How To Truly Love Your Body

Healing begins when we are able to understand that the world around us is created by the thoughts and feelings we choose to agree with, encourage, and tie our emotions to.

The body and mind respond to the quality of food and the kind of emotions we feed them. It is time we treat our body and mind with responsibility.

The human body is a magnificent, mysterious being of immense wisdom. Connecting with the body’s wisdom brings greater healing on all levels of consciousness.

The body holds the consciousness of all levels – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, psychic and cosmic. Unfortunately, many of us think that we are the body and so we never take time to connect.

We are not this body; this body is like the vehicle or the car that we own, the body is a magnificent tool that helps us to expand our consciousness and have a relationship with this physical world. Hence it is our responsibility to treat our body and mind kindly.

Connecting with the body’s intelligence can happen only when there is emotional comfort, which means kindness in the form of thoughts that are happy and joyful, and feeding the body thoughts that involve beauty, trust, gratitude and laughter.

The emotional comfort helps the body to secrete its chemicals, juices, enzymes and hormones from its exotic pharmacy in the right balance. This helps to strengthen the immune system and maintain physical well being.

I have noticed that my body dutifully gives feedback with regards to the effects of my thoughts and emotions.

When I feed my body thoughts of joy and laughter, the body laughs and feels comfortable, but when I feed my body memories of some pain that happened yesterday, a few days ago, twenty years ago, or even forty years ago, the body cries, becomes anxious and goes into fear. The body does not know that this is only a thought, and it also does not know that this situation is not happening right now, so it reacts by secreting hormones and chemicals to balance the anxiety and the worry.

If we are living with the stress of the modern world of proving, pleasing, achieving, striving for more, and stressing ourselves with deadlines, we are actually feeding our body and mind more anxious and stressful thoughts everyday, which triggers the body into secreting an excess of hormones and enzymes to balance the anxiety and worry.

Excessive secretion of the anxiety hormones creates pain and disease, which are messages from the body to slow down, take time to laugh and enjoy every moment of life.

The most wasted of days are the ones without joy or laughter.

Laughter and joy, from a place of gratitude, is one of the greatest prayers, and one of the grandest medicines that can heal the body and bring it to the state of youth, vitality, and well being.

The body loves it when we trust its intelligence and consciously connect with it.

The body is a beautiful tool. The body is a beautiful programmer, I have noticed that I can program my body to wake me up at a certain time and it would wake me up exactly at that time.

I have also seen that while I cook, I can tell my body to remind me when the cooking is done and do some other work at that time, I do not need a timer, my body will automatically alert me when the cooking or baking is done.

My body loves it when I consciously connect with it.

The body’s intelligence can work with us on any situation that is in front of us, for it is a beautiful tool that needs a wonderful master who can trust it and guide it gracefully.

In this physical world the body IS our grand vehicle. Forgetting the body and trying to multitask our way through life is unkindness to oneself.

We go into dis-ease because we did not learn the art of eating food or the art of feeding the right thoughts to the body. We eat in front of the TV, we talk or read a book while we eat, we gobble up our food without munching and mixing it with the saliva, we eat while we are not hungry, or we encourage anxious and fearful thoughts in our mind while we eat.

The body responds to our thoughts and emotions and secretes chemicals. If we think about things other than food, the body will secrete the wrong kind of chemicals and our food does not get digested properly, our cells are not supplied with the nutrients they need and remain hungry. The result: we continue to crave foods and continue to eat unconsciously.

While eating, if we encourage all good thoughts about food, the body will secrete its digestive juices and digest the food and use the food in the most balanced way to bring in good health and well being. When we choose to consciously connect with the body by bringing our awareness and appreciation to the situation and itself, we create peace in our body and release it from dis-ease.

I have noticed that when I consciously sit down with my food, working out my gums and teeth with every bite, enjoying the taste, being in the process of mixing the food completely with saliva and following the food mentally all the way to the stomach, I feel extremely satisfied.

I also add a small affirmation:

“I enjoy every food I eat,
I love every cell of my body.”

Practicing this every day has brought grand healing and vitality for my body. I also lost all the extra weight I put on due to mindless eating and stress. Now when people see me they say that I look younger and happier than before.

Patients usually have strong trust in their doctors. There are instances where the doctor sometimes give a placebo (also known as a ‘sugar pill’) to a patient with the message that it is a powerful medicine to heal their sickness.

Miraculous healing happens this way without any actual medical treatment but just by the trusting thoughts of the patient. The patient’s trust in the power of the medication triggers the body to secrete the right kind of chemicals to heal itself!

The body is an intelligent being and it listens to our thoughts and emotions, it responds to kindness, and when we consciously connect with the body with emotional comfort, our body comes alive with health, youth, and vitality.

Let us choose to provide our body the kindness of emotional comfort by encouraging thoughts of beauty, joy, gratitude, appreciation, laughter, and well-being so that our mind and our body temple will be blessed with health and vitality!

Premlatha Rajkumar

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11 thoughts on “How To Truly Love Your Body”

  1. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and for your kind comments my dear friends, I am so much in gratitude that I have this grand opportunity to express and resonate in oneness with all of you here. Much gratitude for your love and support!

    1. This is such a powerful and beautiful article, dear Premlatha… Since we published it, I think about it in many of my actions towards and in co-creation with my body every day <3 Namaste <3 _/_

  2. Thank you very much for this empowering post Premlatha!

    The best way to heal your body is most certainly through our thoughts and our belief systems. Thank you for mentioning the power of joy and laughter!

    Namaste beautiful sister,

  3. Dear Premlatha, thank you for another wonderful article. It is very true that if we treat our body lovingly and consciously, it will respond with radiant health. Although our bodies are perfectly capable of taking care of any imbalance on their own, our belief systems often override this natural ability. We give our power away to doctors and drugs.
    As you say, our body is a perfect “barometer”. Any negative thought will inevitably find its reflection in a physical imbalance. Simply put, healthy mind = healthy body. Big hug, Jasmine <3

  4. Wow, Premlatha! You’ve surely hit the mark with this one! We can all benefit with this focus front and center 24/7. Well-being is our natural state but it does require focusing this state into experience consciously. All bodies everywhere will rejoice in your beautiful article! <3

  5. Thank you dearest Premlatha for reminding us of what we too often forget. It seems to me that many of us say that we know these things. And then we, most often unconsciously, say to ourselves….we’re too busy, something else is ‘more important,’ etc. etc…..Our mental programming, on many levels, is designed to take our focus away from self love, kindness toward self, and caring for ourselves. It’s up to us, in whatever way works for us, to create this focus for ourselves and remember how to love us! A big hug for you beautiful sister, Orchid <3

    1. Thank you! Premlatha will surely appreciate the compliment… and we felt the same when she sent it in for publication! Thank you for being on the same wavelength, for loving your body and for sharing this article with many so they may remember to do the same. <3

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