Moving Through Dimensions

Kwan Yin’s MER-KA-BA Travel Tips — II

Can you imagine, and perhaps would you be so kind as to dream of, how, if dimension is all about size, and dimensional movement is all about contraction (inward) or expansion (outward), the amount of “empty space” between the particles of consciousness that you are “made” of, actually determines the dimension(s) you are in?

You may need a moment to ponder that, but when you do, you’ll see  it absolutely makes sense. In fact, how could it be any different?

Now, for the dreaming part: just imagine that you are in absolute control over this, and that the “consciousness particles” I am talking about are not just your physical atoms, electrons, etc. but also the very akeneic particles themselves of which your kakra system and ultimately even your Mer-Ka-Ba itself is made of?

Using your thoughts and imaginations, you can travel anywhere.

The only limit is your own ability to imagine the bounty of endless infinityscapes you seek to visit.

Enjoy the roller coaster, when you decide to try this in bed tonight, you might not find yourself where you started, but boy oh boy will you have fun!

Next time we get into this, I’ll discuss the actual practical usages that come with understanding the full implications of working with defined, un-defined and non-defined kakra systems at the heart of your Mer-Ka-Ba, as touched upon in my previous Travel Tip. It’s your akeneic engine core, basically, but more about that another time.

As for now, kind lady, kind sir:
Your Transverse awaits…

Image Credit: Dave Morrow
Image Credit: Dave Morrow

(It was a ‘shortie’ this time, but I’ll make up for it by buying you a cocktail in my favourite Honomeia beach bar, once you make it there, and you will make it there, not kidding — not about the cocktail either!) 😀

Kwan Yin


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3 thoughts on “Moving Through Dimensions”

  1. Thank you, dear Kwan Yin, for another wonderful exercise. If we allow our mind to limit our imagination — which could easily happen since it’s hard for the mind to imagine something completely new — we cannot expand beyond what is known.
    Many years ago, Ekara once invited the people attending a lecture to participate in an exercise in which they were to create something that had never been created before. At first, mind goes into overdrive, hurling all kinds of images at you to choose from. The trick really is to switch the mind off and to allow your imagination to take you on a roller coaster ride. Inward or outward.
    Look forward to having a drink with you in your favorite Honomeia beach bar! I’ll buy the second round 😉 <3

  2. Thank you Kwan Yin—Now THAT will be quite the party!!! And I love the dreaming part…..Something for us all to ponder, that travel anywhere is possible using our thoughts and our imagination…. Very much looking forward to speaking together about this on our podcasts and all of us exploring this topic more deeply in our Subscriber section. What a magical ride we’re on together! With love, Orchid <3

  3. An imagination drive has GOT to be infinitely more powerful than a warp drive and we don’t need Scotty to beam us up or Engineering to replace the dilithium crystals! Thank you, Kwan Yin, for suggesting a travel itinerary out of this world. Looking forward to sharing a toast in akeneic space with you tonight. Much love, Amber <3

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