From Powerlessness to Empowerment

A sweet friend recently asked me…

If “God” is unconditional love and takes care of everything, then why is there suffering in the world?

How can I contribute towards the happiness of others? If I strive for higher awareness, will it contribute towards the happiness of others?


This is a great question, my friend, which I asked myself about 30 years ago. Let me share some of the observations and conclusions from my contemplation about this:

In the beginning of my journey, due to religious instructions and the influence of society, I thought that I was “a servant to God” and I always served to his wishes.

The more I served the more heartache was there. Since my thoughts were on service to the Divine, and I considered myself a servant, I was often in situations that needed greater service and these situations triggered my emotions of pity, sadness, judgment and anger towards God.

In order to get out of my sadness, I began considering the thought that God is my Parent. From that place, I started begging and pleading to heal the suffering of my fellow beings and myself many times. Again, I found that I lost my happiness and lived in greater fear and dependence on the being that I called God.

As I continued this belief system in my mind, at one point this annoyed me greatly as I witnessed life taking its toll on everything I held dear. I disowned the belief in the entity that I called God and went into deep contemplation.

I came to the conclusion that life goes on creating its ups and downs whether I accept it or not. Hence, I decided to accept life as it is, which I considered the best possible way to keep my thoughts from wanting things to be different than what life brings my way.

Keeping myself away from arguing with life brought me the gift of peace.

As I became more cautious to keep myself away from confusion and sadness, and from my judgments about life in general, I found that I slowed down my pace of doing things.

I started becoming a witness of life.

Witnessing life in all its colors amazed me immensely.

As I took time to become a grand witness, I saw myself blending with life and I became ONE with everything, every situation, every person! I could feel and know many things even before I witnessed them.

From this place I understood & admired the Creator of All That IS, I felt myself One with the Creator, one in partnership with the Creator.

I felt myself as a Co-Creator with the Creator of All That IS.

I was awed by creation. I understood that when I choose to hold the consciousness of peace within me, the situations around me blended in with peace. I understood that when I choose to be in the place of non-judgment by being the witness of life and holding the consciousness of peace within, living life in the physical seems to be effortless.

Hence I understood that consciousness is the one that is responsible for any kind of creation.

This is the deeper mystery, the deeper truth that I experienced in this journey of life.

At present I am going through a very tough situation but I consciously choose to accept what IS, and hold peace within. This has helped me bring in grander solutions for the problems at hand, which I could never have done if I was judging the situation.

Also I am able to see wonderful gifts even in this tough situation, and this makes me hold the consciousness of appreciation, making me live in peace and happiness beyond my wildest dreams.

Living in oneness with life and choosing appreciation and gratitude has brought so much joy to my heart.

This joy gives me freedom to hold grander visions , release myself from the creations of the past and create grander worlds for myself and this Planet, and the more I hold these visions the more they manifest effortlessly.

And answering your last question: YES, if you choose to live from the place of awareness, which is mindfulness with non-judgment, you will definitely move towards understanding the mystery of life, you will live as a peace keeper, and when you are in this place your consciousness will touch every person in your space and bring them peace and ease.

So the greatest gift we can give ourselves and this Planet is our self-realization to live as our Divine Selves on this Planet.

Premlatha Rajkumar




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11 thoughts on “From Powerlessness to Empowerment”

  1. I was very touched by your personal sharing, dear Premlatha <3 In many ways, it is a story we have all experienced in one way or the other. Ultimately, we have to let go of conditional beliefs and indoctrination to arrive at the heart of the matter. Much love to you, dear Friend! <3

    1. I SEE YOU! I understand the beautiful journey of your soul! Many blessing to you, Sweet Amber, on this beautiful journey called “life on Planet Earth”! Loving heart hugs to you my soul sister <3

  2. Dear Premlatha, thank you for your beautiful words of wisdom. As you say, we so easily give our power away to some god outside of us, forgetting that we are the creator of our reality. Accepting this means accepting that we are, therefore, responsible for our own happiness. We cannot put it on someone else to make us happy. It’s an inside job, so to speak 😉 <3 Indeed, the more we are in the space of empowerment, the more we assist others to move into that space as well.
    Much love, sweet sister <3

  3. Very profound my friend.

    I keep getting tested but since I am aware that is what it is, my consciousness is hardly shaken. Since it is my son that I am being tested with, I still find myself in a limbo sometimes but my own witnessing allows me peace of mind to continue and be a contributing part of the awakening!

    Only available on PC/laptop and banned in some countries, but that’s me creating along with the creator essentially bearing witness and documenting!

    1. Thank you for this beautiful sharing Don Johns, I will definitely take time to watch this. May your moments be filled with grace, ease, and peace my dear friend! Namaste to your gentle soul! _/_

    2. Thank you, dear Don. I will definitely watch your documentary movie in the next couple of days and will connect afterwards. Blessings and well-being be with you, dear One <3

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