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Memories can be changed in the head, but feelings can never be altered in the heart.

Neurons can be turned on and off, made positive or negative—they are just biological matter in the brain, and something vibrating that slowly is easily manipulated, so to speak.

Feelings, however, and experiences, when stored in the heart and not processed merely via the brain and mind, are not captured biologically.

When using the akeneic heart space to process with and experience reality from, there is no biological record that is created but a holographic one instead. Biology is finite, holographic life is infinite.

The “holographic brain surrounding the heart space” thusly connects to the “holographic brain surrounding the brain space” and promptly pushes the equal pulse, created by the alignment of head and heart, through the belly and thusly spreads it all throughout the manifested Mer-Ka-Ba space (honomeia) surrounding you.

The physical, biological representation of the connection between the head (akonai), heart (akene) and belly (adonai) space can be found in the vagus nerve, which can be collaborated with in order to balance your three main creative points or kakras that have just been mentioned.

Keep in mind, though, that you are most likely used to THINKING about your FEELINGS, i.e. you are used to processing your feelings by accessing how you think about them or how you remember them in the mind, because of them being stored in a neuro-linear fashion, or “frozen in time”. Feelings based on the holographic heart and brain do not work on a linear engine but are active and eternally present, they are divine and do not change.

point of definition

point of un-definition

non defined space


The image above should give you an inclination of what we are discussing here. We will explore it further in a follow-up article.

“A non-defined space is necessary between a point of definition and a point of un-definition in oder for you to explore both.

So this non-defined space then becomes the true point of action; this is the space that is the adonai.” (Ekara)

That, which vibrates slowly, is matter, and always becomes defined.
That, which vibrates highly, is holographic, and is always un-defined.
That, which exists beyond vibration, is tonal, or non-definition itself.

Think with your Head.
Trust with your Heart.
Thrust with your Belly.

Learn  to make this your common way of being, and practice it often.

Those that walk the inter dimensional highways of the ascension path, can tell you, as you seek to explore your own future footsteps like they did their own, that learning to define, un-define and non-define, equals holding the key to understanding the inward and outward movement of dimensional navigation—and creation.

Enjoy your practice!

Kwan Yin


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6 thoughts on “Mer-Ka-Ba Travel Tips”

  1. Awesome! Beautiful explanation of the tools we have forgotten to use, thank you for these powerful awakening reminders Kwan Yin. <3 Namaste my dear friend _/_

  2. Thank you, Kwan Yin, <3 for this brilliant article and offering the way to so lovingly support souls ready to move forward on the ascension path. There is quite a lot of information expressed through your words and in reading between the lines. We hold the key inside and always have. Much Love!
    Amber <3

  3. The path of personal ascension is an infinite path of exploration. Beginning to grasp these basic concepts offers us a perspective, knowing that there is MUCH more to follow! An understanding of the basics is of course crucial. Putting them into practice, and seeing that, as we’ve been told, they work, fuels our passion for the ascension process and it feels that we’re stepping into an entirely new field of experience, at least in this lifetime! It’s exciting to step into the unknown! Thank you Kwan Yin. <3

  4. Thank you, dear Kwan Yin, for this great and very effective exercise. When you observe the feeling of “pain” – as a practical example – without labelling it as being unpleasant, cumbersome or annoying, it just turns into a sensation. In this non defined space it could be anything. It is our definition of a feeling which is responsible for the belief system that pain equals suffering. – And this holds true for everything.
    Much love <3

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