What Is “Laniakea”?

Laniakea means “immeasurable heaven”, in Hawaiian, a fitting name for the supercluster that our milky way galaxy is part of.

Interesting that Western astronomers would settle on a Hawaiian name to commemorate their super galactic discovery.

Of course, it really is not so surprising from an energetic angle nor from an akeneic perspective: the Hawaiian language, which finds its origins in the cluster of Polynesian languages, when going back far enough, finds its original spark in the ancient (now nearly forgotten but resurfacing) Lemurian languages.

In Lemurian, the tone/sound “Honomeia” is used to describe the actual “inside” dimension at the heart of all things, which, in the recent discovery, is being described in an “outward” (i.e. astrophysical) way.

“This cosmos is but the tiniest fraction of a particle of an electron orbiting one of the trillions of suns that, together, make up a feather, floating in the gardens of the honomeia divine.” — Lao Tze

Krishna universeIt is obvious that the human mind is expanding to encompass larger and larger realityscapes in its growing understanding of its surrounding universe.

The further “outward” we imagine, the deeper “inward” will we explore.

Always remember: dimension is size, and you’ll forever find your way Home.

What a wonderful human adventure indeed!

Kwan Yin

For more information: The Guardian

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5 thoughts on “What Is “Laniakea”?”

  1. YES* ……. Endless Possibilities Abound from every direction*
    INDEED ! We Are Pure Magnificence*
    Ahhhhhhhhhhhh… forever dipping my toes into everything!
    Beautifully Presented and said Kwan Yin
    Thank you, so much for this wonderful sharing
    Ariana Sha

    1. Someone, in a reply to one of our Facebook posts somewhere, said this image of Laniakea “re-minded” them of (reconnected them to?) a neuro-synaptic pathway inside of a brain. Dimension is size, imagination our GPS, love our fuel. We are on the biggest HomeComing trip in this cosmos. Thank you for being with us, and for sharing, dearest Ariana. This wonderful adventure just wouldn’t be the same without you. Love you. <3 KY

  2. I remember my delight when thinking about eternity and infinity as concepts, realizing I could accept them as such without difficulty settling for the fact that they were unreachable by the mind, and then turning these concepts inward to the cells of my body, to atoms, electrons and so on which made them feel less conceptual and more real, touchable almost. Now, we are beginning to touch them more and more, both inwardly and outwardly, and even if we have (so far) only scratched the surface, it is an ever-expanding awe-inspiring experience to imagine the magnificence of creation in all its splendor. Lao Tze’s words are balm for the soul, as is the returning remembrance of Lemuria. There is a ‘sweet spot’ continually beckoning us home and it feels very real, indeed! <3

  3. Lanaikea – what a beautiful name for our “home cluster”. Truly fascinating to see a computer model of it. It brings home the beauty and vastness of space “out there”. And then I imagine Honomeia… It boggles the mind!
    Love the oh so poetic Lao Tze quote! <3

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