Elimeya: Entering the Sacred Body State

Kwan Yin’s MER-KA-BA Travel Tips — III

What is an Elimeya?

Elimeya is the Lemurian word for “sacred body/soul connection” and, at the same time, it is also the name of a Sacred Art practice, dating back to ancient Lemurian times.

An “Elimeya” meditation would consist of using the Sacred Body to create geometric vectors of focused creation and manifestation.

The “Sacred Body” as compared to your daily body, if you will, is a physical/energetic state that is entered into easily.

It occurs as such:

Remove yourself for a minute from daily activity.

This could happen anywhere, even in the bathroom or, in a public place, one can train one’s mind to enter a state of privacy by merely closing one’s eyes, or, if that is not possible, by simply activating a type of breathing pattern that could be selected by you at random, signalling the body/mind connection you are choosing to enter a Sacred Body State until you end the breathing pattern of your choice.

Now that you have accessed your Sacred Body by your intent, you can acknowledge the core truth of your physical and energetic selves as a holographic unity, meaning that your Sacred Body—containing not only the layer of your physical body but all your energetic, vibratory, tonal and akeneic bodies as well—is now operational as a sort of holographic antenna, meaning that it is now open to transmit to and receive from the entirety of the holographic universe in a type of synchronistic relationship called a holographic induction: this is your one-on-one direct connection between yourself and All-That-Is, where both ‘parts’ macro and micro override the illusion of physical separation and merge as one. When one breathes in or out, contracts* or expands, so does the other, and vice versa.

In this Sacred Body State of holographic induction, all of your bodies, physical or non-physical, now transmitting to and receiving from a one-on-one relationship to all of holographic creation, you have a massive impact on the expansion or contraction of your Akeneic Moment.

An Akeneic Moment is similar to what most label the “Now Moment” but differs from it slightly albeit significantly in that an Akeneic Moment takes the Now Moment and overlays it onto the linear moment, stretching the Sacred Now backwards and forwards in time, ‘energising’ the recent past, the now and the near future of your linear timeline with the Akeneic Moment that exists as long as you sit in your Sacred Body State as described above.

Using the Akeneic Moment to ‘change’ the recent past or near future of your linear timeline is a very powerful tool and should only be used when needed, and not as a play tool. Note, however, that when working with the Akeneic Moment as described here, one can only use it to create Upward Spirals of Energy, which is the natural movement of energy as it has the tendency to raise itself by default.

Additionally, one can only use the Akeneic Moment to uplift and upspiral one’s own timeline, with the effect that the resulting moments that are the outcome of activating the Akeneic Moment might cause a slight frequency inconsistency between your own Mer-Ka-Ba field and that of others around you who, by choice, might still be moving on a downward spiralling vector.

This is where the Sacred Body State now enters into the phase of working with Elimeyas. They are a near-limitless amount of positions, which one can move one single part or multiple parts of the body into, so as to transmit or receive certain pieces of information to or from the holographic universe.

Elimeyas work best, and are intended to be used, in the Sacred Body State but are also known to assist with generating focus when one is in daily body state, in emergency situations where there simply is no time to reach the Sacred Body State.

Ultimately, when one becomes comfortable working with the effects and energies of Elimeyas, it is possible of course to enter the Sacred Body State and achieve the same effect without any physical movement or even without anyone in your ‘outside world’ noticing that it is happening inside of your Mer-Ka-Ba.

For future reference, the Sacred Art of working with Elimeya energies while in the Sacred Body State, in ancient Lemurian times, was taught as part of the Lemurian Eja’i Chi Pah tradition, which I touch upon in other publications and is also discussed, and even taught, in the Subscriber Area of The Rising Way.

A First Example of a “Hand-based” Elimeya

The Eja’ Kalejana’i — Crown Activation & Opening


Although I will probably share many of these Elimeyas in times to come, let me start off by making sure that you truly and fully understand that Elimeyas, the Sacred Body State, and other ideas and concepts that are being introduced and offered to you here, are your creation in the end.

It’s not up to me or anyone else to “tell you” or “show you” what to do, and definitely it would not be very cool of me to “program you” with information that would pull you into a closed and entropic system.

Instead, I am presenting you with what I would label “Open Source Spirit Technology”, which is akeneic in nature, meaning that as you work with it, you will find it “stretching back and forth” on your timeline — and that’s ultimately what makes it Open Source: as it stretches into your past and your future, the Technology merges with your Sacred Body State and becomes “programmable” by you.

In a way, it’s a type of programming language, yes, but not a finite one; rather it is as infinite, adaptable, malleable and changeable as you can imagine it to be! Yes, that’s how cool the Lemurian race (and consciousness in general) truly is and how expansive their thinking truly is, which is of course what you can expect of a race that has to but close its eyes and by the very nature and simplicity of that act see the entirety of the cosmic whole and beyond.

Having said that, let us take a look at the first of the Elimeyas that I’d like to introduce: the Eja’ Kalejana’i.

Of course, it’s not important for you to know the name of these things—let alone how to pronounce them in fluent and original Lemurian—just kidding—but I thought it might be nice for those galactic historians and cosmic linguists out there who appreciate such things.

The Eja’ Kalejana’i Elimeya applies to the First Kakra, at the centre of which rests the pineal gland, in the heart of the brain.

You will most likely intuitively be able to feel that the First Kakra, due to its position in the body alone, is strongly connected to the Human Mind, and while that is true, it must also be stated that it is as strongly entangled with the Cosmic Mind (Divine Mind, as some would call it) as it is with the Human Mind, the latter of which works in a linear fashion while the former works spira-cyclical.

There is a lot to be said about the Kakras, if you decide to study them deeply, and some of it is shared on the Public Area of The Rising Way, with more in depth information in the Subscriber Area as alluded to before. For now, I will leave it at three short mentions.

  • First of all, the Kakra system is inter-dimensional because it works with a node that is defined, another one that is un-defined and a third one that is non-defined. Together, this Kakra system makes up the engine core of your personal Mer-Ka-Ba and allows it to travel to where you decide to take it.
  • Secondly, each Kakra is surrounded by a sphere, which can be segmented in four “quadrants”. Depending on the Kakra, there is a movement of energy that forms the orbits of the system, which is clockwise for the First Kakra in the head (the Akonai), counter clockwise for the Third Kakra in the belly, (the Adonai) and both clockwise and counter clockwise for the Second Kakra in the heart (the Akene). While the motion of energy is “left handed” or “right handed” depending on the Kakra, there is both an upward spiralling and downward spiralling movement of energy going on in each Kakra, effectively forming a double torus field for each.
  • Thirdly, the Head Kakra is used for Creation, the Heart Kakra is used for Connection, and the Belly Kakra is used for Manifestation. It goes much further than that, but hopefully this will give you somewhat of an idea of the importance of this system as part of your energy & physical bodies and, ultimately, your Mer-Ka-Ba.

By entering the Sacred Body State as this article explains and, once there, by using your body as a sort of holographic antenna (to simplify things for a moment) in the way that I have described, you can have direct effects on your past, present and future.

When in the Sacred Body State, try to achieve the Eja’ Kalejana’i Elimeya by placing your hands on your lap, initially, and by moulding your fingers in the position you can see in the illustration above.

This particular Elimeya has been designed as a First (Head) Kakra App, if you will, which you can install to specifically work with your Crown. Initially, it opens up your Crown at the top of your head and immediately connects and unifies (i.e. levels out) your thoughts with the collective Infinite Consciousness that makes up all of this holographic universe.

It gives you a chance to scan your thoughts and distinguish between those that you are generating yourself and those that are being generated for you or pushed into you or even those that might unknowingly be forced upon you.

It allows you to remove any limitations in this way and will assist in manifesting things the way you choose them to be as the creator that you are meant to be.

It does not only change your thoughts—it changes the thoughts of the universe and that is important to know, as you will realise.

Stay in that position for as long as is comfortable for you. Between different people, times can vary from five minutes to two hours, depending on the person, the intent and the speed of the result, which might just come boomeranging in before you even sit down and start, once you get good at this (remember the Akeneic Moment, if you don’t understand why that is!).

Don’t worry, it does not have to be one hundred percent perfect, as you won’t delete half of the galaxy accidentally by holding your left pinkie one and a half degrees out of whack! All that might happen, however, is that you might have slightly less strong immediate effects. It all comes in only to such an extent that you can handle it.

Also, please do not forget that this is Open Source Spirit Technology and that it has been around, on and off, since Lemurian times. It has been “Open Source” since the start and we—my friends and I, all the timeless, ascending and ascended beings in your universe and beyond—cannot wait and see what you will do with it yourself, where you will take it, how far you will stretch it, and what you will do to amaze some original users like ourselves.

Make it your own, but don’t keep it for your own. Share it far and wide, invite others to continue the Art of the Heart Of All Things.

To close, just remember: working with the Elimeya will powerfully remove Maya (illusion) from your timeline.

While that sounds like a wonderful idea, you might want to prepare yourself for it happening, because when it does, you might have your hands full for a while as your life literally accelerates to speeds beyond those of light, energy, sound and frequency, into the emergence of the Magnificent You!

Next time, you will see how we will tie the Elimeyas deeper into the Kakra system, as I will show you some different ones for each Kakra, and we will together learn to understand the power of this Open Source Spirit Technology when tied into the Divine Acts of Defining, Un-Defining, and Non-Defining (and only then you’ll have to watch not to delete half the galaxy! LOL no, still kidding!). 🙂

Try it out, build upon it, improve upon it, and I look forward to hearing from you in the comments below.

Until next time,
Kwan Yin

* On a side note: have you noticed that word “contract”, a word oh-so-loved by business, governments, religions and other illusion-generating institutions, carries the double meaning of “to contract”, i.e. to shrink, make smaller, or to reverse the expansion thereof… Interesting huh?


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5 thoughts on “Elimeya: Entering the Sacred Body State”

  1. That is the advanced stuff … one needs to read it slowly and deeply, and understand it comes from the inner self, so as it gets back to its rightful place : the observer … this information is available, because the persona has made space for it — in the form of another, but then again, that is the play of mirroring in this world — thank myself that I create it in my reality, thank my aspect for putting in out in words – great material — sharing for those that ‘see’ it in their reality — and now, time to make it real here, where the personal world emerges into matter <3

  2. This is a sacred gift and I will have to take time to sit still and absorb it in silence. Thank you immensely for your kindness Kwan Yin _/_

  3. Wow, thank you, dear Kwan Yin, for this amazing article and this powerful sacred tool. I am very happy with it for myself AND I am thrilled beyond words that information like this is freely out there for everyone to find and implement. Imagine the wave of expansion this will create! So exciting!


  4. We spoke at some length on our ‘About Us’ page about making metaphysics real, the truth that the personal ascension process is being made available to everyone whose soul feels the calling to move, to take the next step in it’s evolution, to those who feel that ‘all experiences here have been had’ if you can feel the meaning behind these words. This message is being beamed out by ascended and ascending life to all of us who have a feeling, a calling of the heart, that it is time to ‘leave the village.’—to go beyond the confines of the life one has been living, that any moves within the current life would be lateral moves.

    There is more. There is so much more for those of us who contemplate the prospect of an expansion which we really have no words for simply because it requires a step truly into the unknown. From this writer’s perspective, what holds many of us back is the fear of the unknown. Ascended life has said to us that we fear what we ‘think we know’ about the unknown. Hmmm…..

    For those of us who can feel these words, to actually take the first step means that we acknowledge our passion for expansion, a knowing that there has to be more, and a willingness to at least contemplate taking a step that would engage a process of real and lasting change.

    What is being offered here are sacred ascension tools and
    this ascension student is feeling a deep sense of gratitude that this information is now being offered publicly in this way.

    If you resonate with the hand that is being extended with exercises such as this one, take it. It’s the most precious of gifts.


  5. Dear Kwan Yin, thank you for another incredible tool to recognize and clear out unwanted thought fields. It is very empowering to know that we can use “simple” tools like Elimeya — what a beautiful sound <3 — to step out of mental fields and click into the universal mind.
    You clearly state that Elimeyas are not tools to play with. If we consider that they are akeneic – meaning that if we alter any point on the timeline, the effects will be felt in every particle anywhere and any when – then we understand that these are "sacred" tools.
    I am very excited that powerful exercises like the above are now made available to all of humanity as Open Source Spirit Technology. No longer are they reserved for only those few who found their way into the mystery schools (for want of a better word) of old!
    Before the publication of this article, I had seen the above picture of the Elimeya Eja'Kalejana'i on your FB page. Curious about the effects of this hand position, I "tried it out" for only a short period this afternoon. It instantly created the feeling of space from the Akonai all the way down to the Adonai. Now that I have the full description of the space we can create with this exercise, I am greatly looking forward to practicing this often. There are some cobwebs in the attic that need to be swept out 😉
    Much love, Jasmine <3

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