The Innumerable Forms of Love

Love is the most beautiful gift. Love is the ALL, love is all there is. Everything in the Universe brings love to our space in many, many ways. If we choose to see them, then we are immensely blessed.

Love comes in the form of people, in the form of a loved one, in the form of strangers, friends, neighbors, or a cashier in the store.

Love comes in the form of beautiful displays of colors and clouds in the evening sky.

Love comes in the form of a beautiful blooming jasmine plant.

Love comes in the form of a bird that chooses to sit on your window sill to sing its choicest songs.

Love comes in the form of a big butterfly that chooses to land on your shoulder.

Love comes in the form of a huge tree that speaks to you as the breeze passes through its branches.

Love comes in the form of the walls and furniture of a silent home that give their silent loving support at times of loneliness.

Love comes in the form of technology and its connection with people far and wide.

The Forms of Love Are Innumerable

The body is the form of love, our hands that help to feed us, comb our hair, wash our face and help us do everything for the body.

To show love to our fellow beings is a grand form of love.

The Earth Mother, who holds us and supports our every need, is a grand form of love.

The Sun that warms our body and brings light and joy to our existence, is a grand form of love.

The Moon and the Stars that embrace us in their mysterious arms, are a grand form of love.

Love also takes the form of the so called dark/negative situations that helps us seek for the light and tap into our potential to create grander visions and greater solutions.

We are never alone, we are the beloved children of the Universe and love sustains us every moment.

Love is the All.

Sharing some pictures of the huge, fragrant jasmines in my garden today—one of the many beautiful gifts of love.

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6 thoughts on “The Innumerable Forms of Love”

  1. The universe does not generate or obstructs the love. That is a belief that we have invented, something of us. So that love can be, it has to be prepared field. And that’s our thing, for everyone.

  2. Aww….. beloved Kwan Yin, my beautiful LOVING LIGHT of the Universe, I enfold you in my hearts LOVE <3 Thank you for sharing this article in a most wonderful loving way. I am so blessed, so very blessed by your kindness my dear friend! Thank you immensely! <3 Namaste to your beautiful soul! _/_

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