Spirituality Without Religion

Once we embrace any organized belief system it becomes almost impossible to accept any other way of thinking. Unfortunately, this is usually fear based. And fear is the ultimate tool used by cults and religions to control and manipulate its followers.

Most great religions use the same fear tactics that cults use. They convince their followers that some evil will befall them if they look outside of their particular belief system. This creates a powerful grip on the psyches of their followers.

If you’ve been taught that there is a being in the sky that will punish you for looking at life in a different way, then I would suggest that it’s truly time to explore a healthier philosophy.

Empty Your Cup

Creation never punishes anyone for seeking enlightenment.

So, whatever your religious belief is at the moment, I ask you to empty your cup. Yes, religion is a very touchy subject. Millions of lives have been lost over it. Most wars throughout history have been fought over religion. And that should tell you something right there.

What is it about human nature that attracts people to groups who want to change or even kill those in other groups?

There are so many religions in the world.
So, whose religion is better?

I can feel some of you getting riled.
What do you mean whose is better?!
Why mine of course!

And maybe you’re right.
Maybe yours is better… For you.

The Perils of Holding Up a Ball

Let’s examine how we feel about the following statement:

“Believe in the Powers of the Universe,
not Religion.”

Does this make you angry or defensive? Does it sound like blasphemy? Does it sound like an impossible task?

If we don’t follow a religion how will we know right from wrong?  Will we go to Hell or some other horrible place when we die?

What is religion? It’s a belief system involving specific ethics and philosophies, developed by men based on various perceptions and experiences. These perceptions and experiences differed, however, depending on locations in the world, events happening at the time, fears, political control, and so on.

Let’s say, for example, I hold up a ball.

Some may agree that it’s a ball. Some may argue that it’s a sphere. Others might argue that it’s a globe. Yet another might argue that it’s an orb. They may even attach their own symbolism and superstition to the object.

Then each one of these people might form a group and establish philosophies and laws, which will prove them right.

They might eventually try to convince others to change their way of thinking. This may, of course, cause anger and possible conflict.

You see where I’m heading.

It doesn’t matter what you name this object. It remains exactly what it is. Its properties do not change.

And this is how it is with The Powers of the Universe, or Creation, or All that is. Whether you call it God, Brahma, Allah, or Krishna—the properties of the universe do not change.

The powers of the universe will go on working exactly the way they have been in spite of men trying to manipulate them.

My Team Is Better Than Yours

So, why is your religion better than someone else’s religion?
The answer is that you were born into it. That’s all.

It’s like cheering for the home football team. If you were born in Philadelphia you most likely become an Eagles fan. If you were born in Miami you’d most likely be a Dolphins fan. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be very popular in the city where you live.

I’ve never seen a father sit his son down and say, “Now, son, there’s lots of great teams out there.  Which one would you like to cheer for?” That just doesn’t happen, does it? No. He’s going to make sure his son follows in his footsteps.

Religion is the same way. We are told what to believe in from the time we are born. Most of us weren’t given much of a choice.

Some will say it’s essential that children be raised in a particular religion and that it gives them a structure and direction. The reality is that religion only separates them and establishes early prejudices.

Just Ask Yourself a Few Questions:

Is your religion based on fear or the idea that you will be severely punished if you don’t agree or try to leave?

Does it restrict what you can say, or eat, or read, or even wear?

Does it protest anything that has a different point of view than yours?

Are there laws and restrictions on how consenting adults should behave sexually?

Is the human body viewed as lewd or dirty rather than beautiful?  

Are they even telling you how to vote?

And Then, Consider This Idea:
Spirituality is Not about

Following, Adoring, Worshiping, or Fearing.

It is Not about Judging.

It is Not about Controlling or Manipulating others.
It is Not about Convincing or Converting others.
It is Not about Restrictions and Limitations.

* Spirituality IS

Expanding, Embracing, Kind.
Nurturing, Flexible, Understanding,
Open and Loving.

It is All about Freedom.
It is All about Empowering the SELF which benefits… ALL.

In other words, your relationship with Creation does not need to have a leader, an organization, a group, rules, regulations or restrictions.

You may simply allow your relationship to be personal.

A personal relationship with The INFINITE allows you to relate Infinitely with All. It allows you to LOVE infinitely. And it allows you to Love, Truly Unconditionally.

Infinite Love, Enlightenment, and Peace to All.

Eric Allen
Author, change-your-world.com

* Material COPYRIGHTED © by Eric Allen

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4 thoughts on “Spirituality Without Religion”

  1. Love your empowering sharing Eric! We’re infinite multidimensional beings having a human experience here. We are not in need of an intermediary. We’re waking up from the dream that would have us believe in ‘us and them.’ We are one family, remembering who we are. Time to wake up and smell the coffee! So very happy to be sharing this magical, expansive journey with you! Big hug!

  2. Brilliant article, Eric! Thank you for expressing in such clear words what it’s really all about. It’s a real pity that so many people keep giving their power away to some external source.
    The sad thing is that many who escaped the fangs of established religions have fallen into the trap of the New Age Movement, which is nothing more than a notch-potch of just about every religion and spiritual philosophy on this planet, just another hierarchical structure to keep you in a mental loop.
    I wholeheartedly agree with you. Let’s take religion out of spirituality.
    Love, Jasmine <3

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