We are the Thoughts and Beliefs we choose to empower.  And on this planet, in this moment, there are over ten thousand belief systems we can incorporate into our consciousness and reality.

As an inspirational author and speaker, I am devoted to one thing: assisting others to claim their own power and find their own unique and powerful paths in life.

As I always say — Listen to everyone, but follow NO ONE. Believe only what works for you. And never let others tell you how to experience this reality or how to connect with Creation.

Many of us tend to put others on pedestals; religious figures, gurus, or even celebrities. Now, if giving up your power to others is how you enjoy learning about yourself on this journey, then please feel free to continue on that path. I am not here to change anyone. I am only here to offer alternative paths to choose from.

I suggest that we are all pure spiritual energy in physical form.

No one is ‘more spiritual’ than another. Some of us, however, within this Physical Dimension, have become more aware of who we are ‘as Spirit’, thus then, we are able to see and experience things from a different point of view. That does not place us above another in any way. It’s simply a different experience for us. It’s a different way for us to experience our connection or relationship with Divine Source. Not better. Different. You may always choose to resonate with certain ideas or not.

So, Who Should You Be Listening To?

Rabbis, Priests or other religious leaders?  People who claim to channel extra-terrestrials or biblical figures? What about those who speak about the Illuminati and Reptilians? Or do you prefer those who prophesize about when the world is going to end?

The remote control is in your hand. Click on any channel you want. Or, perhaps, you can just turn the TV off and create your own show.

Look at it this way.

Every person you listen to, including me, receives information from Infinite Consciousness. This information is *Filtered* through one’s Physical Mind.

Each individual has the free will to interpret that information in any number of ways. How this information is interpreted makes all the difference. Who the individual is, or what their personal experience has been, will determine how they choose to project their information onto others. It could be Loving, Angry, or Fearful. It could be in the form of an Angel, Demon, Extra-Terrestrial, Inter-Dimensional, or whatever that particular person’s Vibration is in Alignment with.

*And Remember, You have the CHOICE to align with anyone’s Vibration or Not.

Let’s say, for example, that someone can convince a large group of people to embrace his or her point of view. Those people will create a powerful collective agreement and ALL of them will share the same illusions and experiences… positive or negative, thus then, creating a collective Reality or Truth.

In other words, they have simply been convinced or chose to Align themselves with that particular Energy or Vibration.

Sometimes this can work in a Profoundly Positive way, let’s say all of us aligning our Vibration with Worldwide Love and Peace.

It may, however, also work in a very negative way. Think about how whole societies can be swayed to accept the torture and killing of millions in a Holocaust or Inquisition. If that can happen, then certainly we can begin to understand how easily our thinking and feelings can be manipulated.

This, by the way, is why we are still experiencing worldwide Chaos. As fear begets fear and anger begets anger, we continue to perpetuate the same negative energy we’ve been creating for thousands of years. As long as we continue to buy into the same fears and propaganda, we will continue to have the same experiences.

So, when will we see Powerful, Positive changes on this Planet?
  1. When we learn to Trust ourselves more;
  2. When we see that we are more Powerful than we have been taught to believe;
  3. When we Claim our Power;
  4. When we learn to question Everything that we see and hear;
  5. When we become aware of how easily swayed we are by negative ideas and propaganda;
  6. When we finally come to understand that Illusions become our Reality and that Reality is an Illusion.

As Infinite Consciousness we may manifest Infinite Experiences.

I suggest, that whatever idea you choose to empower is what you will experience in this Physical Dimension or Reality we call Earth.

To create any new positive changes, we must ask ourselves a few very important questions. And then we must be very honest with our answers.

So, when it comes to your Source of Information, you may ask…
  • What reality do I prefer?
  • How does the information serve me?
  • Is it giving me peace of mind or creating anxiety?
  • Is the information positive or negative?
  • Can I easily apply this information to my life and does it actually create the changes I desire?
  • Does it feel good?
  • Does it Ring True…for ME?

And ultimately, that’s all that matters:
What game do YOU wish to play here?

Yes, that is how powerful you truly are.
And yes, we do create our own realities.

Awakening simply means becoming aware of who we are.

Let’s open our eyes a little wider. We cannot change the world until we have changed ourselves.

It starts with us.
It starts with Self-Empowerment.

Infinite Love, Peace, and Enlightenment to All.

Eric Allen

* Material COPYRIGHTED © by Eric Allen

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6 thoughts on “Self-Empowerment”

  1. Simply understanding, acknowledging and consciously working with the awareness that our lives and the reality we project outwardly is an illusion, and as such there isn’t one iota of our experience we don’t create, to me, makes life delicious! I may still need to work through beliefs and such, but it is undeniable I am in the driver’s seat. Living life as a passenger is a game that has been explored ad infinitum and is limited. If I create something that doesn’t feel good, I can use my feelings as a barometer to change the channel and am reminded that I can always choose again…and again…and again. This is empowerment at its best and leads to freedom and joy. Thank you, Eric, for being the uplifting wayshower you are! <3

  2. Dear Eric, thank you for this great article! We are the creators of our reality and we DO have the power to create magic. Usually, we create by default, unconsciously, the mind filled with past experiences and fears of an uncertain future. Thus, as you say, we create more of the same. So yes, let’s focus on what we WANT to see manifest. Let’s focus on love instead of fear. Love, Jasmine <3

  3. It surely does feel that it’s about which belief systems we choose for ourselves. An active approach and a conscious choice are required. We can’t any longer hold our choices at arm’s length. Collectively we’ve decided to move forward and this movement means that our involvement on all levels is part of the game. No more straddling the fence. This means that we’re willing to do the work to look at which belief systems serve us and which don’t. Only then can we make an informed choice about what we’ll choose as our focus. And isn’t it time for all of us together to enjoy the ride?!!! Right on Eric! Thank you with much love! <3

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