space is the meaning you give it, my friend.

There is actually nothing called dark or light.

Everything is as it is, but everything is processed by you in a unique way.

Everything around you is divinely orchestrated, and through creating relationships with every event, situation, or human, we bring meanings which help our consciousness to expand and we evolve by moving forward.

So if there is some person or situation that you see as dark, then that person or event has appeared in your space as a grand gift, for this triggers your potential to find solutions (as light) and move beyond the concept of light or dark.

In this process you awaken to the powerful truth of YOU, as an eternal spark of the Creator that can never be hurt or damaged, that which has the potential to expand and evolve eternally. 

So it is appropriate to say that everything in your space that triggers you to find better solutions and expand yourself in wisdom and consciousness can be considered as the dark that is waiting for you to bring in the light of understanding.

Premlatha Rajkumar




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7 thoughts on “How Do I Transform Darkness?”

  1. This is a concept difficult to explain to a person dealing with a child illness, for instance; or someone who lives in a violent part of the city, whose father is a drug addict etc. What do you say to someone who has no idea what ascension, energy, inner life, etc. is?

    1. Dear Yasmine, thank you for this reply. Yes, it is a good idea to take this question to the next level: how to deal with darkness and violence etc when it is “right in your face” in the moment, either active hardship or passive negativity, such as addiction, especially with now “framework” that is brought in by gaining awareness on ascension, etc.? We will take this up in one of our first podcasts and discuss it deeply. Thank you for your presence!

    2. Dear Yasmine, Tell the dear ones going through tough times to look for the gift in every situation however bad it may be. Because every situation however bad it is will definitely have gifts/blessings in it, these gifts will be revealed to us only when we choose to look for them. The more we look for these gifts and feel gratitude for them, the more things to feel gratitude about will enter into our lives. I am sharing this because I am going through a very tough time myself, everytime the fear and sadness of the situation tries to overcome, I choose to see the gift, if I cannot see the gift , I choose to trust that it will be revealed to me, and every day I see so many blessings, these blessings are from the simplest to the grandest. When I choose to acknowledge these blessings, joy and gratitude fills my life. So I truly believe that every human spirit is endowed with patience, trust, and clear thinking, to choose kindness towards the self. There is no need to have knowledge of ascension or energy, the only thing needed here is the choice either to be bitter and create more violent and terrorizing thoughts towards the self, or the choice to look for the gifts in the situation and create kindness, comfort and peace for the self. I trust that I have answered your question.
      Premlatha Rajkumar

  2. Thank you dear Premlatha. Staying neutral as much as possible and simply observing what ‘does not feel like the real self’—over and over again—eventually brings understanding. Since we still often see things linearly, sometimes it feels like we can do this in a heartbeat, sometimes not. We just keep walking! Energy raises itself naturally. Much love to you and yours! <3

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