I Know Nothing But Miracles


walt_whitman_age_28_1848-cropWalt Whitman’s poem speaks for itself.

Creation in itself is always perfect; it is only our mental filters that warps the perception of the reality we create. 

No matter where we are, we can create beauty.

When we emanate the beauty that we Are, this is what we will see reflected around us.

Life is full of miracles. It is up to us to choose them into being.

“I am realistic; I expect miracles.” – Wayne Dyer

Jasmine Martin

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2 thoughts on “I Know Nothing But Miracles”

  1. Thank you Jasmine for this beautiful post. <3 It was interesting to learn today that Walt Whitman wrote essays that reflected a serious study of metaphysics. Once one experiences what he is describing, one’s perception changes forever. And it’s all about perception. Love

  2. “Nobody sees the obvious, nobody observes the ordinary. There are more miracles in a square yard of earth than in all the fables of the Church.”
    ~Robert Anton Wilson~

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