Rising Life: The Fallacy of Either/Or Thinking

The realization of our potential to rise as individuals and as a species is inevitable, as cosmic changes continue to assist us in returning to our authentic state as multidimensional beings, connected through the heart space to all life.

As more and more of us learn to consciously embody the truth of who we are and emit this truth—since everything we do affects the whole—the house of cards on which the external or physical world’s system of limitation and control is built will eventually fall.

From Vibration to Tonality

The cosmic changes prophesized by the Mayan calendar have brought about a cyclical shift, affecting all life, that is more expansive than anything we have experienced.

A “tone” now surrounds every particle, every cell, every atom, every vibration, every frequency, every thought, and every action that we undertake.

This is a move from vibrational reality toward a fluid, tonal reality that encompasses vibration, with the frequency of love overriding the vibrational field, allowing tonality to enter.


Moving beyond vibration to tonality facilitates the re-emergence of our oversouls as well as an ongoing renewal on a biological scale, as well as on an energetic scale and on a cosmic scale.

Its impact—along with the co-creative responsibility this transformation requires—is bigger than most people may realize, even those who are on the leading edge of change and want to ascend beyond the limitations of a pre-programmed mind, along with its limited thinking, and a projected external reality that no longer matches the love we are embodying and pouring out of our hearts.

Brand New Levels of Creation

This transformation is really big and there are choices to make along the way:

“The entire Earth, this entire Milky Way galaxy, which is changing and evolving, and with it, the galaxy that surrounds it, and with this galaxy, the universe that surrounds it, and with this universe, everything else that surrounds it, even the hologram that surrounds it, all no longer exist in the same place.

Instead of moving through time, you are beginning to move through dimension. Instead of living in time, living in linearity, living from Monday to Sunday, you are beginning to step into a dimensional experience where you live from dimension to dimension.

That puts a big stress upon your responsibility as an ascending being because if you choose to exist somewhere very very very very very low, everything else is going to react to you very very very very very low.

You can do something about that:
Do not go there!”

– Abraham

The above quote barely touches the full scope of the transformation occurring and the potential it opens up to support life in moving to brand new levels of creation.

If you are not aware of this transformation, but feel a stirring in your soul that is nudging you to pay attention that life as you have lived it needs to change, or the calling you feel internally to open to greater possibility, use this as a touchstone of hope and upliftment for further exploration, discovery and engagement.

Know that life is rising, representing a new beginning for all of creation, and that includes you. Know that all across the planet there are those like you that are already joining together, not hand in hand, but heart in heart and soul in soul.

Find those that you resonate with who will support you and who will share their experience and wisdom from a place you recognize not by your mind, but through the resonance of your heart and soul.

Outside In, and Inside Out

If you are one who is focused on the changes that are occurring and you are working with these new energies, new levels of rising consciousness and dimensional shifts, the last part of that Abraham quote might serve as a gentle but straightforward reminder that these changes not only need your active participation in this co-creative shift from separation to unity consciousness, but that your soul is calling you to be vigilant in not allowing complacency to set in or to fall into the trap of mental distortions and distractions that hold you back. This will support your merger with your oversoul and can lead you to a path of personal ascension, if you choose.

This transformation is occurring from the outside in and from the inside out:

The “outside in” part of this equation is planetary ascension and a return to unity consciousness.

The “inside out” part of this equation is the promise and path of personal ascension, an end to the cycle of reincarnation, and a return to infinite consciousness and access to divine mind.

To experience planetary or personal ascension, you will need to master the art of reaching through vibration to the field of tonality, in which experience becomes more and more fluid as you continue to “do the work” to let go of programmed limitations and conditioned beliefs and embrace the power of love as your fuel.

When you can do this consistently, the collective experience of life as you currently experience it will move from a shared external projection to one in which you can completely create your local reality to include your own version of a world you choose to experience.

Jump In, Feet First

Wherever you are on the spectrum of experience during this time of transformation—and whether you choose planetary ascension, or personal ascension, or both—successfully navigating this shift requires a continuous honest look at self to ask how conscious you are: how consistently are you applying the teachings and practices you know will support you in returning to your natural authentic state, and what can you do when you miss the mark in applying them on a practical level in your daily lives?

If you only dip one big toe or even two in the water from time to time, you will miss the mark and keep the fullest experience you could ever have at bay of a life-and-soul-changing swim in the most expansive ocean of love available to you just outside your balcony.

All the while,
your soul is continuously beckoning you:
Jump in, feet first!

The Trouble With Thinking

I’ve been thinking about thinking lately. As a student on the personal ascension path, I have learned that thinking is what gets us in trouble. It keeps us out of our heart space from which all real change originates and it keeps us out of the now.

Even when we have to think to accomplish something in our daily lives, the experience of thinking can be heart-based rather than influenced by unconscious mind-personality-ego beliefs and conditioned habits of thought that drown out our souls in a cacophony of noise that, more often than not, negatively influence our interactions and actions, if we let it.

When our thinking process comes solely from the mind, it is how we all miss the mark and temporarily lose sight of where we are going, whether our choice is to experience planetary ascension or personal ascension.

The mind loves to categorize everything.

By now, we should all be aware that “either/or thinking”, in which the mind tries to solve a question or problem by presenting only two sides to narrow our choice to one of two possibilities, is very limiting.

To get out of this conundrum, the concept of “both/and thinking” has become popular. This is an improvement since rigid black and white, either/or thinking gives the mind control of our choices and experience. It bypasses the power of the heart and stops our life force from flowing before it has a chance to get out of the gate.

In both/and thinking, we are presented with two options but can choose to make a conscious choice to consider both of them without negating either one, which technically is a third choice which can expand to a fourth and a fifth and so on….if we keep on going. This way of thinking can bring the heart to the table and lead to more conscious decisions and choices than either/or thinking can.

Looking Under the Hood

We can always change our state of mind by focusing differently and by clearly—and as continuously as we are able to—centering our focus in our hearts.

However, considering that we are actually multidimensional beings (with the capacity to experience infinite consciousness by personally ascending), any limited thinking from a pre-programmed mind, represented physically by the neural net in our brains, is a house of cards that ultimately needs to fall.

Therefore, it is important to understand the intricacies of how the mind has been programmed, why, and how we are still under its influence, and how to escape mental traps in order to let the spirit out and the heart soar. This understanding and its practical application is also vital to the personal ascension path.

So, from my experience as a student of personal ascension guided by ascended life, also walking through the experience of planetary ascension, this is a big deal for all of us, wherever we sit on the spectrum of experience as life continues to rise.

Planetary or Personal Ascension, Anyone?

Many people I know seem to be confused by the difference between planetary and personal ascension, thinking that they are one and the same thing and that one will automatically lead to the other.

Choosing between planetary ascension and personal ascension is not an either/or choice because planetary ascension will eventually occur. How we experience it is up to us.

However, choosing for personal ascension does require a choice.

It is the most liberating and expansive path a soul can make. Along the way, both/and keeps on going and going all the way to infinity.

You can dive deeper into these topics on the Subscriber Area of this ascension project, The Rising Way.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Amber Adams

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  1. Thank you for this most enlightening article Sweet Amber, this is a most powerful reminder for every one on the path of ascension. This blog will touch and awaken many! Thank you immensely! <3

  2. Dearest Amber—you have a knack for covering a lot of territory in one blog! Great sharing—thank you!

    It is a magical, transformative, exciting, time to be here! That is undeniable. The world we knew is changing—drastically. It’s certainly been said before, but now more than ever as, from our perspective, we feel this immense acceleration—of both the crumbling of much of what we defined as ‘real’ and also the feeling of a fresh wind blowing—a feeling of empowerment that we have worked so hard for, a feeling of hope, a feeling that, ‘This time, it’s for real! The time we have been waiting for is here!!’—all of it rolled into this Now moment!

    What do we choose to do with it?

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