How Do I Best Deal With the Power of Karma?

A dear friend asked me…

Will there be justice for wrong doings? If the Law of Karma is created only by the belief in guilt, will those who don’t feel guilt escape Karma?


The beautiful being called human is basically unconditional love and compassion. The human soul is full of love and light and it can never be harmed or damaged in any way.

This game called life on Planet Earth is a game of duality in order to evolve, exercise, and experience all the concepts of duality and from these experiences gather wisdom for grander evolvement.

The human body and soul accepted to experience and play this game of duality together. In order to know itself, the soul has to play the game of I do not know who I am. By being who you are not, you come to understand who you are. It is as simple as experiencing cold in order to know what heat is.

Since the basic quality of the human spirit is unconditional love, whatever game of duality is played on Earth, the human spirit tries to balance the game every time there is an unbalance. There is no judgment here, there is just moving forward to set things right along the journey of life.

The mind is linear and is not able to process the absolute concepts, it can only understand from the place of the relative, and hence to help the mind understand from an individual point of view, the concept of Karma was introduced.

The concept of right or wrong is different for every individual according to their understanding and evolvement through lifetimes.

That which is right for me may be wrong for you. Every one does not process the same information in the same way. Hence if we try to understand people from our point of view, we will always judge them. But if we get out of the place of judgment then we will be able to deal every situation from the place of peace.

According to the Divine, every individual is forever innocent, because the Divine sees every individual from their point of view and is able to understand and know that whatever the person had done at any given point, is the best that he/she has done considering their life experiences, their wisdom gathered from different life times, the many situations that they had to deal with, the many books they read, and so on and so forth.

Hence, the Divine can never judge or punish anyone.

If we need to really understand this game of duality, we need to move beyond the mind stories of right and wrong and understand that we—as humanity—are ONE Consciousness, there is no “other/them” here, there is only a “me” and the “other me”.

When we choose to hold the consciousness of peace and understanding, we create a space of compassion for All.

By doing so, we enlighten ourselves and hence become the gift for the All.

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  1. Well said, dear Premlatha, we are having a human experience, and we are the only ones having a judgment about that. It’s time to “move beyond the mind games of right or wrong”. Much love <3

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