Into Consciousness — with Nassim Haramein

Nassim Haramein is interviewed by Dr. Paul Drouin on the principles of the holofractographic universe, unified field theory, quantum gravity, consciousness studies, energy, and their far-reaching implications that unify the fields of both biology and physics.

Nassim HarameinDuring this two-hour event with Nassim Haramein, we will explore:

  • What is the construction of the universe?
  • What is mind-consciousness?
  • What are the mechanics in which self-awareness occurs?
  • What new energy source can we explore?
  • What is the new unified field theory?

This interview originally aired June 28, 2014

Source: QuantumWorld.TV
Nassim Haramein’s Website: Resonance Project


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2 thoughts on “Into Consciousness — with Nassim Haramein”

  1. The elusive “theory of everything” will continue to come forth from the evolution in consciousness underway. The time is ripe for science to take a quantum leap and really dive into riding this wave to offer new information about how the universe really works. Nassim is definitely on the leading edge in this arena! <3

  2. Fascinating interview! Time very well spent to watch it! Even if we cannot follow all of the science, one cannot deny the expansiveness of the information shared. He spoke about, among many other things, our interconnectedness on many levels. Support for his pioneering work, elegant in its simplicity, continues to grow within the scientific community. And what a beautiful heart!

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