Galactic History — Series 2

SERIES 2 OF 2 — If you were able to ‘take in’ the previous 10 parts then you’ll be glad to continue where you left off, with Andrew Bartzis, as The Galactic Historian.


Do you have another 10 hours to spare?  You’ll be glad that you did, and we are not kidding!

Andrew claims to have direct access to over 52 million years of information stored in the Akashic Records across numerous timelines, both current and collapsed, stretched out over almost uncountable alternate realities.

In this interview by Lance White, aka “The Zany Mystic”, which took place in Mount Shasta, CA (USA) in the first half of 2014, Andrew bares it all and discusses 52 million years of galactic history in such detail that we can almost say for sure you will have never heard history recounted in such a way before.

The Rising Way will feature both Andrew Bartzis and Lance White on its future podcasts and other releases, so these 10 hours that go straight to the galactic core are surely not to be missed!


The Galactic Historian’s Website
Lance White’s Website (purchase transcripts)
The Galactic History Discussion Group (Facebook)

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  1. I’m loving every minute of this series! Andrew is sharing information that goes way beyond anything out there on this topic. He (and Lance as well) has a beautiful heart with a deep dedication to living in service to others. Well worth the time to exponentially enrich your understanding of our galactic history! Love these guys!

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